AdCashReview-Why Publishers Should Consider It

AdCash Review – Why Publishers Should Consider It

In this AdCash review, we will discuss the features of AdCash and the benefits it offers publishers. If you’re a publisher, you’ll appreciate the numerous features offered by AdCash, including its support for various platforms. 

This AdCash review will examine what the Ad network offers its publisher partners. The service offers publishers various advertising options, including text, banners, images, and video. 

It has many features, including mobile web, desktop, and in-stream media. We also look at its customer support, which is better than average. While many of its competitors are just as responsive, AdCash is far more responsive.

When first using AdCash, publishers can set their budget and bids. In the past, many marketers found that the interface was too confusing. Since then, the AdCash interface has undergone a radical redesign. 

Its backend is now one of the easiest to use, and marketers can manage their campaigns from scratch with the help of dedicated account managers. 

The company claims its users generate more than 300 billion ad requests per month and 200 million unique users daily.

AdCash processes payments on a NET 30+ schedule. For example, if you make $1000 in March, you can request a payment from 1-10 April. You’ll receive your payment in early May. You can set up your payment to be automatically sent or request it manually. 

What Is AdCash?

The Estonian company has been around since 2009 and is known for its centralized system. AdCash works by using blockchain technology to enable publishers to display ads that are relevant to the audience. Its headquarters are in Tallinn, Estonia, but it’s possible to use it in any country, including the United States. 

Besides native ads, AdCash also offers several types of traditional Banner Ads. These ads look great and deliver high engagement for both the publisher and advertiser. Wealthy Affiliate Questions & Answers Review

AdCash has a support team that can help you with your ad placement. The control panel is user-friendly, and ad placement is easy. 

The home tab displays the basic current numbers, and the statistics section displays detailed statistics. The AdCash dashboard provides live statistics and multiple tools for publishers to overcome Ad-block problems. 

You can sign up to AdCash with an email and a website with traffic. Once you register, you can start displaying ads on your website and earning money. 

AdCash’s website rules say that it must be an informative website. No ‘doorway’ pages for SEO are allowed. Sites that employ spam or deceptive techniques are also not allowed. If you’re looking to promote adult content, you should contact AdCash first.

How Does AdCash Work?

Ads that the network has approved are displayed on websites. The ad must comply with all laws, be properly formatted, and not contain software viruses, spyware, or adware. 

If an ad is accepted, the publisher must meet a minimum payout threshold to be paid. Once the publisher meets this threshold, they will receive payments every month. This means that the payout threshold is relatively high.

AdCash’s ad platform is highly user-friendly and seamless to navigate. The platform supports five leading ad formats. Alert-like ads are an excellent choice for publishers, as they mimic the design of a traditional push notification. 

These ads are engaging and less intrusive to the end-user experience. Pop-under ads are another great option, as they offer huge potential for publishers and advertisers. 

There are several ways to earn with AdCash. You can post the ads on desktop browsers or mobile apps. AdCash offers a support team that speaks multiple languages. You can even request support in a different language if you need help. 

AdCash is very flexible, and you can always switch it up to suit your needs. Just make sure that you spend the time monitoring the ads to see how they perform.

AdCash Features

If you’re a veteran affiliate marketer, you may wonder whether AdCash is right for you. After reading this review, you’ll find out if you’re a good fit for the program. If you’re not sure, consult your account manager. 

It only takes some minutes to set up a campaign. The program offers two different ways to set up your campaign. It also features user interest targeting, which lets you choose specific audiences based on their interests.

When creating an account with AdCash, you’ll need to choose a currency for your payout. This way, you can choose the right currency. 

You can also use 5 different ad formats and utilize the Autotag Feature. These are just a few of the great features that AdCash offers. They help you maximize your exposure and monetize the maximum number of clicks. 

How Much Can You Earn With AdCash?

With AdCash, you will earn money when users click on ads served by the network. The amount of money you can earn per click depends on the value of the advertiser’s offers.

More valuable advertisers will pay you more per click. AdCash can earn you as little as 0.05 per click, depending on your website’s traffic and conversion rate. 

Withdrawing your earnings from AdCash is easy. You can withdraw your money to a bank account or PayPal. 

It will take up to thirty days for your payments to clear. AdCash pays every 30 days, so your earnings will be distributed in February. To withdraw your money:

  • Create an account with the site.
  • Configure your AdCash account.
  • Select the ad format and Javascript code.

How Does AdCash Pay Publishers?

As a publisher, AdCash is a platform that pays you a commission based on the number of impressions a site receives. 

Ads are displayed on websites by advertisers, who pay you for displaying their advertisements. AdCash has several advantages for both publishers and advertisers.

To become an AdCash publisher, you only need an email address and a website with a lot of traffic. AdCash will review your website and then paste your Ads’ HTML code onto your site. 

Once approved, you will be credited 30 days after you first requested payment. To get paid from AdCash, you must earn at least 25 USD/EUR. 

If you have a site with a high traffic flow, you can use Autotag to showcase three high-converting ad formats in one ad. 

AdCash pays its publishers every week. The minimum payout threshold is high, but you will be paid more consistently as your traffic grows. 

You could earn EUR or dollars weekly, depending on your website’s traffic volume. Besides, you can monetize your traffic with AdCash if you’re in the right niche. It’s also important to note that AdCash doesn’t pay out if your site is still new and has very little traffic. 

How to Earn More Money from AdCash?

When you first sign up for AdCash, you’ll need to enter your email address and choose a payment method. You’ll be given a payment date, and you can also opt to receive payments via email. 

Once you have earned a certain amount, you can withdraw your money from AdCash by selecting one of the payment options available. 

You can withdraw funds from AdCash through PayPal, Bank wires, Payoneer, Skrill, WebMoney, and more. The minimum payout amount is $25, but it can reach as high as $100.

If you want to monetize your advertising space, consider adding video to your site. AdCash offers a broad range of ad formats, and video is popular among publishers. 

Video has become the most popular form of advertising, with many publishers focusing on this format over text-based formats. For monetizing your videos, consider incorporating AdCash’s Cost-Per-View architecture.

AdCash Requirements

If you want to monetize your website, AdCash can be a great option. It is free to join and has no minimum traffic requirement. Unlike other display advertising networks, AdCash pays you according to the type of ad you place. 

You can change your ad space as often as you like. However, it will take a long time to see your first EUR/$100 payout if you have a small website. 

AdCash has many features to make the process easy for those who are just starting. Its user-friendly platform makes navigation easy and provides the five most popular ad formats. 

Alert-like ads, for example, mimic traditional push notifications but are less intrusive to the end user’s experience. Pop-under ads, on the other hand, offer massive opportunities for advertisers and publishers. Pop-under ads appear behind end-users, allowing users to view them without interruption.


AdCash offers multiple languages, making it easy for anyone to find the right language for their website. The program supports payment methods, including PayPal, credit cards, WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer, and Wire Transfer. 

To start earning money right away, AdCash is the perfect option. You can use it for your blog or website if you comply with their requirements. 

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