10 Important Tips to Maintain Your Emotional Health

10 Important Tips to Maintain Your Emotional Health

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The nourishment you give to your emotional health is as important as taking care of your physical body, and spiritual health is as important as taking care of your emotional health. This is important because if your emotional health is out of balance, it will be hard for you to function well in other areas. And this can cause a host of somatic symptoms. Reading the 10 important tips for your emotional health will boost your interest in nourishing your life intentionally..

This article is to provide you some valuable tips to help you nourish your mental health in these troubling times. Please note, these are just tips, based on personal experiences and secondary sources. Just either a reminder of what you already know and practice or a supplement to boost your emotional health this new year.

In times like this, you need to nourish your emotion as you nourish your body. I will pay any price to maintain my emotional health, having experienced the pain, and somatic effects of emotional pains before, I know better!

And the reason why it is very important to keep our minds healthy is because of some health issues, which can result to depression, chronic pains,  which may lead to heart attack and other somatic symptoms.

Since prevention is always better than cure, we have to take some wise measures to protect what is precious to us. This is because for you to achieve your go about your daily activities, you need to be healthy emotionally, without a stable mind, concentration, decision making, motivation for work or any other activity can’t be handled well. I can’t overstate this point.

As I write this article, I know of 3 close people who are seriously battling with their emotional health for some time now. It is sad to see and hear the devastating effects on the overall wellbeing of these lovely people! In fact, it is their case that has led me to create the 10 important tips for emotional health. I hope that you find any of the points discussed here useful.

Pay attention to your emotions, nourish your soul with whatever keeps it vibrant. One person I mentioned above shared with me the devastating impact of her emotional pains. The negative feelings of anger, frustrations, lack of energy, discouragement, lack of motivation, and how it has affected her education, job, relationships. It breaks my heart, because the damage could have been avoided earlier on, but neglected for a long time. I suggested to her to go see her primary care doctor, for probably a referral to a psychiatrist also recommended Cognitive Behavior materials.

The challenges of dealing with today’s vast life’s issues need extra strength, wisdom, and understanding to handle them without one losing his or her mind.  

Let us consider the ways you can boost, or nourish your emotional health.

Form Happiness Habits

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  1. First, understand the importance of happiness to your overall wellbeing and know the source of your happiness. What gives your life meaning, what makes you feel accomplished, is it having a fat bank account, family, relationships, career status, your spirituality, the service of love you provide to others–kindness, music, art, romance, food, and so forth. Identify for yourself the actual source of your happiness.
  • Compile a List of The Activities You Like Most.

This is for you to know the activities that relieve your stress when engaging in them. E.g., Can include cooking, shopping, reading, walking your pet if you have any, singing, playing piano, taking a walk, window shopping, talking with a friend on the phone, and so forth; compile the list and put them in the order of their rank and commit to doing at least one each day.  

  • Spiritual Practice

I understand that everybody is not religious. We all don’t have the same spiritual mindset nor share the same spiritual perspectives. I respect that. However, as human beings with in-built spiritual inclination, the idea of knowing and believing in a higher self, higher power, universal authority, creator, God, or whatever name you prefer can never be ignored.  So, it is a noble idea to pay attention to your spiritual values. You can do that by participating in some spiritual practices. The common practice includes prayer,  meditation,  yoga, reflection, fasting, reading the scriptures if you are a Christian, and cultivating the ageless question of asking to know who you are and why you’re created.

  • Emotional Nourishment through Self-Confidence

Build your self-confidence to start with. Low self-esteem, according to David D. Burns, can lead to “unhealthy anger, anxiety, guilt, and depression. https://www.healthline.com/health/emotional-health#examples

Avoid talking down on yourself loudly or silently. Judging yourself or others based on your feelings can be self-deprecating. For instance, some elderly people use expressions like “ I feel like an idiot.” Or “I can’t accomplish anything,” “I have always felt like a loser.” Statements like that can’t boost your self-confidence. Speaking on self-confidence, another expression to guide against is labeling. Don’t label yourself with shortcomings,  instead see them as the normal mistake anyone can make, rather than seeing yourself as a jerk.

  • Learn to Put the Past Behind You

Get rid of past guilts, to free your mind of clouds of doubts, fears, and shame that can hold you back from pursuing your dream. Learn to live a contented life, being grateful for what you got now and who you are. Life is not fair; you can’t control what will happen and when. All you can do is learn how to live each day and to insulate your mind against life circumstances that can crush one’s mind. Learn to focus on what is fair and avoid giving your energy to the negatives. Positive thoughts promote happiness and happiness promotes healthy emotions.

  • Get Quality Sleep

No matter how busy life gets, avoid constant sleep deprivations. A good night’s sleep is not a luxury but a kind of therapy.

Pay attention to relaxing, taking deep breaths, exercise, grooming, and so forth. Don’t take the health of your life for granted. Know your coping mechanisms during your stressful period. For instance, my coping mechanism against stress is shopping or reading.

Include Laughter

Laugh hearty belly laugh always. If you can’t find anything to make you laugh so hard, you can attend a comedy show or watch The Comedy Channel. Always find a way to vitalize your mind.  A merry heart is a medicine to the soul, says a verse of the scripture.

  • Healthy Meals

Prepare home-cooked meals and eat healthy regular meals. Make sure that your daily meals include some variety of organic fruits and vegetables and nuts, and encourage your family to eat healthily, to drink adequate pure water instead of drinking soda, snaking, and alcohol consumption, which are not considered as healthy feeding.

  • Relationships

Commit to strengthening your relationships. One way to achieve that is by showing love, care, empathy, cooperation, humility, understanding, and being able to forgive always. Keeping scores of every offense will be a heavy load to carry. Because if you are like me, you can’t keep a record of how many times you’re being offended daily by people’s attitude.

Therefore, in order to have an emotionally healthy life, learn to drop any emotional load that affects your relationships and happiness. Such behaviors as constant criticisms, inability to let go of negative emotions, and offense.  And one way to do that is to not take people’s behavior personally and to not sweat over little stuffs.

  When upset, take time to examine the issues to see the best response to adopting. Another thing to do in other to maintain your emotional health is to minimize passing blames and passing quick judgments on people when you haven’t heard from both sides. Always watch out for actions or comments based on prejudice.

  • Practice act of kindness

 Practice kindness, being nice daily, starting from your household to outsiders. You remember the old saying “charity begins at home.”  You can offer comfort to a dark and hurting society.  Ask yourself, what is it that I can do to show kindness to someone today within my limit.Be A Blessing, by showing some kindness

In today’s, society,  tensions are so high, people are distrustful of one another. honest kindness and goodness are what is needed now than ever and not blames, and hostility.

At work, or Social groups, express approval  kind comments, compliments, give a hug to your spouse, children, as you leave the house each day. Be an active listener, listen to understand people by listening to them, trying to understand a person even if it’s a person with a different ascent, in that case, listen more attentively.

  1. Listen to People Actively

try to listen to people’s stories. When you listen actively to another person’s story, you will be surprised by what you will hear and learn.  But I noticed that some people, once they hear a person with an accent, we tune them off. That doesn’t suppose to be. It is one thing to hear someone says something, yet another thing to understand what is said. Be patient with yourself and with others. Decide to live emotionally healthy life this new year.


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The totality of all I have said or trying to say is on nourishing our emotional life and the importance of that. The way we care for our emotional health will affect every other area of our lives and our relationships with others.

 If we never take time for ourselves, in some of these areas I pointed out, by listening to our genuine feelings, then that leads our overall well-being to a wrong direction we don’t want to end up. If we are constantly putting ourselves down, discounting ourselves in certain areas, then we can’t feel whole. The call is for us to start again this year to grow gracefully!


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