6 Motivation For Work

As we know work is part of human nature. It is our natural assignment. We are meant to work. Generally, irrespective of culture, race, and gender, some people start working from their young adult age till 50 – 67 years old. They worked different kinds of work. If we ask our parents many of them will share with us their work history. The point is that work is very important for our survival for various reasons. Work has several roles it plays in our individual lives and values, and for the general good of society. Work helps us to develop our identity, by cultivating significant relationships and even fulfilling our life dreams. That is why in this article we are going to consider the 6 important reasons why we must work.

Selecting A Suitable Career

We Work For So Many Reasons, and Work Leads Financial Success

Yes, we know that we must work. Every able-bodied person supposes to work, regardless of what the work is. However, for so many of us selecting a good career path never comes easy. In the case of Some young adults, most of them who just graduated or about to graduate from schools, selecting a career path becomes one of the fundamental quests, keeping them anxious and unsettled in their minds.

But my advice is that no matter which career path you settled for, be sure that it is to be done as a vocation. By that I mean work that reflects your passion and abilities. Once that is the case, you will always be happy working and making a difference in what you do. To buttress my point, ear this, “Purpose is what puts our life together, it gives it coherence, while work is a sustained effort that has a purpose.” That means that we have to live for a purpose which our work will reflect.

1 We Work To Earn Income

Actually, if we have all the freedom to choose from so easily, we want to do a work that has dignity, in as much as I know that every work is important and has merit in the general scheme of things. But all works are not equal. Our motives for doing any work varies according to our individual abilities and personalities. Without any controversy, I believe that we will all agree that the main reason we work is for income. T

Of course, we work to earn income money, to put food on the table for us and family, to pay our bills, health insurance, rent/mortgage, and other necessities of life. Without work, one finds it difficult to meet his or her financial obligations. I hope we can all agree to that? Therefore, no one should pretend that you’re not working for a paycheck. There is nothing bad to have earning money as our motivation for work, that is quite ok and acceptable.

2  Work To Create Identity

It is through work for the most part that we introduce ourselves to the world. We showcase our identity, our special skills, interests, and abilities. When we choose our jobs based on who we are and what our passions are, our talents, or gifts are being harvested or made use of by our work, if we choose the right path. It is through your work, that your associates, management, or subordinates appreciate your character, ability, performance, and how you react to certain situations and others

.3 We Work Because We Love What We Do

For me, this is very important, that is loving what I do. And unfortunately, I did most of the jobs I hated in my early period of career. But because I was doing it based on the reason of earning an income to tackle my financial needs, I had no choice than to keep working even when I struggled to keep going. I have no intrinsic motivation.

As we have been hearing the emphasis, on passions, it is to encourage people to choose a niche that feels natural to their personality, it is very important. The reason being that doing what feels naturally renews your energy, it keeps you 100% committed and motivated to the job or business you love. “Someone once said that happiness is to be paid doing what you will do anyway.”

Unfortunately, these days, people are not doing what they love. Many are just grabbing any and every shiny object presented to them in form of business, job etc. And that’s why there is high turn over in organizations, and failures in business. Why because, people are forcing themselves to do what they know that they are not happy doing, and lack the inner resources to do.

You can be a graduate and decide to serve as a waitress in a prestigious international restaurant and make a difference serving as a waitress than being a graduate working in the hospital while you detested being a hospital worker. If your passion is to work in a hotel and you end up serving in the hospital environment, he or she will get much satisfaction, make better in impact in such environment than any other job taken as a graduate with no love for it.

4 People See Work To Answer A Call

This is so real. I have some friends, and relations, who choose a particular career path which nobody believed they should choose. They chose it as a call that they feel they must answer. They see their job as vocation. If look at the Nuns, the Priests, pastors, rabbis, teachers, nurses, counselors, therapists. In a nut shell, most of these people choose a career in the helping professions, dealing with human issues rather than objects, or finance.

What matters most to them and anyone admiring or judging them is their passionate convictions in their mind and approach to their work. and many in different kinds of religious and non-religious settings, they are working they’re as a fulfilment of a call, and they feel happy doing it than doing any other kinds of work.

5 People Work To Fulfil Ambition

We all have our different ambition for life, just like having a dream. With our dreams, we draw a picture of how we want our future to look like. But with ambition, we choose a work that leads us to fulfil the picture of the dream we have created for our life. Take for instance, a young person, who started nursing early ambition of becoming a senator or a President, you won’t be surprise if the person choses a work in politics. Because that’s the environment that will nurture his ambition, and that will develop him to that ambitious position someday.

6 People Work To Make A Difference

There are many people whose utmost desire is to build a better life for others, to make a difference in people’s lives. To make sure that the earth’s climate is conducive for its inhabitants. For such group of people that is their real motivation for working.

These set of special people as I consider them, work to make sure that they are contributing positively to make a better world. However, since we can’t overeat any work, I will rather take it that everyone working in any field of human endeavors which are massive by the way, that they are all contributing in their specific ways to make the world a better place.

The doctors, the engineers, the pilots, the drivers, the company workers, the emergency workers, fire fighters, the farmers, the religious leaders, politicians, traders, and so forth, everyone is working to make life safe and worth living.

Therefore, whatever be your motivation for work, are you motivated for the money, or for the identity that your work gives you, may be as a lawyer, doctor engineer, teacher, or you are motivated to work, because you see it as vocation, or you work just for the love of getting up every morning, feeling energized because you have something that you love doing, with or without the money flow.

All these and so many other reasons are very good. Just do it for the good of all and give it all you got! Work to be recognized by what you do and how you do it, and you will not fail to enjoy the fruit of your labor which is the ultimate SUCCESS!

5 thoughts on “6 Motivation For Work”

  1. This is a very good post that also adds some motivation for us here. I like the way you have written this one and also given some information on why we work and it is true that work can sometimes be tiring. All we need to do is to be motivated and have some passion for what we do. Once we enjoy what we do, we will do it wholeheartedly and it will be a success.

    1. Payton, thank you so much for your kind commend and good input.

      I’m glad that you found this useful.


  2. Oh! This is really good to see here. When it comes to working, it all depends on what we want as individuals, some wants to work for others and some for theriselves. The decision to actually engage in work can really be traced down to having the right motivation to push for better and achieve the best. This is really hood to see here and thank you so much for sharing with us all here

    1. Thanks, Sherry, for your kind comment and good input to this post. As you rightly remarked, the right motivation pushes us to the right job. As I mentioned in the post, I know that different people have different motivations for working. Whatever anybody’s motivation for working, the most basic is for the rewards that work bring such as money, satisfaction, and a sense of identity. Work is good and indispensable for human development.


  3. One thing that act as an adrenaline boost is Motivation as it instantly gives you that strength and drive to push up that particular situation…when it comes to work motivation is really a very big source of boost as it help one get that extra source of strength to keep it rolling… although know your source of motivation is very important, as it would go a long way to make thing work faster.

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