Do You Really Have The Time?

Do You Really Have Time Freedom?

“Do love life? Then do not squander time, for that’s the stuff life is made of.” –Benjamin Franklin.

When are we going to get a break? Why is life becoming too busy? Despite how disrupted this year has been in so many ways, still, some of us are still on the speed lane, with no sign of slowing down in our commitments. As I think about this, I ask myself, where is the time for freedom?

 What about the new gadgets, are they helping to free time or drain it?  For me, time is not freer today than it was before. Neither am I enjoying extra time than before I joined online marketing. Instead, most of us are getting busier today than before, than when we work 9-5.

 For instance,  right now my email box has about 11,000 messages.  Failure to read, reply, and delete daily makes it hard for me to catch up with the influx of messages, notifications, junks, etc. In addition, with other Social Media platforms craving for my attention!  Where is the time for all these? That’s what I’m talking about?  

Are We Living Wisely With The Time We Have?

Many people still work over 40 hours a week, struggling between family, business phone calls, emails, Zoom meetings, Webinars,  projects, Seminars, studies, Social Media activities, WhatsApp messages, emails, ads, and so forth. Life is getting busier, and busier, and as a result, some people are drifting away from their original focus.

 To avoid drifting away from what really matters, I think we have to plan the life we really want. The life we live with the end in mind, as regards old age, retirement, change of any kind, and other inevitabilities of life.

How Are Using Your Time?

We have to plan to live to avoid regrets. Above all, we have to think like King David, who said, “God help me to number my days that I may apply wisdom…” We really need the wisdom to live a meaningful life. A life of purpose.

We can live a life of accomplishment, based on how wisely we use our time. Strive to live to enjoy the fruits of your labor while you have life and time. Do not postpone your happiness for any reason at all. Live a contented life, free from human greed and empty glory. Success, money, fame, power, and possession of material things can’t guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind.

Let us plan our lives, and learn the best way to use time, instead of otherwise. Let us be on time for doing things that matter most in life. Be on time in living a life of legacy, what they will remember you for by those who know you, family, friends, colleagues, associates, faith community.

I write this way, because of my experience, and my daily observation of how some people use time!

We need inner satisfaction and peace of mind. As I interact with people, listen to the news, and all the social media, I see nothing but tension, and hostility, lies, division, and confusion, among which there is no peace and the actual success.

 I don’t know how many people can honestly say that they are happy with all the pressures they face both at home and at work. -Dos, bills, relationship pressures, and so forth, and yet you only but 24 hours to give your best, and be your best.

Working Over Time

With the use of Smartphones and other devices, some people are constantly working overtime. Many people are working up to 70 hours a week. Some work while walking, and while in bed. I will argue that modern technologies have not helped man in living a happy and simple life. Ultimately, man has become addicted to the controls of these gadgets, has drifted off the real humanness to artificiality which results in emptiness. Perseverance Key To Your Success You Can’t Do Without It.

The only thing that will help us is to plan our lives based on what matters. Pay attention to your values, spirituality, have time to relax, think, learn, reflect, pray or meditate, and also very important is to have quality time with our loved ones, to care for them when we have the time, show our loved one some love and appreciation.

 Sometimes, keep the cell phone down and look into a person’s eyes, give your undivided attention to have actual communication. Connect in a hearty way, these are a healthy way to share our time and life with others. Do it on time when you still have time. We are all working to have financial freedom or even time freedom, but unless we plan our lives well and work our plans by prioritizing, many people may end up not achieving the two goals. Hence regrets!

It produces more lasting results. Because people will always remember how you made them feel. But have widened the communication gap. Why is it we are close, yet separated because everybody is having his or her phone doing his or her stuff?  As a result, we’re losing the real human touch and love.

Give Time To Things That Matters

Some people, even while in bed, are still working with their Smartphones,  laptops, or any other device. I hope you don’t allow that as a couple? Lol. Use time well and understand that there is time for everything.

I just want to encourage you. If you feel overwhelmed by your daily life’s demands on your energy reserve, know that you are not alone. However, there is a solution. And part of the solution starts with planning your life how suits your goals and purpose.

Plan your life by prioritizing. Plan your life by giving time to build your life from the inside out. We can’t do everything, but there are things we can’t afford to do.

 And we must do the right thing at the right time. For instance, paying attention to your personal life by being holistically healthy. Paying attention to your family, spouse, and children is a priority with no compromise unless you don’t want to leave a legacy.

Let me stop here by encouraging us to have a purposeful plan for our lives and by so doing, we will maximize our time according to the priorities. Using our time wisely will improve our relationships, health, and quality of life. Strive to be at peace with God and man. For that is a far richer achievement. We all need a happy life, a successful life, a healthy life, and healthy relationships. We can achieve all the things we are striving to achieve when we plan our lives and relearn how to use our time wisely.

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