Effects Of Social Distancing On Overall Health

Effects of Social Distancing To Overall Health Issues

When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak during the start of  this 2020, several measures were suggested by health agencies that helped contain its spread. The moves include social distancing and boosted hygiene standards, where the facemask and hand sanitizer were basic commodities. Unfortunately, 6 months later many people are still worried about contacting the virus. And today many are asking to know the effects of Social Distancing on over health. In this article, we are going to pinpoint some of the effects of Physical Distancing on people’s Psychological wellbeing and see how the social isolation is affecting the overall health of many people in the country and around the world.

Social distancing helped and is still vital as a suitable non-pharmaceutical method to control the viral disease. It may seem to be a new term to many, but it is common in the medical circles. It has been used in various settings previously, especially in dealing with airborne and easily communicable diseases. How To Make Difficult Decisions

Also known as physical distancing, a term promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO), it has many effects on overall health, and we are going to look at some of them.

Reduced Infections

As earlier mentioned, the physical distancing move is significant in fighting easily infectious diseases, especially those spread via air and contact. With the fear of contracting coronavirus, many people are heeding the move to maintain some distance. Has it been as effective as expected, that can be arguably proven. I think that where the greater risk lies is in the politics of this monster global pandemic that has claimed over 200,225 American lives since March of 2020! HOW TO BE HAPPY

You can see how it is picking in schools, market centers, and other public places such as churches and restaurants. It helps contain other illnesses such as TB, influenza, and many types of cases of flu.

According to research stats, touches of flu such as influenza have a high median incidence in the 0-17 age group. This is the school-going age group, and with the enforced distancing measures, it means the spread of such airborne diseases will be low.

Better Elderly Care

There is also an improvement in elderly care. The elderly form part of the vulnerable groups when it comes to healthcare. They are susceptible to infections due to their weakening immune systems. The social distancing move helps them as they have fewer mobile infections, especially from outside their confines.

The viral outbreak is severe to the vulnerable groups, with a high death toll, meaning the physical distancing move is more enforced among the elderly for their well-being. However, there should be a distinction between distancing and isolation as it may lead to depression in this group.

The Mental Health Issue

While this move of disease prevention is viable, especially in keeping COVID-19 at bay, there is the issue of mental health. Mental health is vital and contributes immensely to our physical wellbeing. Here are some of the effects of social distancing on our mental state.

  1. Stigma

One of the downsides of the disease prevention strategy is the stigma that comes with it. Everyone feels like a suspected case of the infection, and it can get more serious if you portray some of its symptoms, like coughing, high temperature, and shortness of breath among others. 

Stigma is bad for mental health as it can lead to feelings of rejection, and fear which can be stressful. Subsequently, the affected can find himself or herself in a state of depression that needs immediate attention.

2. Loneliness

Social distancing, in some parts, took the extreme course, ending up with the enforced quarantine. The quarantine comes with loneliness, which is bad for psychological health. Human beings are social creatures, and being lonely for long periods can lead to mental disorders, mostly depression and anxiety.

In mental care, loneliness is usually a sign of distress, so you can imagine if it comes forced.

3. Loss of Social Skills

Social skills are vital to all of us, and they help us get along with each other. The distancing brings about coping mechanisms to fill up the void left by a lack of socialization. One of the coping mechanisms is to spend time on social media platforms for fun and connection.

The loss of social skills and reliance on social media can affect our mental wellbeing, resulting in many being apathetic. It is usually a precursor of conditions like antisocial personality disorder or sociopath. These are some of the serious effects of Social Distancing.

  • Increased Substance Abuse

There is also the issue of increased substance to use, which may come in tandem with loneliness. It can come through due to a lack of a watching eye that could deter one from engaging in this behavior. The other setting could be a way of coping with loneliness, especially if they are not used to being by themselves.

The situation can get out of hand if the person in question is under stress or depression, as it may go overboard.


Keeping a physical distance has helped control coronavirus’ spread together with other measures such as maintaining high hygiene standards. Aside from keeping the viral infection rate at bay, it also helps minimize the spread of other conditions such as flu and communicable skin diseases.

Despite its significant role in disease prevention, it fails in matters dealing with mental state and can cause stigma, loneliness, and depression. This is not good for a healthy mental state, with substance abuse being one of the distancing results, primarily without watching eyes.

We should look at the big picture, and even if preventing disease spread, we ensure that mental health receives the attention it deserves. The approach should be to focus on both the cause and the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis.

2 thoughts on “Effects Of Social Distancing On Overall Health”

  1. I think social distancing is here with us for a long while.  Your article summed things up really well.  You are exactly right.  Even with that we love, there is the idea that they may make us sick because of their contacts with others.  Hugging which has been so natural is now, at least for awhile, a thing of the past.  As a senior, I am perhaps overly cautious.  I know go to the store very early when few people are their.  This is just one example of my loss of social contact of any kind.  We need to social distance, but it takes a toll.

    1. Anastazja, thanks so much for your candid comment. It’s hard to believe how global pandemic just altered our lives, and the effects are still taking deep roots into every area of life. It is becoming obvious that our way of life will never be the same again, even if the Vaccine becomes available tomorrow. I pray for God to help us.

      I feel for our elderly ones, and those who have lost their beloved ones through this COVID-19. So said!

      Thanks once again, for stopping by.

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