Don’t Be Discouraged No Matter What

Don’t Be Discouraged No Matter What

In this article, my goal is to provide some words of encouragement to someone who might be going through some challenges right now. I want to tell you to not be discouraged; no matter how severe the pains, the difficulty you’re in right now, cheer up and believe that you will survive it and that you will bounce back. Life is tough, and it is like a testing ground.

Life is a testing field. Everyone goes through stuff; everybody gets to be tested in one way or another. The truth is that we are not all being tested or tried at the same time and in an exact way. But as for temptations and trials, we will all get a share. For some the testing can be hotter, severe than others, it can stretch you beyond your limit. Even so, be courageous not to lose hope, not to be too harsh on yourself with regrets, resentments, guilt, shame, and all kinds of negative emotions.

 Don’t be overwhelmed, instead be calm, embrace your values and beliefs. Turn to your God and ask for the grace for endurance, and understanding to go through the process. It is during the tough seasons of life that people rediscover themselves and bounce back with a better understanding of life and people. Let that be your experience!

Again, the testing can be a sudden loss of a beloved one, a bad medical report, job loss, and had engine knock in the same period, it could be a sudden rejection by a spouse to another person. Just realize that the testing can take any form. But the fact is that everyone has got his or her doses of issues to deal with, it can be sooner or later. So, in life, we have two choices to make in the face of its ugliness. It is either we choose to be tough or we choose to be weak.  Whichever choice you make will be consequential to the results you get. For instance, if you dare toughness, then you will bounce back, no matter how unpleasant the experience, and how long the testing lasted.

Don’t Expect People’s Sympathy

When life throws you into a corner with any of its harsh realities, oftentimes, it will seem as if the whole world had conspired against you. You find out, that the phone calls can’t connect or come in when you need them most. The voice messages will no longer be returned on time. Why? Only God knows! It is to tell you that for you to survive life’s challenges, that you must develop inner strength, you must love yourself, encourage yourself, care for yourself, and know that it is only God that can see you through any difficult situation.

Therefore, it is being said that, “Who you truly are as a person is best revealed by who you are during times of conflict and crisis.” Of course, anybody can cruise on smoothly when life is going according to expectations. But it is a different thing altogether, to handle tough situations, setbacks, betrayals, disappointments, failures, unexpected divorce experiences, or a loss of a loved one, and so forth.

Check Your Mood

In fact, it is during the dark seasons of life that we have to be as courageous as to let our souls emit the light that is within. Show what you are and how far you’ve developed and grown both psychologically, and spiritually. This is a time to really embrace your values and beliefs, and filter your mindset, and know where to make some changes. It is being said that crisis is not to be wasted, because if handle appropriately, it will have its way of compensation at the end.

Finally, let me leave you with this quote, “The only true observer of your world and your issues is You.”

I believe that this particular quote will resonate deeply with you as it did with me. Here is it:

“I asked for strength…

And God gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom…

And God gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity…

And God gave me a Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage…

And God gave me a Danger to overcome.

I asked for love…

And God gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for favors…

And God gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted

But I received everything I needed.

This is amazing! And that looks exactly like my experience with God. I love Him, He knows better.

Have the mindset that during bad times, your focus should not be on what others are thinking about you, let them think because you have no control over that, but you have control not to allow people’s thinking, lies, misunderstandings, control your mind. Also, realize that often time people aren’t thinking about you (me). Because they’re caught up with their own issues. No one is exempted from trouble in this life, so you’re not alone. Cheer up!

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  1. Thank you for the encouragement. I agree with you that we expect more from people around us than what they can actually give us. They also have their own needs and are constantly looking for relief. So, when we’re going through challenges, others can’t help us that much. Learning to not be overwhelmed is key.

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