Do You Have Reasons To Smile?


Smiling Is Therapeutic Wear a Regular Smile. Do you have reasons to smile? Is a re-thoric question to ask. The reason being that many of us seem to believe that we have no control over how terrible we feel based on our circumstances. Somebody can say how can I feel happy and be smiling when I have no job when I’m broke, or when my girlfriend/boyfriend just dumped me/ How can I feel happy looking at how the stock market is performing or listening to the daily news?

How can I be smiling amid all these confusions, conflicts, hunger, stress, and disappointments? Of course, one can react like that. But studies have equally shown that our outward experiences influence our feelings when we allow them to. Therefore, that’s why we should have reasons why we must live to smile, to be happy regardless of the external events or challenges of life. Our thoughts negatively or positively influence how we behave or react to life. I have experienced it and have observed it from even family members that our moodiness stems from our negative thoughts. That’s why it is important for you to realize that happiness is more of a choice.

To begin with, how often do you smile? What keeps you smiling? Or Why is smiling hard for you? I know during my teenage years; some people told me I took myself self so seriously. Truth be told, it was an honest observation. Because I know I was reticent and hardly laugh. I wear a scowling face than a smiling face more often. How about you? How do people read your body language starting from your facial expression? We can learn the habit of smiling and being friendly. I believe that we all have reasons to wear a smile as makeup than we even realize.

People liked my quiet demeanor but hated the fact that I seemed unapproachable, because my face looked serious, often. It was how I come to know that first impression matters. Our body language wherever we are at any stage matters. People judge us by our attitudes, not by our thoughts, which nobody can see.

  1. Smiling Gives You a Social Pass
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What do I mean by that? It means that wearing a smiling face gives you a social boost wherever you go. With a beautiful smile, people can take you as a saint. It will make you look rich, even when you’re broke. How often do you smile? I know if we judge by the messy world of today, everybody will wear a scowling face. And that seems to be trendy, It ought not to be, because we have a lot to laugh for than cry about.

Smiling gives you self-confidence to interact or connect with others, because your smile is like extending a right hand of fellowship. It draws people close to you, unless a person with offensive odor:-)

 Socially, your smiling face attracts people to you instead of repelling them. Everyone wants cheerful people around them, people who can serve as painkillers to their aching minds. Smiling is contagious have you noticed that? Smile at somebody genuinely and the person will return the same gesture.5 Important Benefits of a Positive Attitude

  • Regular Smiling and Laughing can Reduce Your Stress

Yes, you read it well, that smiling can reduce your stress level, lower your blood pressure, according to some recent studies on this subject by Mark Stibitch.PhD. Smiling helps to Keep you in a positive mood because smiling is not compatible with crying or frowning. You can’t do both smiling and frowning at the same time. Have you ever tried that before? Nobody does that.

smiling, enables you to control moodiness, it helps you take control of whatever that is going on within you.

  • Smile, Helps You Maintain an Attitude of Gratitude

A grateful heart is a happy heart. You wear a smile to express your gratefulness for what you have and for who you are. You can’t be grateful without feeling good about yourself or about something, whatever it is, the appreciation or value you add to it matters. When you wear a smiling face, you are telling the world that there is much to smile for than cry about.

 Smiling helps you communicate to the world that happiness is a choice. You are expressing, sharing positive energy by letting others know that your happiness is a matter of choice, not a matter of perfect circumstances.

  • Smiling Rejuvenates Your Appearance

 Someone said that people who rarely frown need no facelift. Lol. And I remarked earlier, that some people spent much money, time, and energy looking for complicated solutions for their problems while neglecting to do the little things that make a vast difference in their lives and others. At least one reason to smile is that it does not cost a dime, and you can’t run short of it unless you decide to .

How does your face look lately? Are you allowing the cares of life, pressures within and without draining away from your peace of mind, and happiness?

  • Regular Real Smiling Boost Your Performance
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By smiling regularly, your energy and motivation for work, and daily activities will not wane. It will provide you with a stable enthusiasm at work, which enhances your performance. Regular smiling will enhance your general wellbeing, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It will help to promote good relationships. Because having a positive mindset

I consider this a huge emotional capital incentive as you pursue whatever goal. You can’t get the benefits of regular smiling as a loan from any bank. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to put this to practice in order to have a healthy body hosted in a healthy mind.

Let us begin today to exchange genuine smiles because of the enormous benefits to our general wellbeing. As you start to put this into practice, if anybody asks you why you are smiling more these days, just tell the person that it is part of your new year resolution. Ha-ha. I want you to know that you can change how you feel. It starts from changing our thought patterns, the mindset of victimhood, helplessness, and hopelessness, to the outlook of hope and possibilities. You can find reasons to be happy again, to wear a smile instead of a scowling expression which repels people and opportunities.

This is the best and simplest,  and healthier new Year’s resolution anybody can enjoy making 2021 a better year and not a bitter year for everyone. Let us send out all the positive energies to lighten one another’s mood!

4 thoughts on “Do You Have Reasons To Smile?”

  1. I think smiling is not only good for you but it’s good for those around you! That’s what my mom always says to me. I even did a post on Wealthy Affiliate about happiness and I think this would help me write another post just like this that I just read. 

    1. Rebekah, thanks so much for that excellent comment. Smile is contagious. It is good for you and those around you. And still many people hoard it, resist smiling because they feel that they have much to complain about. And many don’t know that smiling has enormous benefits, but once they learn the benefits of regular genuine smiles, they will adjust, and add some sweetness into our world.

  2. Hello there,

    This is a great article. I always recommend folks to enjoy life as much as possible and save some time to watch comedy to help you smile whenever possible as it boosts your immune system. But this article is cover the value of a smile, which is an awesome thing to share with others. I love your quote “Smiling Is Therapeutic Wear a Regular Smile”. thank you for sharing.

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