Connection Need We Need Each Other

Connecting with one another individually and collectively is one of our basic human needs. Therefore, we need each other in other give and receive affection, share love, pains, successes, also failures. We are not meant to live in isolation. Today, many of our young ones are not sure how to connect at the emotional level to others. They are skeptical, even about what real love is. Hence the connection need is among the human basic needs.

The young generation is afraid because they don’t know what to expect, therefore, they can’t commit to lasting relationships and trust. It is our responsibility to make the world a safer and a trusting place again; mostly for the young generation who are disappointed in today’s role models.

We Connect to Make The World Better

As we know President Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again”. But my appeal to us is to make the world a great place again to live and to love again. Let’s do it by being the best we can when we have the opportunity to do so.” We need each other to do better. Let us find intentional ways to reach out to others. We can always find ways to show people that we value them, that we appreciate who they are, that they matter to us, their lives, services, helps, contributions matter to us.

Let us learn how to make people feel valued, significant even if they feel they think that they don’t deserve the recognition. Once we can influence a person’s life positively, the person will in return develop positive self-confidence, love, and appreciation and ready to help others too. How we think about people in business, in family, in a group, and in relationships generally will always lead to how we treat them.

Our Achievements are the by -Products Of Our Connections. No one ever achieves alone what he can do when partnering with others.”

It is amazing how much our success, progress, and achievements depend on other people in one way or another. Yet most people behave as if they can achieve anything by themselves alone. Whether in business or family, people around us have some ways they motivate us or de-motivate us, or influence us positively or negatively. Some of them have a lot of things to teach us, mostly if we are receptive and hungry for change and growth.

The best lessons we receive can be from the people who have already succeeded in life; people who have learned for the most part lessons about how business, relationships, spirituality, and how life works. We need to pay attention to the men and women with wisdom and truth, mostly, people with real spiritual wisdom and knowledge. We have a lot to learn from men and women of wisdom and integrity.

You Can’t Succeed Alone

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In today’s world, everything seems corrupt including the use of languages. Many words have lost their meanings by people who use them corruptly. Why do I say that? I say that because, today we hear people answering mentors, coaches, life coaches, etc. without having or showing the real qualities of the title they bear. “Without love, there can’t be no connection, no future, and no success together.” To be a real mentor, you need to have the heart of a helper, a teacher, and a parent.

Furthermore, mentoring involves one pouring out his or her life into others to help them reach their potentials. I believe that if people who are mentoring can do it with passion, and selflessly they will see changes, success, and growth happening before their eyes. But today the trend is changing for money, for popularity, and for exploitation.

The kind of mentorship we have today is not the same as it uses to be.  Most of the successful men and women in business today were mentored and motivated by people who helped to bring out the best in them. It happens both in sports, ministry, and business.  When we get connected to the right mentors, to good people, the benefits are huge. Because they will help us to overcome obstacles in our lives, they will be willing to show us how to grow personally, and professionally, which ultimately helps the person achieve a whole new level of living.

We Connect to Help People Succeed

The fact is that any of us can help make a difference in anyone’s life at any time. But due to selfishness, we allow such opportunities to slip away daily. We need not live in isolation, in segregation, avoiding each other, and suffering in the midst of plenty. But today, I encourage us to begin to reach out to others, offer your help, and let others reach out to you in return. A lonely person is a miserable person and an unfulfilled person.

 Often time, we don’t know what kind of influence we command over others. Some of us our actions can touch thousands of people one way or another. While others can only touch two or 10 people, like co-workers, classmates, group members, or family members. It is really not the number that matters here provided that you’re intentional and passionate about making others feel valued.

This goal is being achieved by doing something to help another person become better, to breathe, to develop, and to be free that’s what matters. Because as you desire to be helpful, to connect, and to be a team player in life, and you start influencing others in a positive way, your skills, and passion will begin to grow and expand, and you will begin to feel inward joy and satisfaction and feel connected.

Encouragement Can Keep Us Going

We can be of great encouragement to people around us, our teams, or groups. We need each other to succeed in whatever things we do. How I wish I can explain this better the way I feel about it in my heart, so that you can feel motivated, and encouraged today, to connect intentionally with people. You need me and I need you regardless of the color of our skin, race, background, religion. Many people are living a lonely life in the midst of the crowd because they have built walls around them instead of bridges that connect them to other people in a lasting experience

“When a person feels encouraged, he can face the impossible, and overcome incredible adversity.”

People’s encouragement to us during difficult times, by giving and receiving supports, can enable anybody to endure and to tolerate the pains much longer than when you have nobody to cheer you up. In fact, this is the message I want to communicate with us in this article. I

want to encourage and motivate us to know that regardless of our position or level today that we can still give incredible service to others and as a result impact other’s lives positively. We all can still remember people in our lives who have helped us, cared for us, supported us, instructed, guided, motivated, and inspired our lives. If we can return the same gestures to others, the world will be a richer and happier place for everybody.

My suggestion to you is to think alongside building your dreams, of the kind of legacy you want to leave behind. Reaching out to people, speaking truth to power, caring, helping others to bring out the best in their lives, are some of the best ways I believe that we can use to touch other people’s lives and create a lasting memory and make our lives and the country great again!

As always, your comments are highly appreciated.

14 thoughts on “Connection Need We Need Each Other”

  1. WOW ! that’s an amazing article.

    I’ve read every single word, and quite frankly, I’ve learned a lot. I’m emotionally touched right now. Mostly because this reflects exactly what is happening today in our world.

    This world must really change, and people should come together and make this world Great again…

    I also like when you say : we can help people succeed by what we do… That;s so true

    Everybody should honestly read this article.

    Thanks again for sharing.



    1. Awesome comment from you Warren! I feel very glad to read your candid comment and input to my post. Indeed, we are the problems we see – human beings. We are the ones to make the world a better place or a bitter place. The choice is with us. We are together in it. The early we decide to relate better, connect better, and have a change of attitude and mind towards one another and have the fear of God in us the better for us.

      Once again, thanks I hope you will keep visiting and to help me share my site. It has no exposure yet. 


  2. Hello there, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and interesting post on the topic titled, why we need each other. I actually stumbled upon this site which i must say is really interesting and motivating. Its filled with so much useful and quality contents, we do really need each other to survive… Nice piece, I will definitely visit your site some other time.

    1. Thanks so much, Oscar for stopping by at my site’ and for your kind comments. I’m glad to hear that you found the content motivating. That’s what my goal is.

      I hope you will visit regularly, and to help me share my contents with your contacts.

      Wishing you a great week!


  3. Wow, this article is really eye opening. I have always been a lone wolf, not because I don’t have people in my life but I thrive best when alone. However, I have realized just how vital connections are not only to me but to my success. I’m definitely making some changes so that the next time I read this article again, I can relate.

    1. Hi Zay, thanks for your kind comment and candid input on my post. I’m glad to hear that you 

      received value from it. That’s what keeps me motivated.

      Thanks, and please visit often and share my site with your contacts.


  4.   Hello dear thanks for sharing such a great and helpful article on online I was actually doing some research online when I came across your post, at first I was not so sure of it sincerity but to my surprise it really hold quality information looking at various points highlighted in your article its really impossible to succeed alone. we need each other to be able to reach and attain our goals thank once more 

    1. Hi mondayjosep, thanks for stopping by at my site and for giving your kind comment. Yes, there is no pretense about it, everybody needs somebody for one thing or the other. That’s how life works, that’s how great things are being achieved.

      I hope you visit regularly, and to share my content with your contacts.

      Remain blessed!


  5. quite an intriguing post you’ve got here on why we need each other, I must say that I have gone through a lot of post but I’ve never seen one as educating as this very on…having each other in our lives isn’t just about staying close to each other but helping each others, we need everyone around us to keep us happy in what aspect of the other life is all about love and Love Grows when we share with each other.. thanks a lot for such an awesome article

    1. Thanks so much, evansese, for stopping by at my site and for your very kind comment and input to my post.

      Indeed we need each other. I believe that life is about sharing. Being a people person, appreciating and valuing the people in your life, and reaching out to others too who might be lonely with. In business, without the help, services, of each other we can’t succeed, just as you need a mentor and a mentor needs you. Life is about give and take.

      Thanks for your nice comment, hope your visit regularly and will be happy if you can share my content with your contents.


  6. What a lovely, motivating and heartfelt article.  I loved it.  I find myself agreeing with so much of it, I do so agree that we; “make the w*rld a great place again to live and to l*ve again”. And we need each other. My Great Grandfather told me when I was about 3 or 4, to “always say good morning, good afternoon, to anybody you see, it didn`t matter if it was, “The Lord of the Manor – (he literally used those words, to give you an idea) or the man who sweeps the streets, everybody deserves respect.  He was so right. And so are you. Partnering in business is also a far more effective way of doing business rather than the traditional more confrontational style.  Have you heard of “open book partnering”? It’s a great business model. What a really motivating and lovely site.  I have bookmarked it as I think a lot of people could benefit from reading this.  The world needs to change to be more cooperative and to remember that deep down its only love that really matters.

    1. Trevor, What an excellent input you’ve provided for this post. I greatly appreciate your generous and kind comment.

      This is an indication of how much you value people and value relationships, and people of influence in your life.

      You have said everything a more motivating way than I did. I appreciate you for that. 

      Keep up the great spirit, for the world of today needs men of positive energy like you!

      Thanks for your input.


  7. hello there awesome article you have here this really got my attention as i was glancing through it i just could not ignore it i really think that all what you said here in your article are all correct and i really hope that more people have the opportunity to view this article thanks for sharing this important info with the public.

    1. Joy, thanks so much for your kind and generous comment on my post. I appreciate it. I’m glad to hear that it resonates with you. I do really believe that we can’t achieve much without all the people of influence we have in our lives. We just have to be grateful and to appreciate who we are and the people who have helped us to reach where we are today.

      Thanks once again for your comment.


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