Are You Making Any Progress?

Are You Making Any Progress?

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In this article, I want to discuss the question I asked myself some time ago, as I was getting stressed off with my goals for the year not seeing fast results as I have thought earlier, and coupled with my struggles in certain areas of building my business and all the challenges, and uncertainties of 2020. To put things in their perspective, I asked myself the question, to know if I’m making any progress or not? I needed to know, to have an honest look at where I’m now from where I was a year ago.

This was the miracle question that saved me from regression. Because I was listening to the negative voices and imagining all the negative what-ifs that the mind can wrestle with. It was during such a moment that I flipped the thoughts and asked myself the question, “Sarah, are you making progress, or are you stagnant in your plans to achieve success in your set areas? I found it a reasonable question to ask ourselves, pending our goals.

As we all know what progress is. “Progress is moving toward a goal.” Changing for better working towards your expected end, again it all depends on what that end means for anyone. It’s no gainsaying that today’s society is so obsessed with progress. People are advancing in every area, some bad and some good! When Success Seems Delayed

The reason these questions matters to me is that it helped me test myself objectively. Because it matters a lot what we tell ourselves at any phase of life. How we think and interpret things can weaken our motivation or boost it. The process stage is a critical stage, it can define our future success or defeat, pending how we go about it.

What Do We Wish to Progress Towards?

It is ok to assume that the answer will be as different as our needs are. However, one thing every reasonable person expects to see is progress. For instance, as parents, we want to see progress in our children as they develop.

We want to see them advancing in their goals for life, academically, relationally, financially, and spiritually. That’s how I feel about my 4 amazing children, I want them to “prosper and be in health even as their souls prosper”, as the Scripture said.

 For some people, it is the desire to change, to live old bad habits, to learn new habits or new skills. It could be the desire to live a happier life, a more peaceful life. The desires we nurse propels the actions we take, and the actions we take leads to the progress we make in any area of our lives. The Problem I have found out is that so many people want to change, wants to make progress in life, in business, career, but they cannot make adequate contribution or commitment towards the change, and the progress they desire to see.

Progress Brings Happiness

Making progress in any area of life adds to happiness, when we see the progress in our efforts, in any area of our life’s endeavors. Be it in relationships, jobs, studies, in whatever we do, our goal is to make a difference, to achieve success, or to grow. We want to see progress; we strive to do better than before. Progress animates us as humans. When we have an honest assessment of our daily actions which accumulate over time it propels our passion, and fuels our energy, and enthusiasm.

Having the assurance of progress gives us the attitude of gratitude. We feel thankful for the opportunities we have, for the people we share our dreams with. Making progress gives us hope for the future and boost our self-confidence.

So, bearing all these in mind, I want to repeat the question, are you making progress? If you don’t know, or if you don’t want to think about it, I will encourage you to please do. Maybe the subsequent questions will help answer the first question. Are you doing better now than before? Are you a more confident, a happier person today than when you started your business journey or whatever journey you are on? The same question we can ask at a national level, organizational, family, and institution level. With how divided the country and the world are today, are we better off than we were 20 – 50 years ago?

In terms of personal development, are you a better parent, teacher, mentor, spouse, employee, director, friend, team member, colleague, citizen, entrepreneur, than you are a year ago? I hope these questions to be useful to you.

We Can Make a Continuous Progress

The good news about making progress is that we have the capacity for improvement in our lives, in the groups we belong to, in our relationships, in our career, ministry, business, and every area of our endeavors. We desire to make progress even in our finances, that’s why we need a second income. Also, we need progress in our health and our general wellbeing, taking the daily exercise regularly.

 We have what it takes to progress and succeed, but to achieve such a result we have to be self-aware and to tell ourselves the truth of how we are doing based on our goals. We need to find out by asking ourselves, for instance, know which areas of your life, that need immediate improvement, you need to work on. It could be in your work ethic. What areas of my life do I need improvement?

 It is good to find out if there are some behaviors, habits, that are hindering the progress? How do I overcome such a habit? Identifying such habits and addressing them will make all the difference in how fast the progress happens. As you know baby steps matter, insignificant victories in key areas add up to splendid victories. That’s how progress works, it is cumulative. One progress leads to another, that’s the concept that makes the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer.

Don’t Fail to Enjoy Your Progress

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It is always good to pat yourself on the shoulder and say well done for accomplishing any set task, or any milestone.  Some of us know how to celebrate others’ achievements but neglect ours. Consider the areas or the tasks that were intimidating to you at a certain time and how you have mastered it today.

 Give yourself a psychological pat on the back, for your daily achievements, weekly, and so forth. I can always feel good and confident that I’m better, smarter, knowledgeable, happier, and tolerable, more loving today than I was before. Be happy, hopeful! And work for your dreams.

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