Be Thankful

You Have Much to Be Thankful For. So learn to be thankful.
Don’t forget the small things around you during these festive seasons. Don’t forget to give thanks for the things that so many people take for granted. I want to remind us as we approach these special seasons of the year, to begin to express our gratitude in the following areas: 

Give thanks for a healthy body, that you have your legs and hands to walk freely, you have the ability to think, speak, reason, read, and write.

Give thanks that you’re not in the hospital or prison.

Give thanks that you have food on your table, a good appetite for food and drink.

Give thanks that you have a family, wife, husband, children, parent, friends,  and siblings.

Give thanks for a peaceful neighborhood, peaceful state, country, freedom, and abundance.

Give thanks for a roof over your head, a warm bed to sleep upon, clean water to drink,

Good roads, and available means of transportations.

 Give thanks for the hope that your life is still evolving.

Give thanks that you have someone who loves you and someone you love.

Give thanks that you sleep and wake every morning.

Give thanks that you can enjoy a sound sleep without sleeping pills, that you have a good vision – good sight. Be grateful that you can see clearly; for there are many who have eyes but cannot see. Choose To Be Grateful

Let us be very intentional about this year’s thanksgiving appreciating greatly the privilege of being alive among the living. That

Avoid Being Greedy by All Means

The reason why it seems that some people feel that they don’t have enough to thank God is because of ignorance, greed, laziness, belief pattern, environment, upbringing, and including invisible forces.

Finally, let us beware of greedy instincts because greed is an enemy of gratitude! Be grateful, count your blessings daily.

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