Choose To Be Grateful

Are you feeling sorry for yourself because of the present condition of things in your business life, family, and the country? Take a deep breath; reframe and refocus your thought instead, be grateful for the life you have.  Happiness is not measured by what you have or don’t have. Happiness is a choice it’s a mental habit. In this article, let us take a journey together to find out the reasons we should be grateful. I’m grateful for what I have and for being alive. Choose to be grateful. Note that you can live a happy life regardless.

I used to worry a lot. I worried about so many things, for instance, I used to worry about my children’s safety.  I worried about their driving. I worried about how they’re doing in school. I worry about my spouse; I worried about my edged parents now late. I worried about bills, about job security, I worried about my grandchildren and their stages of development. I worried about all my extended families and their different issues. Could you imagine being a full-time worrier and the effect it will have on your life?

But the good news is that I have taken drastic actions to change such kind of unhealthy habit. I have learned and still learning how to count my blessings and to trust my future and the future of my family under the control of God.  I’m not in any way living a problem free life. The difference now is that I have learned how to live a life of gratitude. A life that shows me what I have over what I don’t have. I’m learning how to be grateful for what I already possess and grateful for discovering the purpose of life!

Learn How To Live To Appreciate Life

I learned more about how to live in this past 2 years than any other time of my adult life.

Sometimes, in this journey of life, you get stuck. You may lose the fight and the faith for life because of the circumstances or challenges you never prepared for, nor ever think that will happen to you.  It is hard to go through life challenges unprepared. And it is hard to grow without experiencing challenges. It is hard to learn without a lesson, a teacher, and life is the teacher of us all. You learn to live by appreciating what you have while working to get what you want. Learn to live by knowing that there are many things you can’t control in life. Learn to live by being grateful for your life, and for the people in your life. Learning how to live a simple and contented life makes it possible for one to appreciate life regardless of the challenges.

 Learn how to live by choosing happiness over worry and anxiety. Because, just like me before, I thought there’s a stage in my life where happiness lives, stored up, waiting for me until I reach the stage. I was ignorantly postponing my happiness for the future. Waiting for when I will have financial freedom, graduate from school, have grandkids, buy a new car, new house, etc. What a stupid way of reasoning. How mistaken and naïve I was. Knowing what I know now at this stage of my life, about life, I will encourage everyone I know to learn to live one day at a time, and to live the 365 days to have a list of things to be grateful for.

Look For Something To Be Grateful For

 If nothing else, thank God for life. Learn how to live by understanding that about 90% of the things in our lives may be great, and the best things we need most, while the 10% may be the things we hate or the things considered bad and need change. Learn to live by realizing just like I did that 90% of the things we fear, fret about and dread never happens. Learn how to live by leaning that if we focus on the less percentage of the things that have gone wrong in our lives, relationships, business, job, and what have you, you may end up a bitter person, with somatic symptoms, like ulcers, despair, anxiety, depression, ungratefulness, and all kinds of emotional, physical, psychological, and spiritual problems.

Unfortunately, many people are living in this space of negativity. We have much to be grateful for, slow down, enjoy what you already have, be grateful for what you have, the people in your life. Celebrate life while you work to achieve the rest of your goals. Learn to be grateful. Be grateful and know that everyone can live a happy life regardless of the circumstances of life.

Think Of Who You Are And Give Thanks

Let us think and thank God for all we have to be grateful for. November starts in the next few days, a time for a national Thanksgiving or Turkey Day. To some, it only reminds them of the turkeys and pleasant pies, while to the turkeys it reminds them of another period to receive man’s ingratitude by slaughtering them without mercy Lol.

We ought to be thankful for the 365 days of the year and not for only one day out of the 365 days… Why? Because we are alive and healthy. Living a life of gratitude will always make you appreciate others, and to appreciate what you have, and challenged to give back or share the good things of life which you have received., every wonderful gift comes to us from God! Life is a gift...

Be grateful that we are alive to see the sun, the rain, or even the snow. Like one man acknowledged during his life, even though he was a very pessimistic person named Jonathan Swift, he at least acknowledged that there are good things to appreciate. He remarked that the best doctors in the world are, “Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet, and Doctor Merryman.”  sadly, many people are not consulting these best doctors according to Jonathan Swift, the Pessimist. Be grateful and believe that you can live a happy life no matter the present challenges.

 Many people are still eating unhealthy diets, living a life without quiet, relaxing, meditative, and peace adequate sleep. While many are too busy and, in a hurry, to achieve more, they have postponed the happiness and attitude of gratitude waiting till they get all they have set their minds upon. Friends, that’s a life of disaster. My advice for anyone who is pursuing wealth, money, position, at the detriment of learning how to a contended life is living a regrettable life.  You can decide today to be happy. For happiness comes by choice.

Keep The 3 Best Doctors With You And Live a Grateful Life

Rose, Pink, Rose Flower, Floribunda

For instance, we can have the services and prescriptions of Doctor Merryman free every day of our lives, just by keeping our attention fixed on all the things that are good and praiseworthy instead of dwelling on the negatives. Being thankful that we have every part of our body in order. Our vision, our ears, hands, and feet are active and functional. I know we take all these for granted, but not until you see people who weren’t as fortunate as you and I are. Be grateful, choose to be grateful, and live happily.

 Do you have an estimate of what your two eyes, and two legs, and hands will cost? I wrote a sticker some years back titled “HEALTH IS WEALTH.” Let us consider and be thankful for what we have now. Do you ever think of the joy of hearing your best music, hearing the loving voices of your loved ones? The assets you possess by living in a healthy body? The reason many people live bitter and ungrateful, unsatisfactory, pressured-ridden life is because they seldom think of what they have, but always focusing on what they lack.

Anxious Mind Is Not a Happy Mind

Do you know that you can be flexible with problems, challenges, obstacles, rather than irritated, anxious about them? Instead, allow the internal peace to calm your mind. Before I used to carry today’s problem besides tomorrow’s own. Anxiety includes a wide range of fears and worries. Some people experience pain in their thoughts, not in reality. It happened to me.  

Many people because they have not learned how to live a grateful life, many are ruining their lives by growling, grumbling, and worrying to the point of losing their health, peace of mind, energy, and productivity because they are a drain of energy, and enthusiasm. Even some business owners can experience more difficulty when they appreciate their workers, customers, and partners and what they have. The call still is choose to be grateful and learn to live happily, despite the challenges of business, family, relationships etc.

Value Your Life Now And Live Gratefully

Enjoy your life when you can by being grateful for what you have now while working to get more, achieve more, learn more, and do more. Learn to live a balancing life, carry along, or integrate the 3-dimensional life. The spirit, soul, and body. Put in another way, work on your spiritual health, economic, and physical wellbeing. Neglecting any of them will not produce harmonious life and the desired satisfaction. Choose to be grateful, and believe that you can live a happy life, even in this dark period.GRATEFUL LIFE

In conclusion, ask yourself what you want from life and what you are giving to it. Learn how to live a grateful life, by realizing that living a grateful has so many wonderful benefits. For instance, it will always help you keep your life in proper perspective. It can make you look attractive to people, cause you to be positively contagious. Being grateful can help you see the opportunities that abound within you which otherwise you will take for granted. It will erase premature gray hair and wrinkles lol.

 It will keep you vibrant and optimistic about the future. It will make generous, compassionate, and humble. It will equally allow you to wear a smiling face. Let this Thanksgiving be a very special one, motivate everyone around you to see something to be grateful to God for, despite how tough the year has been for so many of us. Still, we can choose to be grateful and live happily.

 Living gratefully and your choice to be happy despite the difficult circumstances of life can help you reduce stressful life, anxiety, and depression, it will help keep your heart rested and peaceful. It will beef up your self-confidence always because you know the source of your energy and happiness that I do not base it on what you have or don’t have, but on the choice to live a happy life and to share positive energy, regardless of whatever challenges and circumstances. Choose to be grateful and live a happy life is my invitation to you in this article!

8 thoughts on “Choose To Be Grateful”

  1. Gratitude is the best attitude for gaining higher altitude. This is a saying that I’ve heard once or twice bit has always stuck by me and has been honestly part of what has shaped my character as I truly believe that there is nothing more self appreciative than being grateful to people who have been there for you. 

    1. Sean, thanks so much for your useful input on this article. Living a life of gratitude has a lot of benefits. Keep practicing it daily.

      Once again, thanks for commenting.

  2. As an individual, what I try to do every day is to make my life better each day by improving myself for myself. As a human, there are many things we would have gotten ourselves involved in and most of them we may not be proud of the choices we made, but what I have actually taken from such situation is to always be grateful for the position I am and hope for a better tomorrow as far as I have life. In life we should give God all the thanks and appreciate him for what he has done.

    1. Thanks so much, Maureen, for your candid comment on this article. Living a life of gratitude, one can’t go wrong. 

      We have a lot to be grateful for, regardless of whatever, mistakes, wrong choices, or circumstances, all are for learning.

  3. In any circumstances, learn to say thank God. The topic says it all. Gratitude is the best attitude. I have adopted this and it’s really working, no amount of disturbance or anxiety can change anything, so instead of being anxious,I choose to thank God for life, family, everything around knowing by worries, I can’t add or reduce what is causing the stress. When you appreciate life, you’ll appreciate God

    1. Elizabeth, thanks so much for your candid input on this article. Living a life of thanksgiving is healthy to our soul and enhances our relationship with God. What else can we do than to live in appreciation of the life He has given us, and all the abundance we already have?

  4. Gratitude is so poerful. And we all have reasons to be grateful. But I believe most of us choose to focus on other things and not in those that bring gratitude to our heart. It’s easier to complain and feel a victim. But when we realize how healthy it is to be grateful, just as choosing meals that aren’t so tasty but are better, we’ll just choose gratitude.

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