Commitment – How to Be Committed

Commitment – How to Be Committed

All of your activities are connected to your goals. Do you want to achieve them? You will need to be more committed to your goals. You can’t be more productive if you don’t achieve your goals.

You want to achieve something. First, you need to make this goal clearer. This goal should be SMART.

Let’s assume that you want 20% more productivity. What does that mean?

Once you have identified your goals or the actions you wish to take, you must assign tasks or perform specific actions. You will need to incorporate these tasks into your daily work routine to increase productivity by 20%. You will probably start your action list with this:

  • Analyze your current workload.
  • Analyze your existing work processes.
  • Find every possible bottleneck.
  • Find solutions to remove bottlenecks.
  • You can find ways to improve the method you are using.
  • Create an implementation plan.
  • Take the plan’s suggestions and implement them.

What is Commitment?

Commitment means to be committed to what you have said or planned. Strong personal relationships are built on commitments. 

A good plan does not guarantee that you will reach your goal of increasing productivity by 20%. You won’t start doing anything unless you truly want to achieve that goal. You can’t talk about productivity if you don’t get started doing things. This action is a crucial component of productivity.

Here are some ways you can be more committed and productive in this chaotic environment.

You cannot set aside your goals and then forget about them. It is vital to take action and work towards achieving your goals. How can you improve your efficiency in reaching the goals you have set? A commitment can only answer this question to those goals.

You can’t expect to reach your goals if you don’t have the obligation. It is essential to put inspiration into action.

These five steps can help you increase your commitment to your goals.

5. Increase commitment: Do you know what to do?

You will be more committed if you are aware of the activities that you must do in advance. Once you have a goal in writing and have spoken with someone about it, write down the activities. You will be motivated to get started as soon as you can.

These steps will help you set and achieve your business goals. Your commitment will be more significant, and your productivity will improve. I wish you success in reaching your goals. How to Have a Better Life

You will be able to show commitment by understanding what it means and how you can do it.

2. Increase commitment: Make your goals concrete.

Specific goals will help you know what to do to reach them. Unspecific goals can lead to confusion and decrease commitment.

Productivity improvement is a confusing and uncertain goal. You won’t accomplish your goal if you don’t know what to do and when to do it.

3. Increase commitment and present your goals publicly

Your commitment will be more significant even if you only talk to one person about your goal.

Even if you only have one person who shares your goals, you will want to be seen and treated as a responsible person. You are more likely to say you will do something than you actually will.

It is best to share your most important goals with the public.

4. Increase commitment: Write down your goals on a piece of paper.

Multiple scientific studies have shown that the commitment to something is more significant if it’s written down. Robert Cialdini, the author of Influence – Psychology of Persuasion, explains how he used the Korean War as an example. 

They demand that the Chinese soldiers held in prison by the Chinese force them to make statements claiming that communism is superior to the US system. Persuasiveness is a must for entrepreneurs. 

5. Increase commitment: Make your goals achievable

Unrealistic goals are impossible to attain, and it is unrealistic to expect that you will be able to commit to something you know is difficult to achieve. If you aim to increase productivity by 1000%, it will be impossible to do ten times more work simultaneously, as in the previous example. This goal is unrealistic. It is better to set 20% rather than 1000%. Iteratively, increase productivity by first targeting an increase of 20%. The next goal will be 20%.

To increase your commitment, you must first realize that you can achieve your goals. Once you believe it is possible, your focus will shift to achieving your goals and working through each step.

How to Calculate Your Commitment Level

Re-evaluate Your Commitment

Before you begin to take steps that will improve your work performance, you need a great plan.

Create a Plan

Make a plan to increase your commitment if you feel you are enjoying your job and wish to achieve more successes. Focus on areas that you can improve by giving more effort and time. This could be as simple as arriving on time, and if not, you can use your personal computer more and finish your work early rather than waiting until the last minute.

Next, think about where you could improve your skills. Attend an online class, take a seminar, become certified, or take a college course to enhance your skills. 

You can learn basic computer software apps and programs, such as MS Office Suite or Google Docs. After getting familiar with those apps, join the trade association or professional society in your industry.

What are the Target Behaviors that Lead to Teamwork Excellence?

  • Recognition Techniques
  • Communication Skills for Business

Ask for help

Invite lazy partners and volunteers to help out with job-related tasks or participate in an initiative or project. Sometimes such people are reluctant to participate in projects or initiatives because they don’t know their capabilities or are not given enough opportunities to prove their skills. 

When leading a team project, assign specific tasks and provide clear goals to lazy partners. 

Send positive feedback

When colleagues work hard and show initiative, praise and thank them, recognizing positive professional behaviors can encourage others to do the same. Make sure to be specific when praising others. Be specific in your praise.

Offer Quid Pro Quo

You can motivate a reluctant colleague to help you by offering to do something. You could ask a colleague to do a quick job for you, such as proofreading a document after an editor has submitted work to you. 


Commitment means doing your best to make your business a success. You should not be asked to sacrifice your personal life to perform your best.

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