Deciding to Be Happy

Deciding to Be Happy

How do we achieve this goal in today’s world? The fact is that everyone wants to be happy. No one who doesn’t desire to feel happy, feel loved, and feel heard. Then our challenge lies in our understanding of how to achieve it. That’s why people try to use all kinds of means.

For instance, some depend on work, politics, religion, relationships, drugs, alcohol, sex, and all kinds of things. But in this short post, I want to take a different tone to discuss this topic. My goal is to encourage us all that we decide intentionally on how to live a life of happiness notwithstanding the challenges around us.

How to Live a Happy life

There is no store, warehouse, shop, or business center where happiness is being sold. I bet you if such a store exists in any part of the world, the rich will monopolize it. The poor people will not have access to it or have enough to buy the quantity that can last a week, month, talk less a whole year.

Just think about this for a moment. That’s why it is being said that the important things of life are free. That is based on divine wisdom. For instance, air, water, sun, etc.

Many of us consume air freely every minute because we can’t live without it. If you want to know the cost, the value of the free air we breathe daily with no regulatory meters, go to hospitals, to ICUs and find out how much it costs to receive oxygen for 48 hours then you can use that figure to compute it for one month or a year. The same is applicable to the utility of water.

We keep hydrated by drinking water, and for other benefits, we use water for cooking, washing, bathing, cleaning, and so forth. Still, many of us don’t appreciate the importance of water as far as we have it.  What Determines Our Happiness

The only time some of us seem to appreciate the importance of water as common as it is is when the supply is interrupted, or live in an area with no clean water supply. Let me return to the focus point. Because that wasn’t where I want to go.

To live a happy life these days, or generally this year, with all the bad news, the political divisions, the rising cost of living – inflation, the disunities in the families, churches, business, uncertainties, moral decadences, we will lose our happiness by what we see, hear, and experience. But we will do well and experience happiness if we can cultivate the following attitude:

  • Do the things you like, and enjoy doing  it without a wealth
  • Cut your coat according to your size. That means stay out of debt, don’t buy what you can’t afford, just to show off.
  • Don’t let your neighbor, friend, or anybody set your standards, be yourself.
  • Learn how to respond to your circumstances. Remember each of us no matter our status has problems. No one has everything, and everyone has areas of pains, struggles. The key or difference is in a person’s ability to make the laughter outweigh the tears.

Don’t be too rigid with yourself. Learn not to take things so personally.

  • Don’t hope to please everybody, and never hope that everybody will like you or respect you.
  • To keep your mind from negative emotions, avoid jealousy, enmity, grudges. Avoid people who make you unhappy.
  • Don’t spend much time brooding over sorrows, mistakes, disappointments. Learn to get over past mistakes as quickly as possible.
  • Make each day to be productive. A busy person never has time to be unhappy.
  • Appreciate the gifts of laughter and fun in your life.
  • Read good books, listen to humorous jokes, play with children, practice dancing in front of a mirror.
  • Try finishing every day and get it behind you.

Try to keep your soul young and vibrant all your days and to imagine and see each day as a new beginning. Let us begin afresh this year, and practice restoring happiness in our lives. Happiness is a choice backed up by actions.

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