Change is Needed In Life

Lexicon dictionary states that change means to alter, make different, become different,  undergo a change, make alterations to, adjust, make adjustments to, adapt, turn, amend, improve, modify, convert, revise, recast, reform reshape, refashion, redesign, restyle, revamp, rework, remake, remodel, remold, redo, reconstruct, reorganize, reorder, refines, reorient, Definitely, change is needed in life for obvious reasons.

Why is change needed in life? Well, change as we know is the only thing permanent in life. Therefore, as humans, we will cry or demand change if what is expected is different from the reality we have or see. For instance, if I’m running a business which supposed to yield monthly income, if the business is not yielding the expected income, I will seek change. If not, I will not make progress or meet up with my financial demands right? That’s how it is in every other area of life.

There is a saying that “you can’t be doing the same thing over and over and expecting to have a different result unless the person is operating in a state of insanity. That buttresses the idea of change. We seek for a change when we are expecting a different result or experience,. When something is not working as it ought to work, or when we are not satisfied with what we have, or do.

I will suggest that you spare just a few seconds to think about the above list of change synonyms, words as they have to do with change, and ask yourself which of these words can I use to remodel my life? The truth is that we must go through a change in life. Therefore, look forward to it and embrace it, and do not resist it.

I will like to share this statement from one author by the name of Marianne Williamson, he said: “Some people are walking without a thought to where they’re going…; some people are almost immobilized by fear of where we are headed..; some people imagine great light-filled possibilities ahead and work each day to invoke them;

We Need Change From Inside Out

I believe, that our lives, in some ways require some change. Because today, no matter how we try to cover up, by masking our realities, there is a feeling within us that something is wrong somewhere, that something needs to change. Sometimes we just have that nagging feeling, but can’t just directly own up to what needs to change.

But if we look further in earnest we will then realize that we need to reorganize some certain things in our lives. It could be in our marriage, business, career, belief, and so forth.

For instance,  we notice that people these days seem to be stressed out, hopeless, discouraged, and even depressed. Why? Today, people are angry at the Police, at the government, and vise versa. These feelings of lack of trust, restlessness, dishonesty, are a call for change, social change, economic change, political and spiritual change. It is a time that calls for honest evaluations, reflections, inward search and listening, followed by necessary actions for change of attitude or belief.

Treat The Cause Not The Symptoms

What I have realized is that we treat the symptoms instead of the cause of the symptoms. But as far as the cause of any visible problems or symptoms we experience in any areas of our human experience persist if we don’t identify the cause of the symptoms it will continue to invade our immunity.  Why We Need Courage

Part of the reason is that everyone seems to be in a hurry to go somewhere, do this or that, juggling several tasks, which at the end of the day leave us exhausted, drained both physically, mentally, and spiritually. Because we are living a high tension life. Even with the Lockdown due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Still, the tension continues. Unfortunately, the lessons will soon be forgotten by many because they have not slowed down to reflect on why things are getting so chaotic in every area of life these days, despite the so-called success fever.

What If We Can Find A Better Way To Run Our Lives?

I believe that there are better and healthier ways we can live and do things than the crazy ways we are doing and ruining our lives and future. There is disorientation going on subtly at every level. I can sense it. See how trust is disappearing, respect for authority, and authorities fading away. For these obvious needs if we really want society to survive, if we want peace and stability, change is needed in life.

For us to succeed in whatever thing we do, we need peace of mind, we need security within our neighborhoods, communities, we need to have healthy relationships, these are some of the reinforcing factors for success. Try not to misunderstand or miss read me here. I’m not addressing the recent crisis of Police brutality and the unrest it cast caused, but at the same time, I’m commenting about it because I’m talking about change. Yes, we need change, and that change starts with us. We have to decide to be the change we want to see in our society.

If we decide to respect human life, to care for each other’s safety, and freedom, if we decide to show kindness and not to turn a blind eye to injustice, if we decide to judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin, then we are promoting a healthy safe environment where peace and progress will flourish. But if we do the opposite, the symptoms will be manifesting until it becomes contagious.

I have to tell myself that the only way out of the predicament, confusion, chaos, fears, and unrest we are experiencing, is by believing in God and allowing his love to root out evil in our hearts. You ask what is your point, Sarah? I can answer in one word. It is changing. Change within and without. Change to live a happy, safe, and successful life.

Need Change On How We Do Things

We need to make some changes in how we see ourselves, how we spend our time, how we relate or connect to people, how we lead as leaders. We need to practice the golden rules, and to be real to ourselves and to one another. Because there is too much fakeness. We need some change in how we do business.

Some employers use employees like disposables. Some directors and CEOs of some big companies make in one month what their employees make in a year, and that’s why inequality of all kinds exists. And that’s why some people don’t like capitalism. Because of its greedy tendencies.

We need a change in how we use our environment, There is a hidden longing for change because it seems everything is saying “I can’t breathe.” This is such a desperate cry for help and for a change! Change is needed in life.

The cry for change is intense, so also is the resistance to change. Politicians are all campaigning for change, even though one can see some of their promises as a social bribe. The religious authorities require change too, as to align their faith professions with their practices as thought by the great founders of such religions.

Christ came to show man the way of life, with humility, love, courage, and obedience showed His followers the way of life. We can follow his examples and teachings in other to bring healing and change to our lives and to society.

Then because we are allowing the forces of evil to cover the good, often time the negative voices got louder than the positive voices then we begin to doubt and fear what is going on. With an attitude of change, we will not stand by to allow vices to overshadow the voice of good works, good behaviors, good intentions, and good actions.

What can we do to change, revise, and reorder the evil trends that are threatening our peace of mind? That’s a million-dollar question before all of us today. However, it is not a difficult answer to obtain. But the problem with man is that man will like to outside where the answer lies.

The answer lies within our individual efforts to change our old ways of reasoning, perceptions, beliefs, values, to embrace a new way, a consistent way. Where truth is accepted and respected, where moral values were the principles that guide actions.

I can promise you that we as a nation, state, local government, family, individual, that we are about to enter our season of change. I can smell it! My best advice for you is don’t resist change! Just believe from your heart that change is possible and permanent as far as life is concerned.

And also don’t forget that change can be positive or negative, depending on the direction the wind of change blows. Therefore, my desire and prayer are to let the needed change take place and produce positive results for our lives as an individual, family, church, school, government, state, country, and the world at large! Indeed, change is needed in life.

Be ready to take intentional steps and actions for change in any area of your life and business that requires change. Personally, I have agreed with myself that I’m making some changes this month, both in business, relationships, and my faith walk. How about you?

If you do the same and believe in yourself and the grace within you, that have preserved your life up till now, despite how chaotic the year has been, I bet, you will be entering into your Allilellua season from this half of the year till the end! Remember, nothing is impossible to who believes with actions towards the belief.

As always, your comments below will be highly valued.

4 thoughts on “Change is Needed In Life”

  1. hellooo dear, what an amazing post these site has been thanks alot for sharing such an amazing post , i was actually doing some research online when i saw these psot, i actually read it to the end because your choice of words and writing skills is really something to save and come back for future referencing, i really do fancy these post alot, it really has made my day fun, thanks alot for the info, it has been the best so far.. thanks alot for the info

    1. Hi Skuchamane, thanks for stopping by at my site. Your kind comment is a source of motivation for me. I’m to heart that this article adds value to your knowledge and approach to life generally.

      Please visit often and don’t hesitate to share any of my content and watch the videos.

      Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thank you for writing such a moving article in these awful times. The unrest and negativity in the air is palpable right now. It weighs down on the hearts and minds of millions of people, absolutely horrible stuff. When you wrote that there’s a feeling that something is wrong even though we try to ignore it and cover it up, I felt that and directly related to it. The truth is that there are major life topics that I’ve been avoiding dealing with. The lingering fear beneath the surface is slowly paralyzing me with anxiety. I need to treat the cause, not the symptoms. I know that after taking the advice you’ve laid out in this article, I’ll feel a lot better. Thank you for helping your readers face their realities in such a soothing and nonconfrontational way. I feel calm and prepared to face my fears.

    1. Amen Maria! Your kind and honest comment to this article “Ready To Change Your Life” brought tears to my eyes this morning. I’m deeply indebted to true women with humble and sincere hearts like you. you’re my source of inspiration. I can only tell you not to allow fear to get hold of you no matter what because fear can torment and enslave the mind. God wants us to think about things that are just, excellent, good reports, things that will elevate our spirit. 

      And from what I know about fear and anxiety, they are pat of negative emotions, therefore, they should not be condoled. Having had my experience with fear and anxiety before, I know how discomforting, unsettling, worry, anxiety, and fear can be and their effects on our psychological and spiritual health hence my encouragement not to allow fear or anxiety to get hold of your mind, please! 

      However, we have the choice to speak up against injustice of any kind wherever and whenever we see it, we do it for God’s sake and for the sake of our conscience. We have to show light where there is darkness and give salt where there is no flavor as it is in today’s world. We have the choice to be the change we want to see in others, by starting it from our families, place of work, business, place of worship, groups we belong, we have to shine the bright light in our souls to wherever the darkness is. That’s one of the ways to bring about lasting change in society.

      Once again, be encouraged, and know that there are millions of you out there, who are concerned!



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