BuySellAds Review

BuySellAds Review

We’ve all heard of the BuySellAds service, but how does it work? This tool allows you to set your prices and target countries. The interface is straightforward, and you can deal directly with advertisers. Moreover, you can preview ads before you place them. That’s great for the budget-conscious marketer.

The directory is a good feature as it keeps ads focused and clutter-free. For publishers, the buy/sell feature is a good option to combine with AdSense.

The control panel for BuySellAds is well laid-out. It displays information about your publisher placements, estimated inventory, and CPM. You can also view reports related to your earnings and site performance. 

The dashboard also contains links to Tools, Performance, Earnings, Inventory, and Property Settings. Clicking on Performance or Earnings will reveal different reports, while the Inventory link will help you edit your site profile.

What Is BuySellAds?

BuySellAds is a directory where you can buy and sell ads on your website. While this can be a hassle, it can be advantageous for some publishers and advertisers who need to maximize their ad revenue. 

Many publishers and advertisers have used the service to boost their websites’ traffic. Publishers can use BuySellAds to monetize the unsold ad inventory. And since it charges just a 25% transaction fee, it’s worth trying out. Here’s how it works.

The interface of the control panel on BuySellAds is easy to navigate. The dashboard lists information on publisher placements, CPM, estimated inventory, and earnings. There are links to Performance, Earnings, Inventory, Property Settings, Discount Codes, and Tools. 

The Performance link opens different reports about your site’s performance and earnings. The Inventory link lets you edit your site profile. The Discount Codes page allows you to set up discount codes.

Advertisers can choose from various ad units to display on their websites. The platform links publishers and advertisers, so both parties benefit from the process. AMZ Formula Review – Is Joshua Crisp the Creator?

Advertisers can choose ad units that match their website content and budget. Publishers can purchase ad space on popular websites and gain additional revenue. It’s that easy! And, as with all things BuySellAds, the process is easy.

BuySellAds Features

The BuySellAds platform provides publishers with a customizable insertion order and proposal and allows them to choose which types of advertisements to show on their websites. 

Publishers can also choose to show their ads on several mediums, including the display and sponsored content. 

The platform also allows publishers to control the CPM rates and the number of ads displayed on their websites. 

Depending on the type of ad that they want to run, BuySellAds can save them time and money by providing multiple ad types.

To maximize your profit, BuySellAds enables you to scale your affiliate and e-commerce advertising campaigns. 

The ad exchange pays publishers twice monthly, and advertisers receive their earnings monthly. Publishers also benefit from the manual ad approval features and multiple ad sizes and locations. 

Furthermore, BuySellAds only accepts websites in English. It offers excellent content and design. Also, the site allows advertisers to pay their publishers with PayPal.

How Does BuySellAds Work?

BuySellAds is a marketplace where website owners can sell ad space to advertisers. Once a website owner decides to sell ad space, the process is simple. 

A user sets up a property by clicking on “Add Inventory.” Then, they can choose a CPM rate and the medium on which they want to place ads. 

Once they’ve selected their medium, they can upload their creatives to be displayed on the site. This process allows advertisers to bid on the space they’ve purchased and the website owner to approve or deny the ad placement.

Unlike Google AdSense, BuySellAds works differently. While Google AdSense is free to use, the platform places advertisements on your website. By selling your ad inventory to a third party, you’ll control the advertising on your website. 

When Does BuySellAds Pay Its Publishers?

To receive payment, you can choose between three payment options: weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can also request up to two payments per month. 

Signing up with BuySellAds is easy, and there are no upfront fees. This site is great for smaller websites because it connects them with advertisers. After signing up with the site, you can start publishing your ads and receiving payments soon.

While a directory like this is beneficial, there are some potential drawbacks. Because many other ad networks in the same niche have high commissions, publishers may want to look for a platform that offers them less competition. 

With a directory and stats reporting, BuySellAds is a good option for publishers who already have a loyal audience. Publishers should accept ads that resonate with their content. 

As a virtual middleman, BuySellAds charges a 25 percent service fee for each successful transaction. However, the minimum payout is only $20.

How Much Money Can You Earn with BuySellAds?

If you’ve been wondering how much money you can earn through ad sales, you’ve come to the right place. This program allows publishers to create ad campaigns for a small fee, potentially earning a lot of money. 

Its directory allows publishers to select ad placement for their site and sell the ads directly to advertisers. 

In return, BuySellAds will take a cut of 25% of the earnings from the ads you sell. While you can do the ads yourself, you should note that BuySellAds doesn’t accept all publishers.

To be considered for BuySellAds, you should have at least 50,000 monthly visitors to be eligible for the program. While it may seem daunting for new publishers to earn money with BuySellAds, the process can be quite simple. 

You’ll need a site with high-quality content. Websites with random topics will not be accepted, so you should focus on a tight niche instead.

Should You Join BuySellAds?

The control panel of BuySellAds is remarkably easy to use. It lists your current placements, CPM, estimated inventory, and links to different reports. 

You can also edit your site’s profile and create discount codes. They’ll tell you how much you’ve earned and how many people have clicked on your ads.

Before creating ads on BuySellAds, you should have a website or blog with at least 50,000 monthly page views. 

Your blog should have no copyright-infringing material and must have been fresh for at least three months. If your blog has a good PageRank, you’ll get approved. If not, you can try again later. Moreover, the site accepts both display ads and native performance ads.

However, note that BuySellAds may reject your site if it does not have a targeted audience. To get started, you’ll need to sign up with BuySellAds and install its codes on your website. 

You’ll need the header and zone code. These codes will allow BuySellAds to display your ads on your website.

BuySellAds Requirements

If you’re a blogger, you may have wondered if you qualify for BuySellAds. But before you start, you should know that this website advertising network only accepts certain types of websites. That means that if your website is not related to the technology industry, you may be rejected by the platform. 

If you have a blog about web design and technology, you can easily qualify if you have at least 50,000 page views per month. 

You must also have a live website with fresh content. Lastly, you should know that the site must be in English and have a targeted audience.


The best part of BuySellAds is that it is free to join, and the only fees you pay are when you get paid. Unlike some other advertising networks, BuySellAds allows you to set your price for ad space. 

The price for ads should be reasonably affordable, and you should start by setting it low. When you gain more experience, you can raise your price as you see fit.

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