Global Moneyline Legit or It is a Scam?

Global Money Line Touching People Around The Globe

Global MoneyLine LEGIT or It is a SCAM?

Welcome to my unbiased Global MoneyLine Review!

Leads are the most sought-after thing in the world of online marketing. So, who would run away from a site that helps them generate leads automatically? Absolutely, NONE. Why are many affiliates, MLMers, and other opportunity seekers running to join the Global MoneyLine? What is unique with this site? Is legit or another worldwide filthy SCAM? Let me inform you upfront that the Global Money Line is not a Scam.

In this Global Money Line review, you will find information to help you make the right decision if to add it to your marketing arsenal or not. Find what Global Money Line is, how it works, its pros, and of course, cons. Global Money Line is a Legit program that deals on fresh leads generation from all over the globe. Are you struggling with how to generate leads? You’re worried about how long it will take you to build your email list as an online marketer. And right now you are not sure of the Global Money Line Program if it is Legit, or another MLM. The global money line is legit and not a scam.

Well, you’re not alone, many people are skeptical about the program being another MLM. That’s why I researched to offer my honest review about GML. The fact is that it is not a MLM, and it is a very popular program that is helping hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to generate leads globally to build their online businesses in different niches. Worry less, with global money line program, you’re with a safe platform. All you need to do is to join for FREE and find out for yourself how this works. Check if it is a good fit for you or not. The decision is for you to make. My part is to provide you with accurate information.

What is the Global Money Line?

Global MoneyLine is an affiliate marketing program that provides members with actionable leads for whatever products you are promoting. It is a membership-only site that focuses on helping affiliate marketers link to potential buyers directly. In a nutshell, this site works to connect you with audiences and of course, make some money. But before you try, save time to understand it works.

Reviewers claim that Global MoneyLine is a pyramid scheme (multi-level-marketing). However, this is an affiliate marketing program with a compound leverage compensation plan where members get paid for any member who joins and upgrades in their downline. You join the site for free and then get introduced to the money line. Then anyone who joins makes your money line. Let’s explore more.

How does Global MoneyLine work?

There are multiple membership options offered by Global MoneyLine. Probably the most discouraging thing, you can’t jump to a higher level without walking through the other lower ranks. When you sign up¸ of course through a referral, you are able to share your website and other URLs with other people who sign up after you. When someone uses your link to join, you will be compensated for any financial deal they do in the system. Simply, you get paid if your referrals upgrade. Global money line is legit not a scam.

Typically, your referrer (owner of the link you used to join) will get the initial two commissions. Afterwards, you will get 100% of every new paid commission. Unlike in MLM, in Global MoneyLine you get paid when a new member upgrades their membership.

For instance, if you refer a new member and they pay for bronze, your referrer will get commissions on your initial two referrals. You will then get 100% commissions for that specific level of subscriptions forever. The trend continues in other levels, i.e. silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and double diamond.

Global Money Line is called a compound leverage compensation plan since you can make some good money if you get active referrals who maximally utilize the system. With this brief explanation, you can see that The Global Money Line is not a scam. It is absolutely legit. A lot of folks are so skeptical, asking to find out if the Global Money Line is a Scam. That’s why I’m doing this review to provide my perspective on this program.

Global MoneyLine Membership

Global MoneyLine has multiple membership options where you can make money. Here is how membership works.

Membership Options

Free Membership Status: This is the initial stage and opens some opportunities for making money. However, you will have to work extra-harder. This is because free members send one message at a time.

Bronze Subscription Status: Bronze is the first paid option where you make a one-time payment of $20. At this level, you can send 20 messages at a time.

Silver Subscription Status: This level gives you the ability to message 50 people at a time, and the subscription fee is $50 a year. It is the most popular since most members are not ready to invest much before the money flows.

Gold Subscription Status: To reach this level, you subscribe at $100 and get more exposure to reach potential buyers. You can send up to 100 messages at a time. Platinum: Subscribing for platinum will cost you $250 and gives you the ability to message 250 people at a time.

Diamond Subscription Status: Here, you gain access to Diamond Center List Management Tools after subscribing to $500. Almost nothing is better than messaging 500 people at a time, and your messages are prioritized. Double Diamond: A subscription fee of $1,000 gives you the highest priority to advertise and the ability to message 1000 people at a time.

Note: Every subscription fee is a one-time payment. You can upgrade to a higher subscription class right away. However, you MUST purchase a lower subscription before upgrading to a higher one.


You can message downline leads directly

Great compensation plans on referrals

Initial membership levels are affordable

You can join for free and still make money

Multiple membership levels

Money line grows automatically


Global MoneyLine website is outdated, and it is not easy to navigate

The listing is not categorized; therefore, there is not identified target

Global MoneyLine is not optimized for mobile

Instructions are hyped up and not clear with point

You must recruit others into the scheme to earn

You must upgrade for additional benefits and more income

The owner keeps his identity hidden

Wrapping It Up

Global MoneyLine can be a good option if you want to build an email list. The disconcerting thing is that the program seems to market membership than helping members better their experience. The owner needs to fix the analog and overwhelming dashboard. Many affiliates may not trust because the owner hides identity. However, it is not a bad place to expose your brand. Therefore, I would recommend it. You can sign up for free and start generating leads.


5 thoughts on “Global Moneyline Legit or It is a Scam?”

  1. Thank you Tony for sharing your review on global money line. There are so many money making companies online and unless you do a review on them, you can decide whether they are a scam or not. It is very interesting to read your review on the global money line and you gave your pros and cons regarding the company. People who are interested to join can be able to access your review and decide if they want to join the company to make some passive income. I strongly believe that if your membership can make you passive income in global money line, then it may not be a scam. There is a guarantee that you will get paid on the understanding that you bring in referrals to be paid. It is good that your review will put a clear picture on those who intend to join and make passive income. Appreciate your time in doing a great job on your review for community benefit.  

  2. Thank you for your overview about global moneyline. definitely one of the very best platforms I have ever been on before. In all honesty, this is really good to see here. I love to see how you have given the detai about what they entail. Though I joined the platform recently, I have been make to understand that there are quite a lot of opportunities in there. Really good to see here

    1. Nath, I’m so glad that you’ve tasted the pudding by eating it so to say. With your experience positive experience

      in GLM, you can endorse this review and pass it on to others who might be interested to hear more.

      Thanks so much for your honest comment.

  3. Oh yeah, I learnt about the global moneyline platform from a certain friend some few months ago and I think that as an affiliate marketer, I have learnt and earned very much from the platform and this is why I can also endorse the platform to other people too. What you put together here is very nice. Good stucvy.

    1. Great! Suz, glad to hear that you’re already a member of GML, and already have the taste of the pudding.

      Oftentimes, because of so many Scams out there, people hardly believe what is true any more. 

      Thanks for your candid comment. Let’s keep connected.

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