Character What it Means

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Character is said to be a combination of human qualities, beliefs, and traits that make a person’s personality. It is a Character that dictates what sort of a person someone is. Oftentimes, our impression and evaluation of another person are based on the person’s overall impression of certain issues, qualities, things, and beliefs, etc.

A lot can be learned from the meaning of a character. It is such an important term.  Today, it seems the society as a place has lost Its character or, to put it mildly, it seems the society is losing its soul. likewise its citizens. Because our characters are cultivated, learned, and engraved based on our environments, association, education, religion, social upbringing, how and what we are thought by our parents and teachers. But today what do we see, as compared to the 19th-century society?

Without a doubt, one’s character can be shaped or unshaped based on a lot of factors in place or out of the place where the individual found himself or herself. Often times too, some people’s character can be affected positively or negatively due to some tragedies in life. Such events can turn a person bitter or better or cynical. Many people have also found their calling to a higher purpose in life due to their experience of crisis. So there is a lot that is involved in being a person of character. It is not a cheap term.

Cultivate a Good Character

Are you a person of character? Do you appreciate men and women of character, leaders who are known for their character? In other words, people can trust them and take their words in, because they have been tested and proven worthy. Society cannot progress and be stable without such men and women of character because they are the soul, conscience of every society. People who defend their values, beliefs, and moral principles regardless of their position or opposition.

Today’s society is on a slippery slope leading to a state of decadency. Right now in some third-world countries, including Nigeria, because the leaders have no moral values, they are leading the masses into the state of the abyss.  Ad such is a place where stealing, killing, raping, cheating, and all kinds of corruption flourish to the horror of the poor masses with a conscience. 15 Most Powerful Character Quotes to Remember

Therefore, for a family, a society to survive, it must cultivate a good character. It must be learned, adopted, and exhibited from top to the bottom. If not, the family, or society, including the individual person will be facing crises big and small from time to time.

I Have this sourced poem to share with us. I found it valuable and offers insight into character in a poetic format. This is shared as read without changes.

Here it goes, enjoy the read and consider the message it conveys about character.

“Character is the sum total, worthwhile, of what a man has after he has won all and the sole thing he has left after he has lost all.

Pierpont Morgan, the great single power in Finance in all the world, at the time of his death, once stated under oath, that “Character is the only gauge of a man or the only rule by which he can be gauged in business, and that physical assets are therefore of secondary importance.”

Character is Power.

The wall of Character that a man builds will withstand the most merciless assaults that any man can direct at them. A man’s or a woman’s good Character is absolutely unassailable. Reputation may be besmirched but not Character. Reputation is what people may say a man is, but Character is what he really is.

Character is Power.

Character is greater than talent, genius, fame, money, friends – there is nothing to compare with it. A man may have all these and yet remain comparatively useless – be unhappy – and die a bankrupt in the soul. But Character pays out endless Dividends, molds a man into a might Deed-doer, and builds for him a deathless Name.

Character is Power.

Character is Power in Business, in the Home, on the Street—–everywhere. And it’s free for the asking to the loyal, fearless—Big!  Stamp your Character deeper into people today and make it rule your work. Let it led you on. But fight every hour to make it stronger. For—Character is power.”

I hope that you found this valuable. Let me conclude with another powerful quote from Napoleon Hill—

“The ability to create and maintain a good impression of yourself in the minds of other people smoothes over many of the bumps in the road to success. It can also mean the difference between inspiring antagonism or cooperation in people, whether you have just met them or have known them for years.” Remember, change is constant. So, it’s not too late for change, so as to start paying attention to the name you will leave behind.

2 thoughts on “Character What it Means”

  1. I really enjoyed your article on character. What you say is absolutely true. You can spot a lot about a person’s character just by talking to them for a few minutes or hearing their viewpoints about key topics in life. What’s also great about character is if you realize something is off about your own, it’s possible to change it.  When self-reflection is included within one’s character, a much happier life lies ahead. Love, Sammy

    1. Sammy, thanks for your invaluable comment. I appreciate the way you amplified the main points. Yes, part of the problems and chaos people is as a result of lack of character. Without the cultivation of good character, decision-making, choices, relationships, business, and leadership will experience some problems. But just as you rightly said, if people can be self-aware, they can identify the areas of leakage in their life and make the changes.

      Again, thanks for your candid comment.

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