10 Ways To Avoid Failure In Life

We can say that failure is a lack of success in aching one’s goal. It’s an Act of not, doing something that one is expected to do when it is expected to be done. Hence the saying that there is time for everything under the sun. For instance, if a student fails to study before the exam, the student will fail the exam.

If the student decides to study after the exam has passed, he/she has failed already, just because the act of studying for the exam was not done when it supposed to be done. So there is some personal responsibility we can take to avoid failure in life. In this article, we will discuss 10 important ways to avoid failure in life. https://www.sat7usa.org/5-ways-avoid-failure/

There are all kinds of failures. But we are not discussing those here. For instance, some organs of the human body stop to function normally, or an engine product stops function as it is meant to, we describe them in the following expressions:

For instance, we often hear about: heart failure, Kidney failure, Power failure in terms of electricity, Engine failure in terms of aircraft, Business failure in terms of business operations, harvest failure in terms of food production, marriage failure in terms of marriage, and relationships fail. Literally, all these are definitions of failure.

Now, therefore, we are going to examine some of the ways of avoiding failure for life. I believe that we all as humans have some dreams in our lives regardless of our location, or present circumstances. Nobody is born to be a failure or wants to fail in life. But unfortunately, the expectations don’t often match the realities. How does one overcome some of those obstacles within and without that leads to failure instead of success? In this article, we are going to briefly list some of them and discuss them.

Decide For Success Not failure 

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Failure starts from the mind – mindset. A great writer once said that “man is made or unmade by himself. This means that anything or everything anyone decides to archive or fails to achieve starts from the thought investment. The mind acts like the battlefield where the battle gets decided.

Whether it is success, happiness, peace of mind, and any of the good things we desire, all stats from our minds. That’s why one’s failure or success in life are both products or seeds nurtured in the mind. Be sure of which seed your mind is nurturing.

 It starts with your thought power, who you are what you believe you are cable of doing or not. It is about how you interpret things, obstacles, and opportunities. In other, for you to decide to be a success, there are some certain thoughts you must think and act upon. Avoiding failure in life does not demand you to become a super person. Success is not for the strong. It is for everyone who is willing to learn, believe, and work according to the purpose.

For instance, you have to inspire your mind by telling yourself that you’ve got the power, the freedom, the wisdom, knowledge, and resources to use to pursue your dreams in life. You tell your mind that and that you’re ready to take action daily to work on achieving the goals.

Instead of telling yourself, Oh, I don’t think I can handle this, it seems too hard. I can’t You see that? The first thought pattern will move you forward towards your dreams while the later will keep you down thereby positioning the person to failure. 

Have expectations

As we are progressing in laying the groundwork with a positive mindset, we have to have some goals in terms of expectations. How do we envision our life in the next 1 -3 years from today? For some, it could be to be debt-free, complete academic degrees. It could be to archive the American dream or your personal dreams in any part of the world you live in. Those are good expectations. They act like the goals you’re working to archive within a time frame.

With the awareness of your potentials as we stated earlier, you’re starting up with a good decision based on your positive thoughts. Then as you begin to inspire yourself based on your goals or desire to be an achiever, not a failure or a mediocre, you find out that you’re subduing every negative thought that suggests that you can’t make it in life based on past failures or mistakes, or circumstances.

3 Right Attitude 

Having the right attitude is desired in order to avoid failure in life.

Therefore, to avoid failure invest to build on your self-esteem. Know your strength areas and empower them, develop it, and do more of the things you do better than anyone else, whatever it is big or small. By so doing that’s how gradually you begin to gain self-esteem.

Success will feed on self-esteem so lack of it can lead to failure. You master problem-solving by solving problems on your own through learning and doing not by avoiding it or running away.

I could remember during my school years how much I was intimidated by math and Statistics. I avoided the classes, but could not avoid repeating the classes whenever I fail to turn in my assignments until at a point I decided to make up my mind, prayed, and decided to face my giant – and behold, I started gaining confidence to solve math problems, asking questions, and devoting a great time to it than any other class. To win in life, you have to face the challenges, don’t run away from them.

One should not consider himself worthless, thereby preferring to go into his own shelf and remain there. For this can lead to other things and can be harmful in the long run.

Believe that “you are an extremely valuable, worthwhile, significant person even though your present circumstances may have you feeling otherwise.:


How do you feel about yourself? Do you feel great about your worthiness, the abilities you have? Do you know that having self-confidence – the high self-esteem, is a good foundation for your potentials to be utilized. One thing we have to know about self-esteem is that it has degrees, it could low or high.

When your self-esteem is very low, you can’t function normally both in public ad privately, because you will be nursing the thought of worthlessness, especially if you compare yourself with others. Self-esteem and self-confidence are often used interchangeably. You can list your strength and weaknesses, how you see yourself, and how others see you and think about you based on your attitude, performance, and appearance. For instance, you can see yourself as wishy-washy while others see you as strong.

Some studies say that self-confidence is more narrowly focused on a particular skill or type of situation. While self-esteem is a deeper feeling that you have about yourself, about your value as a person. When one has a solid base of self-esteem, it will enhance or boost the person’s confidence, in your ability to solve problems, make the right choices, decisions, and handles challenging tasks.

But there are certain things you can do to boost your self-esteem rather than allow it to drop to the lowest level. For instance, you can define your own self-esteem. You can use self-talking approaches, affirming your ability in certain areas of your strength, and taking actions through reading self-help books or blogs. Etc.


Also, Birds of the same feather flock together.

It’s been said show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are.

There’s much. Association is very good. depending on the type. Some can be positive influencers and some negative influencers. So be careful of your association with negative people.

To avoid failure, we have to identify with those who have succeeded.

Learn from them, ask/interrogate them.

See them as Role Models in order to avoid failure in life.


 It is being said that dreamers are the saviors of the world. Well, I will put it differently, that dreamers are the economic saviors of the world. By aspiring, obtainable.  realized. Few of us can measure up to what we hope to be. In everything we know about life, about the life of successful people, it all links to efforts, the actions they took or did not take.

 I don’t mean necessarily about arching wealth. I mean in every aspect of human endeavors. Academically, economically, spiritually, and politically. None can be obtained in a platter of gold without huge sacrifices, efforts being made to succeed. A good example I can give you is just for you to listen up to politicians and what they go through to win their political positions.

A lot of effort, determination, association, and so forth. That’s the same approach we need individually to pursue our dreams to avoid failure. But as long as we keep our HOPES high, we won’t be ashamed of what to do or be. There is not going to be meaningful progress in life, without sacrifice.  

So, to avoid failure be willing to make sacrifices of time, leisure, money, etc. Believe that achievement of any kind, is a reward of effort. Actions are taken at the right time and for the right purpose. Without high Aspiration, one cannot have high success. And the tendency of failure will be close.

Many years back, men lived in caves, – they were called the cavemen, right? There were those in the group who believed that life could be better. If this had not been so, man would never have moved out of that existence. To avoid failure in life, Aspirations, also Ambitions are highly required.

Avoid Fear

To avoid failure in life, one needs to discard fear. Fear is faithlessness. Fear has a paralyzing effect if allowed. It breeds discouragement, anxiety, helplessness, and despair. And none of these negative emotions is needed for a life of success. Many can’t risk coming out of their comfort zone because of fear, many have buried their business dreams because they only see nothing but failure.

There is the fear of uncertainties, as we are experiencing since the year due to the Covid-19 global Pandemic. However, in the midst of its men and women of brave hearts are thriving and doing exploits in their fields. They are the Unstoppables. Developing a courageous mind will dispel fear.

Refuse to be stopped by fear. A positive mindset and positive building of faith make fear dispel fear. Everyone is afraid; the difference between a man and a coward is that a man knows he is afraid but still faces his fears and his dreams to conquer. 


Millions of people all around the world are archiving their life’s ambitions and while other millions are still going about complain, making excuses, blaming it on everything else but themselves. Anybody can do what he believes that he can do. That’s the beauty of life. The science of what makes other people succeed and others fail I believe is fluid study.

This is attempting to reach the top; for one to avoid failure, he has to doubt his doubts about his abilities or potentials for success. But the only life that will end up is a failed life of ambition, a dream with no effort to give those dreams the wing to fly.

Many lacked they could not birth their dreams, and those dreams have been left to decay or died. My encouragement to you that needs a second income wants a better life for you and family, that wants to improve your life, is to believe that you have the potentials, and put those thoughts and dreams into actions, and with the time you will be surprised what you can achieve or the growth you will attain. no matter the

Nobody who wants to go East will start travelling to West to reach East.

No matter how hard one works for success, if his thoughts are saturated with the fear of failure, that will limit his efforts. It will neutralize his endeavors and make success impossible which eventually results in failure.


Contentment is being satisfied with what one has, Discontentment leads to covetousness, which results in evil thoughts, stealing, and unhealthy competition that leads to failure. Remember that the love of money is the root of every evil. I hope we have not forgotten. It is even written in the holy scriptures. Unfortunately, many are loving money more than their fellow man. Many have exchanged their souls for materialism.

10. Determination  

Conclusively, to avoid failure in life, oneOg Mandino Quotes | QuoteHD has to be determined to succeed. Determine to succeed at all costs in terms of time, energy, and financial investment. Sometimes it could cost us our ego, pride. For one to be teachable or coachable, you need to be humble, and respectful.

Remember winners never quit and quitters never win says an old adage.  The thought of failure causes failure in life because “as a man thinks in his heart so he is “– Proverbs 23:7.

To avoid failure, one keeps trying, it doesn’t matter how many times, he fails, he rises, knowing that it’s not the end, success or failure is decided by the habit of the mind. Think positively and you will act positively and courageously, but when you think negatively about your life, other people and the world generally, it limits you to failure. The good news is that you still have the greatest power there is, the power to choose!

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  1. Really great title here, I would love to learn of these 10 ways to avoid failure for life.  And in saying that, should it read ‘failure in life’?  I’m not an English teacher so I could definitely be wrong!

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