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Must You Have To Be Aggressive To Succeed On Online Business?

This is one of the questions that I have been pondering on currently. The reason I find the question interesting is due to how many emails, phone calls, spams, emails, and advertisements that online marketers flood my box with daily. I noticed how pushy and aggressive online marketers are. When I compare it with how I am running my own business, I begin to wonder, if at all I’m working! I know that some of us are not naturally good competitors, while some are. Personally, I consider myself a selective competitor. It takes me time to commit to something and much time to get going especially if it has to do with anything technical like managing a website, and all the SEO stuff lol.

I know that starting a business, is like planting a seed on the soil. As every farmer knows, nurturing the seed that is planted is a must, for without it the seed will not do well. Also, the farmer requires patience, by waiting for the seed to germinate and grow to maturity before fruits are expected. For me personally, that’s my approach to my business, I am applying patience and persistence, taking small actions daily then believing that with time, the results will start manifesting. I don’t know if I’m the only person who thinks this way?

I feel challenged by how aggressive some entrepreneurs are in working and marketing their business. Taking flexible actions is different from taking aggressive actions by being pushy or aggressive in placing the advertisements, doing all the social engagements on all the social media. The pages, posts, seminars, and so forth. Meanwhile, it appears that those who seem very aggressive are the ones cashing the in the checks weekly and monthly. I hope that is the case?

Mind you, I am not in any way trying to minimizing the importance of hard work or someone taking his or her business seriously, but I’m concerned about some people who are playing the game so recklessly, maybe some due to lack of mentorship and good training. I believe that there is a decent, reasonable way to market without flooding every space with links and ads, to the point that it becomes boring or annoying even to the potential customers. Because the aggressive nitty-gritty marketing strategies are somehow repulsive as if the world is ending tomorrow. We should realize that too much of anything is bad. There is always a better approach. 

Ajustment Is Necessary

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How can I change my approach? Or how can I change my natural style to fit in with the competitiveness of the online business? This is part of my dilemma. I got part of the answer I was searching for from one author, who affirmed that I don’t have to be pushy or aggressive in other to get the results that I need. But he recommended that it is important that as a business owner online, there is the need to participate and interact with people on a daily basis. it is good to maintain balance and profit.

I don’t intend to lose my ID for reasons of being aggressive and competitive, and at the same time, I don’t intend to invest my time and energy and money, without a return for my labor.

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But from my understanding of the concept of most training, it means that one can run an effective online business in a way that is comfortable and a natural fit for one’s personality type without being too pushy. Do you think that is possible with what is happening online these days?

Find out What Works Best For Your Personality Traits

The truth is that there are different ways of reaching any goal we set for ourselves. That’s why in my company, there are different levels of income streams and different ways of marketing the products and services. For some it could be paid advertisements, some could be making videos on YouTube to reach the targeted audience. Whereas others could use blogging, etc. In any of the platforms chosen, the focus is just to build sustainable relationships that can convert to money in the long run. And then what matters most is to learn how to do it well, to be the best at it. 

Focus On The Big Picture Anyway

In other to build lasting relationships, we must apply wisdom and knowledge. On how we interact, I mean think about people the way you think about yourself. Remember the Golden Rule which says, “do unto others as you would like others to do for you.” What are the qualities you like to see in people? How do you want to be treated by people? Personally, I flow well with people who are genuine and caring. I like being respectful, being thoughtful, and considerate and keeping things simple and real.

I personally relate well and more attracted to a person who is personable. The type of people who show a real interest in my need. I believe that it is the same for others.

We must remember that many people are living in a world that is losing focus on reality. People are passing each other without a real human connection. Everyone is afraid of something. We are conscious of our vulnerability, which makes building relationships so hard mostly for the newcomers.

But for us to succeed, we must learn how to do it in an authentic but safe way. No matter how dark and out of touch today’s world is, I still believe that there are still men and women with soul and spirit living it. It is just to have an open mind in our approach. I have to be aggressively selective of how I run my business. I will keep firing at my pace, already smelling the victory. I hope you will do so too by being yourself, doing your business with the passion it brings to you and focussing on the most prudent decent way to run your business and be happy!

We need to take it easy, Life is not measured by any material possessions we are agressively pursuing.

8 thoughts on “Business Aggression”

  1. We live in a world where society teach us to have everything fast. Many new business owners feel the same. If they aggressively advertise their business they may get some short term success, but it’s only that. Short term. For a successful business to be stable on the long term there are many things that are needed. Trust, expertise, authority etc. And many new entrepreneurs don’t have the patience to acquire all this. They want success and they want it now. That’s why most of them fail and only a few find so big success.

    1. Hi Stratos, and thanks so much for your excellent input to my post. I really appreciate how you asserted that many young entrepreneurs don’t have patient to acquire all the necessary skills needed for long term success. That’s very true. There’s got to be a price to pay for any good success. But unfortunately, many are paying some wrong prices to acquire success anyhow. Good mentoring, learning, patience, wise decision, commitment, and perseverance are some of the prices to be paid, outside the monetary aspect of running a business of any kind.

      Personally, as I stated in my post, I’m pretty concerned with how aggressive some people are in the conduct of their business. I can tell you that some of these people, don’t have a good private life any longer, because every moment of their day is focused on their business or career, thereby leaving some with emotional spillover that is not healthy for their marriage or relationships.

      I’m learning, and as a natural observer, my goal is to draw awareness, offer encouragement, motivation, and help. I want to help people in any little way I can, to plan their lives, to prioritize, and for us to be the best we can in every area of our lives. 

      I hope you visit often and help me share any of the content that you found valuable.


  2. I saw a lot of successful people who are pushy and aggressive in business (not only in the market business). But also there are many impudent ones! I had the same question “do I need to be like them to get more money?

     I am naturally not aggressive in a business way. You inspired me to be who I am and see the bigger picture trying to develop my best features! Now I believe that there are also other ways and other strategies to try success! I don’t like to shop from those sellers who offer their products aggressively. I like to choose by myself, but not according to the seller’s exaggerated opinion (I don’t like those kinds of sellers) 

    Thank you a lot!

    1. Hi David, and thanks very much for your candid comment to my post. I’m glad to hear that you have something to take away from this article. Just as you rightly stated, the most important thing is to be yourself and to believe in yourself. Know what fits your personality and do I; avoid self-doubts, unhealthy competitions which lead to some sort of aggressiveness. Building your business on some solid principles of trust and honesty and hard-work which is different from the type of aggression that I was talking about. 

      With steady action taking, learning and doing, patience, and determination success will come with time. Yes, we have to work hard, but we have to equally learn how to maintain some boundaries, as to enjoy both our works, business, and private lives.

      Thanks once again, please come again, and share any content of interest. 


  3. awesome review you have here on business operation, I must say that I find your tips on how best to handle business aggression so intriguing and it will go a long way to keeping you are head of your competitors in the marketplace.. thanks for sure you’re such a lovely post I look forward to sharing it…

    1. evans, thanks so very much, I remain grateful for your kind comments. 

      I look forward to more of your comments regularly!


  4. Hello there thanks for the review it is of great value. No doubt online business is one of the most fast growing kind business and people are engaging in it everyday. Although it may be the easiest way to make a passive but then it requires zeal and determination. You must have the passion for it and be will to sacrifice time and energy. But at the end it really pays. I basically thinks everyone must have the passion for success if he wants to succeed.

    1. Hi Philebur, and thanks so much for your candid comment to my post about Business Aggression. This is a topic, that I will like to address again because there are different ways to look at it. And with the way many are approaching the online business, we are missing something. I know that many people are flooding into online space, more so with this Global Pandemic. Some due to the enticing ads, and fads, and all kinds of hypes. Many people never take time to learn or get the necessary training or mentoring; while many have a marketing attitude that is just very aggressive. I gave example of how many calls, emails, texts, etc I receive daily from marketers. It is just crazy. Everyone is in a hurry to make it, but there has to be some personal discipline to it.

      You’re absolutely right when you say that one has to have a passion to it and that by being aggressive the person can succeed. Yes, having passion enthusiasm, love for what you do is key, and that passion will also, help to guide against any kind of abuse to what you cherish right? I mean, it all depends on so many factors why people do things the way they do it. I believe in hard work, commitment, perseverance, and self-control.  I know we all have our personality traits, which can play out in different ways too. 

      Good discussion! thanks for your comment. please always come again.


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