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The primary objective here is to make a difference in people’s lives in some specific ways and means, that includes sharing of life experiences, testimonies, training, creative ideas, researches, expert information and resources on business and spirituality, relationships, and affiliate programs. It is about empowering people to take actions that lead to financial, psychological, and spiritual freedom. We understand about the confused and perplexed period that we are living in; how it’s affecting people’s general wellbeing consciously or unconsciously.

As a result, many are becoming overwhelmed with life challenges. The challenge of starting a thriving sustainable business, the thought of having streams of income, of family responsibilities, job, health, mental, psychological, spiritual, and economic burdens are weighing heavily on people’s shoulders more than ever before. It is based on these facts that we feel and share the burdens and want to offer hearty help to help lighten some of the burdens.

This site wants to provide some inspirations, encouragements, and motivations that help people live a life with purpose, which leads to good success. Above all, to help you make some right decisions and choices at the right time concerning what matters most in life.

Welcome to this unique experience of the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual amazing integration, and be blessed!


The motivation For Actions For Change site is all about empowering people to take real actions towards the change that leads to total freedom – mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial freedom.

The mission is to connect to people from every walks of life, by providing them with helpful tools, experts advise, affiliate opportunities, and resources that will enable them to overcome life difficulties. It is also about helping people of faith to enhance their spiritual growth as well as their material well-being.

Providing encouragement is like second nature to me. It is my passion coupled with my educational background and work experience in Human Services/Psychology.

In life, we are blessed to be a blessing. Personally, I have lived through suffering, poverty, disappointments, betrayals, and loneliness, heartbreaks, fears, self-doubt, and so forth. Thank God, there is the knowledge that gives freedom!

Again, some of the resources that I will be providing here will challenge people of faith to learn how to integrate their faith with their daily business activities in other to achieve good success.

We are here to market peace, love, kindness, and hope because these are the essential commodities for the troubled world of today.

At the Heart’s motivation, I will help as many people as possible to find the courage to step out of their uncomfortable zones, to a comfortable living experience.

My belief is that people’s lives can be transformed from fear to courage, and from defeat and depression to hope, by hearing librating truth, and listening to real-life stories of people whose lives have already been transformed by being motivated to take action for change. Be ready for your success story is waiting for you!

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