Get The Basic Insights If You Want To Become An Entrepreneuer

The above heading is a very good question to ask if you are considering starting a business of your own. Or if you’ rethinking of becoming an entrepreneur. I know about many people around me who are expressing their desire to be self-employed. A boy of 23 years old told me recently expressing his passion for entrepreneurship. He stated how that has been his dream.  I just smiled and encouraged him to go for it, since the passion is there. In this article, we are going to answer the above question and to find out if being an entrepreneur is meant for everyone, or is it only for a  class of people. Even though entrepreneurship is becoming very very popular recently, mostly with online opportunities it is still a challenging venture but with many rewards.

Entrepreneur Opportunities  Boosted By Technology

As a result of high tech advancement, entrepreneurship has become a very attractive business and very competitive more than ever before. We know that anything that has an advantage must have a disadvantage, the same applies to entrepreneurship. With a lot of people resigning from their employments, to start their own small business, it appears that entrepreneurship is becoming too competitive than one can imagine. Many of the staters will be shocked to see what they are entering into, by noticing how overcrowded the entrepreneurship’s space has become. And from what I’m seeing in today’s economy and the success stories from successful entrepreneurs, this is just the beginning of the migration from being an employee to become self-employed.

However, whatever happens, and for whatever career choice you decide to pursue, just know and believe that you will have your space and freedom to prove your unique skills and talents. So don’t feel scared. The only advice I can give you at this point is to just make sure that it is something you have a  passion for. This is very important in order for you to have the motivation needed to face all the challenges that enterprenuers face. Make out time before you start to do some thorough research, and march them with your abilities, and level of interest for any particular niche.

It is my goal in my writings, to research, and find some useful information and ideas, to provide for my readers to help them to make an informed decision. Because, many people have no idea of what some services, products or business generally intels.  Never jump into any business venture without adequate information and guidance from experts in that area.

Make out time to source for some useful articles online, seek advice and research, and review. One of the advantages of these days is that every information we need is at our fingertips. Just type it in and you receive an answer. So google it, and do not play ignorance there some useful online sites, where useful business guides can be obtained, but so many still ignore the opportunities to learn and research.

The Starting Point To  Entrepreneuer

“The starting point for great success and achievement has always been the same. It all starts with what our hearts can imagine. The dream you have for your life and family is what determines your scope. It is one thing to have big dreams, but quite another thing to invest one’s life and efforts to achieve the dreams. There is nothing more important, and nothing that works than knowing what you want in your life and taking actions to get it.

According to Brian Tracy, he says, “There is nothing more important, and nothing that works faster than for you to cast off your own limitations  as you  begin  to dream and fantasizing about the wonderful things that you can become, have, and do”.

Every invention they said starts with imagination and dreams.  As the dream gets its’ interpretation, what follows it is for one to commit to actions. Taking small consistent actions towards the dream that has been conceived, will eventually lead to successful delivery with time.

So let us delve into the search. I research, I read, and I ask questions intentionally. Oftentimes,  I feel that I’m not in a short supply of information or what to do but my problem has been on taking the actions “Just Do It” approach is what is required and that is what brings the results we expect to see. But these days, I’m getting better because I have to do what I supposed to do and what my passion is longing for, which is to help people find meaning, hope, encouragement, and to be motivated so as to use their potentials to change their lives, and families for better and to live a value-driven life. We have much of our capabilities and talents lying fallow, due to lack of motivation.

“Life is what you do when you are planning on doing something else”

Many people who are entrepreneurs today weren’t sure they are going to be successful enterprenuers. some were pursuing a different career path and goals, but as life happens to them, they discovered other areas of opportunities that match their abilities and interest and seized it, they set their goals and acted on them continually and the rest becomes history –(success stories).

How Do You Evaluate Your Life?

The question about how do you evaluate your life is relevant here, since we are talking about business, entrepreneurship, and success in life.

I know what the human ego can do with success, and I also know what ignorance does to failure. The wise thing we can do as we continue to be self-aware, and to self-manage our lives is to apply unconditional confidence. Just as it is a good thing for us to appreciate the conditional love of God. I usually tell my children, that my love for them is unconditional, meaning that it is not based on what they have achieved or haven’t achieved. It is not based on how well behaved they are, but purely on how precious they are to me as a mother.  In a similar way, we can follow our business, entrepreneurship journey with unconditional- confidence believing that it deserves all you got. You as a business person have the skills your business needs for you to run it successfully.

Your Dreams And Your Passion Will Work Together

When we talk of passion it means so many things for so many people. For instance, to some people, passion can bring their minds to sufferings, and pains. Do you still remember one of the great movies during 2004 titled “The Passion Of Christ”? Did you see the graphic images of suffering and pains? I watched it and screamed on top of my long and got everybody in the theater alarmed.  It is all about passion, about giving your whole being to what you believe in. Christ endured the sufferings and died on the Cross to bring salvation to mankind. Passion can be regarded as any kind of feeling by which the mind is greatly affected to move to action. For a Christian passion is seen as living for a cause that matters. A cause with eternal value.

One of the questions you can ask yourself is, what is it that you really want to do for the rest of your life? Whether you decide to be an entrepreneur or choose another area, the most important thing is for you to love what you’ve decided to do, so that you will remain motivated to do it at all costs till you find a breakthrough.  Just like a student chooses a subject of interest for study, once it is a good choice for him, or her, the student will be motivated to study because of the interest attached to the subject. And with that interest backed up with actions to study hard, the student’s success and fulfillment are guaranteed because the student is studying what he or she loves and that makes it enjoyable during the process of learning.

Can Everyone Become An Entrepreneur?

To answer that question my answer will be both Yes and No. You have to find what your ultimate goal is. You need to be sure of it before starting. If you start with an unclear vision of what you want to do and you just choose to become an entrepreneur, just because you feel there is money in it, you may not go far if there is no passion in your heart for it.

As I stated earlier entrepreneurship has become one of the most attractive and most popular careers during this period. As a matter of fact, America is ahead of any other industrial country in entrepreneurship. Both traditional research, as well as academic research, are now redirecting efforts to know what difference if any between an entrepreneur and a small business owner.

Some Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Studies have consistently shown that entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Risk-taking is part of any entrepreneur’s habit. But it’s not every kind of risk that a good entrepreneur takes, because they are very prudent managers. A good entrepreneur has some acquired skills that he cannot do without. For instance, the skill of communication, either writing or verbal is a must-have. Just like if you don’t tell people who you are and where you are nobody will find you. That means that the ability for one to market himself and herself, in terms of the skills and services he can provide is a requirement.

Sometimes personality traits can be a minus or a plus to a person’s level of success. For instance, people with sunshine personalities, people who are sociable, easy-going who can make friends easily and connect easily on social media and groups they will have an advantage over a shy reticent person. Entrepreneurs, just like any other business, are very spirited workers. They work so hard to achieve their goals because they realize that the life and death of their business lie totally at their shoulders, and that kind of work keeps them awake at night while others are sleeping they’re working. They invest quite amount of time building their lives and their business based on their intrinsic motivations.

The Yes answer I gave earlier, stating that anybody can become an entrepreneur provided the person possesses some essential characteristics and is also willing to learn broadly. Among the leading traits, every entrepreneur must have to succeed include the following:

Confidence. You have to develop high confidence in your ability, and also in others. Having self-confidence is a pre-requite for every entrepreneur.

Another quality is Dedication

Without dedication, the game of entrepreneurship can’t be won. It requires complete dedication, nothing halfway will serve the purpose it is you’re in for it or out of it. At list talking from experience.

Vision. Entrepreneurs of all categories have a vision. They have a sense of imagination. They see things that are not as though they were. In fact, I regard them as faith walkers. Operating your business with a vision is inspirational, to say the least.

Action Entrepreneurs are action takers. Without following their goals with consistent and timely actions, achieving their goal will take long or even hindered. Because the life of their business depends on what actions they take or fails to take on a constant basis.

Integrity is another important quality of entrepreneurship. Your ability to own public trust for you and your business is a success on its own. Being a person of character will help you go far in life and in your business. Many people who started well, and achieved some level of success in their business are no longer around. They are gone and their sites or offices and workshops closed.  Therefore laying the foundation on the principle of integrity is crucial for your longevity in life and business

Courage: As I said earlier, the life of entrepreneurship is not a life of luxury as many ads will make you believe. There are inherent problems, to start with, and many obstacles, frustrations, and discouragements, and setbacks along the line, so one has to be prepared to be sure that some negatives experiences and challenges will show up to demand their dues.

Communication: there shouldn’t be any doubt that Enterprenuers with good communication skills do well dealing with their customers, audience, business relationships, and the public in a number of ways. With good communication skills, the entrepreneur has the ability to connect well, speak well, make good impressions through his speeches, videos, writings, etc.

After all said and done, the good news for everyone is that some of these skills are learnable, hence there is hope that anyone interested in becoming an entrepreneur can become one. Remember, nothing is impossible to him that believes.

As always, your comments are highly appreciated!


  1. I’m looking for an inspiring article that could motivate me at the moment, and your article resonates with me.

    I always passionate about entrepreneurship, but my friends and relatives often call me a “daydreamer” until I show them my results in building several successful 4-figures dropshipping stores. They “shut up” eventually.

    Your article is really inspiring, and I believe it will motivate a lot of people who are striving for their dreams. Keep up the great work, my friend!

  2. Zac, thank you so much, for your inspiring comment! I feel so excited and proud of you, hearing your success story. That’s how it should be. It is quite disarming when we live or follow our dreams without falling victim to dream snatchers or naysayers’ everyone has his or her inner guide, personal convictions, abilities, and passions those are our determinant factors for making a decision.

    Once you are sure of who you are and what you want your life to be, forget every other voice and just see most of them as distractors. There is nothing wrong with people, family members, or friends giving their advice, but a wise person will always have the final decisions to make about your life, based on your inner convictions.
    Thanks, and remain inspired!

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