5 Important Benefits of a Positive Attitude

5 Important Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life | Brian Tracy

Having a positive attitude and maintaining it should be on our priority list. You and I need it and you know it when you have it and people know it and see it too. For “by their fruits, ye shall know them,” as stated in Mathew 7:15. In this article, we will look into the 5 important benefits of a positive attitude. But before we continue, can we check for the definition first? Ok, Let us get a definition of a positive attitude. I know that all of us use the term often.  

Remez Sasson (n.d.) Defined a positive attitude as something others observe in us. It is like the verse that says by their fruits you shall know them. We are known for how we behave, talk, act, think, and work – just our day-to-day activities and interactions with people. He added that “Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.”

Here is another, more comprehensive definition that comes from Kendra Cherry at Very Well Mind (2017B): I extract this from Okafor’s article and I like it because it explains better my line of thinking. Defined a positive attitude as “approaching life’s challenges with a positive outlook. It does not necessarily mean avoiding or ignoring the bad things; instead, it involves making the most of the potentially bad situations, trying to see the best in other people, and viewing yourself and your abilities in a positive light.”

Why consider a positive attitude as a priority?

The reason to consider a positive attitude as a priority tool is that of its encompassing benefits to your life. Think about it this way, We all want to live a successful life, we want happiness, peace of mind, a safe environment, good relationships, right? Everybody wants recognition, popularity, and love. All these are part of our uniqueness as human beings. These desires and wants are obtainable with the cultivation of a positive mental attitude. I can say with experience, that a person with a positive attitude is more likely to succeed in his or her relationships than a person with a negative attitude. Let us briefly discuss the 5 important benefits of a positive attitude to our overall wellbeing.

  1. A Positive attitude Boost Health Quality

Several studies have shown that there is a correlation between longevity and a positive attitude. The reason is that the person has an optimistic view of life. Where others see a casting down, the person with a positive mindset will see a lifting up and where others see failures, disappointments, and setbacks, a person with a positive mind will see and feel all these, interpreted them differently, reframing them in such a way as to manage the effect on his goals and life. https://www.brainyquote.com/topics/positive-quotes

From all I know, from my personal experience and researches, I cannot overstate the importance of the benefit of a positive attitude. 2002 – 2004 were the worst years of my life emotionally, and during those years, my immune system got depleted. It was a nightmare experience. Free radicals invaded my body and caused untold respiratory damages. It was such a horrible experience I don’t like remembering. However, it was the beginning of my journey to self-improvement!

While others are whining and grumbling about the weather, the economy, the environment, the party conspiracy theories, etc, a positive person sees every situation differently and just with a positive outlook. He knows how to separate the chaff from the wealth. He or she hates to drink the poison of hate, and criticisms, and cynicisms of today, and lies. He focuses his energy, time, resources on whatever thing that is noble and of good report. He or she focuses on how to make something beautiful out of any bad situation, be it at home, business, job, group, party, community, or country. A person with a positive attitude or mindset sees himself as a part of the solution and not a problem. They see every challenge as a stepping stone for growth.

The person will see all the bad things happening around him/her but choose to focus on the positive side. The person’s goal is to seek change, to see things get better, to see progress in his/her life and others.

  • A Positive Attitude Enhances Performance

When the heart is focused on positive thoughts, it releases natural chemicals within the body system that coordinate with mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions, and once that happens, it enhances sustained energy and enthusiasm for work. When a person develops a positive outlook for life, he or she radiates self-confidence, and with self-confidence, is the belief that you got what it takes to get what you want, and that is the energy that successful people work on. Developing A Positive Attitude.

 To achieve your goals, and to live the good life you desire without allowing obstacles of life to reverse your course or steal your dream. It takes a positive mindset to thrive in the weepy and gloomy world of today. The good news is that we all can desire change, and improving our attitudes, and changing any default negative beliefs and mindset that have held us down before now. That’s what Positive Psychology does. That was the gospel of Napoleon Hill in the 1930s, and of course the teaching of the Bible. Self-improvement is about learning to live your best life. We can choose to smile and laugh often, or else we will cry always that nobody cares to ask you why. So what’s the point I’m making? The point is that you should maintain a positive attitude because it affects how you do your work, how effective or effective you will perform.

A Positive Attitude Enjoys Life

Positive Quotes - BrainyQuote

A person of a positive mindset enjoys his or her life and as well as others. He draws people and intentionally connects with people with the intention to give and to receive from them. Everybody prefers the sunshine personalities, the sanguine’s of the world to the rainfalls, the melas – rainfall personality. I mean, think about it, who draws your attention or admiration most, is it a positive person with a contagious smile and vibrancy or a negative person with a frowning, scowling, wrinkled face? I bet that we all are easily drawn to a person with a warm spirit, easygoing, loving, and caring person than a mean fellow. As you consider this point, ask yourself, What kind of attitude do I have? Is it a positive or negative attitude? How do people around me, my family, friends, colleagues view my attitude? There is still room for improvement, whatever answer you get.

A Positive Attitude Produces Positivity

A man or woman with a positive outlook, a mindset that sees beyond another person’s shortcomings, negativity, and manages always to create a positive environment where happiness, peace, unity, and trust exist. For instance, if your goal is to maintain a peaceful, loving, caring family, and you are on a daily basis making sure that you’re depositing into the healthy emotional bank of your family, in due time you will withdraw nothing short of happiness, peace, joy, progress, and love because your attitude is encouraging others to deposit the same. That’s part of the life principle of whatever a man sows he shall reap. Many successful men and women I know and read about, have attributed their success, work ethic, and belief from what they learn from their parents. Therefore, start now to live a positive life that will influence your family, children, and friends positively.

Positive Attitude Makes Smiling Effortless

How did it happen? It happened by cultivating a positive mindset that impacted others’ lives for the better: wear a smiling face as makeup if you’re a woman and as a neck-tie if you are a man. Wearing a smile can be contagious. You smile at a normal person the person returns the gesture by smiling back. But let it be genuine. Everyone got a problem, some people prefer to wear a solution mindset rather than a problem mindset. With their smiles, the person welcomes solutions, hope, and freedom.

Also, smiling shows happiness.  I read in Proverbs 17:22. It says, “a merry heart does good, like medicine. But a broken spirit dries the bones. Amazing! So try to smile regularly for the sake of the benefits on your health, your longevity, immunity by smiling. I’m learning most of these things later, but I’m happy at least that I have known the truth, and the truth has set me free or will set me free in any area I need that freedom, maybe financially hum. I will say smile professionally if you can lol.  Studies have shown that a genuine smile, not a fake type, can boost your longevity, and general health, and wellbeing as I have alluded to earlier on. What do you want from life this year? And what are you willing to sacrifice to get it? My hope is that the 5 important benefits of a positive attitude have provided you some useful insights on how to face life with a positive outlook.

4 thoughts on “5 Important Benefits of a Positive Attitude”

  1. It is so true that having a positive attitude truly benefits your well-being. It changes your relationship with the whole world and how you view it. If we go through life always seeing the negative side of things and always expecting the worst, that is what will always happen. If we program our minds to have a positive outlook, we will attract more positive experiences in life. We also may never have a negative experiences every again, as we will have trained ourselves to always view the best in every situation. Such a great article, thank you for sharing.

    1. Rachel, what a great comment! I read your candid comment with great delight. I Will always be glad to hear from positive people like you. I cannot overstate the benefits of having a positive mindset or attitude. I Learn and keep growing as I research and share.

      Once again, thanks!

  2. This is a very timely article for me to read. I was feeling down last night. Did a presentation and felt I didn’t do well. The other presenters did very well. I felt lousy. But upon reflection, I realise I have been on a negative path. The truth is, I should be excited that I can learn from these people who are better than me. That made me felt much better. 

    1. Hello Richard, thanks so much for your candid comment. I’m happy that you had some reflective thoughts

      after your presentation. Let me share this quote with you, hopefully, it will make sense to you; “we judge ourselves of what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.”   Henry Wadsworth…

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