Being Satisfied

Being satisfied demands that you’re contented with what you have, who you are and where you are in life. It is a state of fulfillment, and satisfaction based on the result or outcome of your goal. It indicates that whatever goal you set to achieve in your life has been achieved or that the requirements for your goals have all been fulfilled. You know the feeling, the sense of pride, and the relief you feel when you know that your investments of time, money, efforts, services, sacrifices have yielded the expected results. Under such a situation, you have a sense of satisfaction. Isn’t it so?

How Satisfied Are You?

So, then I ask do you feel satisfied with how things are going with you? Be it your business, job, career, school, family life, and so forth. If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Know that you have a great company out there who are in the same boat of dissatisfaction in life. But the secret can be discovered. Because those who have gone before us have revealed the secret for us to find.

The fact is that human life is marked with dissatisfaction, no matter how hard we try to achieve success and satisfaction, man will always end up not having a full cup of joy and satisfaction unless when we are integrating all aspects of life.  For instance, the desire to live a holistic life, which I term the 3-dimensional living: The physical, material, and spiritual. Each of the dimensions has constitutions and sub-dimensions. I will leave the details for another writing.

As human beings, we are limited in our knowledge and the mysteries of life. And the fact is that man did not create himself, so the creator only knows what can satisfy a man. But today in our pursuit of success and happiness we failed to integrate the spiritual aspect of our being. That’s why having a life of satisfaction seems difficult for many because there is dichotomy or disharmony on how we should function as an integrated whole.

Satisfaction In Life Is Not Measured by External Results

In actuality, life satisfaction is not measured by outward feelings alone.  It does not consist of what we have or do not have, in most cases.  This is not to discount the value of wealth and success. Obviously, they are very necessary, for the value they add to our lives. But the problem or even the danger is in making them an idol of our lives. The addiction and attachment they produce. 

Now, speaking from a spiritual perspective, it unfulfilling to use anything outside God, the Higher power, to satisfy our spiritual needs. There is a vacuum in every heart regardless of age, race, religion that only God can fill. Is satisfaction attainable at all? Of course. It is achievable once you discover the hidden key for its activation. 

There is a key that unlocks the door where satisfaction resides, from my perspective. Unfortunately, many are searching for all kinds of keys to unlock the satisfaction do so to speak, only to find out that what they thought to be the key is not.

While many who found the key ignorantly lost it. In the same vein, some others believe that all that is BS and illusion. So, what does this group do? Work, eat, drink, and damn everything else or every other person. And by so doing, they add more emptiness and dissatisfaction to their life.

Without any doubt, let me say this,  with all due respect that as humans our satisfaction is hinged on how healthy our spiritual lives are. There is a vacuum in our hearts as humans which only a relationship with the Higher Power can fill!  How I wish I can stress this enough here.

Now, do you see why so many are missing the key? The real satisfaction will only be found when we sincerely respond to the verse of the scripture that says “Come unto me… and I will give you rest, in other words, I will settle your restless, unsatisfied, empty life. Our ability and humility to embrace this truth will save us a lot of misery and regrets in life.

Some have tried to fill that internal vacuum with money, power, influence, wealth, education,  pleasures of all kinds, entertainment, religiosity, you name it.  But if only we can submit on time, and believe that only God holds the key, we will be amazed at who we are and how life works.

 By the reason of our choices, the free will we have, we have made our lives so complicated and out of track from what their original intent was. No wonder we are toiling, and working restlessly, accumulating wealth, money, power, influence, but still cycling around in misery. Actually, we have abundance, but not enjoying them as we ought to.

There is a Key for  Real Satisfaction

Success and satisfaction are sometimes being misrepresented. Both are different concepts. You can regard satisfaction as being internally driven, while success is measured externally with visible results or evidence of wealth, money,  fame, influence, and so forth. How to Have a Better Life

When you are satisfied with something you know it and feel it in your being. There will be no need to be floundering. This can be said of a person who feels he or she is self-satisfied too. The person feels that he or she has gotten all that he needs in life, and is settled and happy with herself.

Let me pause here, by reminding us that we can find satisfaction in life if we are willing and obedient to follow the divine principles. And if we can learn from the conclusion of the greatest King of Israel known as King Solomon. He had money, wisdom, power, and fame. He experimented in life’s laboratory with everything his mind can imagine. He examined everything. But in the end, he came up with a conclusion about life and humanity. He said  “Vanity of vanity… all is vanity, and recommended the fear of God!

King Solomon went far and beyond to enjoy life’s pleasures without any reservation. But in the end, he found out that he still felt empty, unsatisfied, and drained. Hence he concluded that nothing satisfies!  Which other scientific evidence of satisfaction than what King Solomon left mankind? Vanity of vanity… all is vanity. All he could resolve and recommend after all his experiments were for us to fear God! I don’t know about you; I have followed the King’s injunction! Our being satisfied requires finding the hidden key.

4 thoughts on “Being Satisfied”

  1. So there was this guitarist. One day his bandmates wake him up with his bag packed a bus ticket and tell him to go home. He was officially kicked out. On the ride back to – I think it was California – he swore he’d write bigger hits and be more successful than the band that forsook him.

    Dave Mustaine created Megadeth and never rose to the heights that his former band Metallica reached, but Megadeth is still one of the great heavy metal bands that you have to bring up in every debate, but Dave’s goal was to chase Metallica and never succeeded.

    As a metalhead, this lesson stuck with me, and I wanted to share it here because I think it helps make a real life example of what you’re talking about here. 

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by to share this story. Very relevant lesson to be told. Because people handle challenges in their lives differently. For some, rejection can make them remain bitter, while to others, it helps or them to wake up the sleeping giant within. 

  2. Thanks for sharing a wonderful aricle. Apart from being well written, i found it very interesting too. Unfortunately, i find that whether or not we are satisfied in life is often a question that we seldom actually think about really. However, it is also a very importantt one that we should consider more often.

    1. Kwidzin, thank you for providing me your comment in this article. You said that people seldom actually think about being satisfied.” Well, I think we all do, think about being satisfied consciously or unconsciously, hence everyone continues to strive. You are not satisfied or fulfilled unless you are making steady progress towards achieving your goals or dreams. Also, we are not satisfied when we’re working outside our life purpose. Think about that for a second.  Invariably, whether we believe it or not there are things that give us satisfaction, and there are things that can take away our satisfaction, regardless of our status. I hope this makes sense to you? Thanks, again.

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