Being Patient

Sometimes, being patient, I’m tempted to ask these questions to people who can’t just slow down. I’m tempted to ask, “Where are you hurrying to? Life is not about speed and being under intense pressure to perform, achieve, and succeed. I believe that there’s much to life, which we are missing when we lack the understanding of how life works. Being patient is one of the disciplines we must cultivate; regardless, because being patient gives you tremendous benefits.

Why are the 24 hours no longer sufficient for man? In this article, I want to provide you with some useful tips on being patient.  Patience has always been given the attribute of virtue. Because of its moral value; although patience indicates a person’s ability to wait for something for a long time.Why We Need Courage

Patience has the ability to endure unpleasant circumstances, as it waits for something that takes longer time, effort, and endurance, without giving up hope. Having patience means that you can endure calmy some hardships, injustices, pains, losses, without losing your mind. Patience breeds tolerance. and trust. You can’t be patient without being tolerant, and without trusting in a positive result. So let us consider 6 reasons for being patient.

How Patient Are You?

I will consider myself a patient person. I believe it is one of my greatest strengths. However, I’m still learning how to really maintain calmness, while waiting for anything, or going through any unpleasant experience. I think I’m learning how to wait quietly, calmly, and confidently by not accepting any anxious thoughts, complaining, and fretting about the delays, the unexpected turn of events, or whatever circumstances.

For some of us, we can claim to be patient but yet filled with fear, and anxiety and be worried about the what-ifs and all the insecurities and limitations we feel these days.  Being patient demands that even if the waiting time delays longer than we anticipated, that we remain positive and hopeful that what we are working for, or hoping to achieve will be achieved.

It takes patience to invest money, or to be a farmer, a parent, a teacher, a politician, and an entrepreneur, and so forth. These areas and many more require the act of being patient, for without it success or victory will not be achieved.

I have come to realize that how we start is as important as how we end. For instance, many marriages have been ruined, dissolved, cut off with some bleeding wounds because of a lack of patience. Likewise, businesses that supposed to flourish were closed quickly due to not being patient. And so many examples, which you can even draw from your personal experience.

Wait on Time and Seasons

Patience means to stick with something, regardless of how you feel or how tough or unpleasant.  It means holding your hope high while waiting for time and season to produce the results. I believe that being patient develops faith in us. One of the examples I usually give myself is about the patience of a farmer.

For every farmer, there is a waiting period before harvest. During that waiting period, the good farmer is exercising patience and preparing for a bountiful harvest.  And this also, teaches us that patience also involves our attitude; do we wait with a positive attitude, or with a negative one? Are we filled with worry, and regrets, and tension while we claim to have patience? Our attitude during testing periods of life has a lot to reveal about our characters.

Be Patient With The Process

When we learn to be patient, it gives us the opportunity to follow the process of life; to wait for our dreams to follow the normal process of timing. Oftentimes some people become impatient when they are about to achieve their goals and dreams, the person may just be closer to winning, when the time could remain a few years, months, weeks, days, or even hours to reach the expected end. Unfortunately, at such a critical time frame, is when a lot of people miss the opportunity by losing patience and hope of winning, recovering, or continuing, on whatever the challenge is.  And the reaction will be “I don’t think I can wait any longer.”  I can’t continue in this relationship, I need a divorce or separation, I can’t continue in this program, I can’t continue

Or it could be a job, and a person who has put in 20 – 40 years of service to a company got ticked off by the attitude of a new manager and decides to quit the job. Or it could be a student can become overwhelmed with studies, and become impatient, and decide to give up. In most cases what follows is regret, anger, guilt, shame, frustration, and blames.

If you’re a religious, or a believer, you have the grace of God, and the His promises that can inspire you to be patient.  With the evidence of being patient, which is one of the fruits of the spirit, you will always be encouraged, and hopeful that whatever thing you’re patiently going through will end in success. How patient are you? Do you want to endure to the end?  Whatever that end is for you, then learn to be patient!

We Need Daily Dose of Patience

It is imperative that we learn how to structure our lives. We have to learn how to live inside out and not outside in as some people do. Be aware of the peril of the rat race. Living life under pressure is not commendable, regardless of the passion you have for anything. Do not live life as an obligation instead of an opportunity. Obligation adds pressure to your life, with little or no regard to your overall wellbeing. I know the pressure everyone feels to make ends meet, which unfortunately meets. We all need money to pay the mortgage, bills, put our children through schools. They are our responsibilities, and things that fire us up to work each day.

I see that the challenge many people face consciously or unconsciously is to balance how live a life while pursuing all the things we want to achieve and how and when we want to achieve them. Let us apply wisdom to every aspect of life. Being patient I believe will help you to gain knowledge and understanding about how life works. Therefore, let us agree that we need patience in the following areas. It is not a comprehensive list, rather speaking from personal experience. Hope you will consider them!

  1. We need the patience to obtain the skills and knowledge we need to tackle life’s issues
  2. Patience is needed to be able to handle hardships, delays, obstacles, and disappointments
  3. It takes patience and faith to receive healing, or go through the process of treatments, a good example can be an orthopedic patient… or a cancer patient going through chemotherapy.
  4. We need the patience to go through the hassles we encounter on the road, airport, or in others.
  5. We need patients to raise a family. Without patience and tolerance, and love no family can thrive. As a parent, one of the things lessons you must learn is how to be patient.
  6. We need the patience to make a living, whether we are self-employed or employees. Without patience, you can’t establish a lasting business. If not each year you will be jumping from one business to another, thereby turning to a rolling stone. It also takes patience to go through the period of unemployment, a time when the bills, are piling, when the bank account is on red, and you’re not sure of the next paycheck.

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