AMZ Formula Review – Is Joshua Crisp the Creator?

AMZ Formula Review – Is Joshua Crisp the Creator?

The AMZ Formula program promises to teach you how to generate an income online in just three days. Despite being marketed as a “proven formula,” it does not teach you any revolutionary techniques. 

The program also fails to provide organic alternative traffic sources or professional tips. Instead, it teaches you to rely on paid advertising. 

The AMZ Formula is a program that Joshua Crisp endorses. He is an Amazon seller and a popular figure in the FBA industry. 

Joshua Crisp talks over his face and slides in the main tutorial. There is also a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates concepts. I found the video quality good, and it felt more like watching a Twitch stream than a training course. 

The AMZ Formula Overview

Product Name: The AMZ Formula

Official Website:

Creator: Joshua Crisp

Price: Usually $1997 but discounted to $997 as a limited-time offer

Course Type: Amazon FBA Course

Who is it for? Starters to Gurus in Amazon FBA

What is The AMZ Formula About?

The AMZ Formula is an online course that claims to show you how to sell on Amazon. The course teaches you how to build your Amazon store and sell things. It covers a lot of material, including branding and fees. 

The AMZ Formula has a helpful community that can validate your ideas and helps you. Starting a business on your own is difficult, so finding someone who has had success in the industry to bounce ideas is helpful.  Wealthy Affiliate Review [2021]- Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

The course structure is well-organized, with lessons that take you step-by-step through the process. It also teaches you action steps and avoids impractical theories.

Who is Joshua Crisp?

Joshua Crisp is an Amazon merchant and a famous figure in the Amazon FBA world. But is he as successful as he says he is? Does he own a nice house, a nice car, and many other things? Let’s find out. 

Joshua Crisp’s Amazon business has reportedly earned him over ten million dollars. The question is, how does he teach people to make millions on the online retail giant? 

Joshua Crisp’s YouTube channel has nearly half a million views and 21K subscribers. He also offers free content on his website.

Is The AMZ Formula a Scam?

If you have considered purchasing The AMZ Formula from Joshua Crisp, you are probably wondering if it’s a scam. 

In the course, you will discover the course’s background, price, and what you get. This program is beneficial to anyone looking to sell on Amazon.

If you’re new to drop-shipping, you’ll find the AMZ Formula cheaper than Amazon FBA. Drop-shipping is a well-known business model, and it’s not hard to start. Ensure to check out the free version of Udemy before spending any money.

What you’ll learn inside the AMZ Formula

Module 1: Introduction

This course comprises eight modules, 16 cheat sheets, and more than 70 lessons. You can participate in live coaching calls, mastermind chat rooms, and group chats. Each module comprises four lessons. 

The first one introduces you to Amazon and the business. The next two modules focus on advancing your business. 

The course also provides additional resources for further learning. In addition, AMZ Formula members can join a community that offers support and accountability.

Module 1 covers the basics of product creation. In particular, you’ll learn how to brainstorm and research product ideas, conduct research, create a prototype and get your product approved. 

You’ll also learn how to build a brand and community and navigate social media. This module covers the basics of Amazon marketing but goes beyond that to teach you advanced tactics. 

The course also includes a section on avoiding hijackers and keeping your ranking high in the search results.

Module 2: Creating Your Account & Getting Started

AMZ Formula is the best course I’ve seen for Amazon FBA. It contains strategies that Joshua Crisp claims to have used to take his new account from scratch to $1.4 million in nine months. 

It has no unique secrets, but it teaches you how to build a profitable FBA store using proven strategies. If you want to learn how to earn millions on Amazon, AMZ Formula is a good course to join.

Module 3: Product Research & Product Verification

During the course, students learn about the chemistry and biological processes of the drug development process. 

These processes include the discovery of new chemical entities, the purification and analytical testing of raw materials and finished products, and the manufacture of clinical supplies. 

Module 4: Finding Suppliers

After learning about Amazon’s affiliate program, it’s time to find a supplier. The program teaches you how to find products, negotiate with suppliers, and source directly. 

There are also tips for setting up an Amazon product page and promoting your products on Amazon. This step is crucial to making your Amazon store profitable.

Module 5: Creating Your Listing and Getting Positive Reviews

Joshua Crisp, creator of the AMZ Formula, has a vested interest in his product. After failing with his first three products, he hit it big with his fourth. 

He has been featured on Forbes and the Huffington Post and has his own YouTube channel with over twenty thousand subscribers. Although the author of the AMZ Formula is a well-known YouTuber, he doesn’t divulge his newest product.

AMZ Formula teaches you how to choose your products and validate them. You’ll learn how to negotiate with prospective suppliers to eliminate the intermediaries. 

This method can help you sell more than just products. It can help you get better customer satisfaction. The best way to get the most positive reviews is by building a strong relationship with the suppliers of your products.

Module 6: Keyword Research and PPC Advertising

To maximize the performance of your PPC campaign, you need to identify which keywords and phrases will provide you with the best ROI. Keyword research and PPC advertising are two separate and yet related topics.

The first step in PPC advertising is understanding the terminology. Keywords are words that users use to find information online. 

If a person searches for a particular blue shirt, she will most likely find your ad. To optimize your campaign’s performance, you must know which keywords to use and what to avoid. 

This process is sometimes overwhelming and requires careful consideration of various factors. However, if done correctly, keyword research can yield incredible ROI.

Module 7: Maintaining Your Rank and Brand Growth

The AMZ Formula course has three modules: Building Your Brand, Growing Your Brand, and Maintaining Your Rank Growth. 

You will also learn how to hire virtual assistants, outsource work, and deal with hijackers. This module discusses email marketing, social media marketing, and QR codes. 

The AMZ Formula course promises accountability from other members. Although you will not be working on building your business on your own, you can count on the community of members to give you advice and support, especially during tough times. 

It’s difficult to create a business from scratch, and a supportive community can encourage you and offer encouragement when you’re struggling. 

The course offers member support and coaching through bi-weekly group chats, mastermind chat rooms, and live coaching calls. 

It also offers replays of all group calls since the course was created. AMZ Formula is well worth the $997 price tag. If you want to start your Amazon business, AMZ Formula is for you.

Module 8: Bonuses and Advanced Tactics

This module covers everything from hiring virtual assistants to outsourcing your work to preventing hijackers. 

It also discusses email marketing, social media marketing, and QR codes. Although the AMZ Formula course is not free, the value is very high. 

The course teaches you how to identify the best products to sell on Amazon. You’ll also learn how to choose a reliable supplier and eliminate mediators. Ultimately, your success is dependent on finding high-quality suppliers. 

The course also shows you how to open negotiations with suppliers and avoid being ripped off. Once you have a solid supplier list, it’s time to focus on the advanced tactics.

The AMZ Formula Pricing

The price of AMZ Formula is currently $997. There are no installment payment options, but you can apply for PayPal credit, which is currently open to people based in the US and UK.

If you want to take advantage of JungleScout’s research tool, then you will have to spend an additional fee of $468.


The AMZ Formula is an online course for newbies to Amazon selling. It doesn’t promise overnight success, but it teaches you how to build a profitable store with minimal risk. 

Unlike AMZ Champions, this course is short and contains plenty of information. The course is suitable for both newbies and seasoned Amazon sellers. But check out the reviews and decide based on what you can find.

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