Hope While There Is Life, Keep Holding On To Your Dream

Pigeon flight

Life is grand when we know how to live it. I just want to encourage and inspire your mind with this brief message and the video; I believe it will inspire you and ignite your hope right now as you watch this wonderful video with an open mind. Just believe it and let it settle in your mind that no matter where you are at the moment, no matter how broke, how overwhelming the situations are around you, cheer up. Don’t lose hope, for as far as there is life there is hope for the living. Keep holding on to the dream. Believe it and live that there is hope while there is life. Hope while there is life.

“In order to plan your future wisely, it is necessary that you understand and appreciate your past.” I believe that for some of us who have found meaning and hope for our lives, we are doing so with the clear understanding something must have to change in our life, finances, relationships, jobs, and even our beliefs. We must replace every deadness with aliveness.

Every spirit of hopelessness, where one sees nothing but darkness, must receive sight to see that there is going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. People or anybody can achieve whatever his or her dream is Let hope arise within you. Remember that every battle starts with the mind. Think of victory and not defeat. Think of success and not a failure, regardless of how things look at the moment. Keep holding onto your dream.

And as a result, we have equally realized that nobody else can live our lives for us. No one else can succeed for us. The best we can get from our coaches and mentors is the guide, information, and motivation they provide us. The challenge of what to make out of the life we are giving and with all the opportunities and potentials we have squarely lain on us. Therefore, I encourage us to brace on.

We can’t afford to allow our dreams to be unlived. Many will wish you that, but don’t wish it yourself, by giving up hope. Have faith, believe that you can make it with the grace you have. I just wanted to keep this as short as possible. Hopefully, I have communicated.

You got to buckle up for this exciting new journey.

Take A Deep Breath while you Enjoy this video.

Today. people all over the world need hope to live for tomorrow more than ever before. How do we find hope? Let us find out in this video. Happy watching!

“You may live in an imperfect world but the frontiers are not all closed and the doors are not all shut.”

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8 thoughts on “Hope While There Is Life, Keep Holding On To Your Dream”

  1. Hello, thank you for the enriching piece. Its quite inspiring. Many people have the potential for great things but never achieve success because they never take time and focus on self-improvement. I, like many others have our low moments even after we reach the peak. Thank you for this piece.

    1. Thank you Zay, for your kind comment. Yes, we are all capable of achieving any dreams we have, but the problem has always been in taking regular actions, persevering, and having faith in God.

      Thanks for your input, and I hope you keep visiting.


  2. Thank you Favorme for the post.

    I do think I come across this post for a reason. Sometimes we do have goals which our family and friends do not understand fully and hence do not support as much as we want them to be. I do have those like this. It has been a roller coaster of chasing shiny objects, trying, failing, keep trying etc. My family told I should have done ‘normal things’ because that is all I am capable of doing. I love them very deeply and do not let their words affect my love for them as well as my dreams. Have Faith.



    1. Thank youTam, for your candid input for my post. I’m glad that you found my post valuable. As for our parents not supporting our dreams, or some of the choices we make, it is a common experience. All we have to bear in mind is that they do it out of love, and the great expectations they have for us. However, no one else can live your life for you, and no one can succeed for you or live your life for you no matter how good they meant. So all we can do our best and live to convince them that we know what we need to live a fulfilled life.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Hi there Favorme,

    A Big Shout out to you for sharing this very beautiful soul touching, well detailed and informative piece of information with us. I am very happy I came across this, definitely not by accident. This contains a lot of valuable information one needs to hold on to. We all truly do have dreams, but circumstances make us forget how much these dreams would make us happy, We care so much about what people think forgetting nobody else can live our lives for us.

  4. During this pandemic, I think we have all felt hopeless at some point. Thanks for suggesting us to watch this uplifting video. I have recently read the Old man and the sea by Ernest hemingway. And there is a very uplifting phrase that I think sumsthe whole story “Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated”.

    1. Ann, thanks so much for your candid comment. I know that so many people are going through a lot, some are depressed, and feeling helpless and hopeless because of what seems like shattered dreams. I can only hug such people and encourage them to cheer up. Nothing is impossible for a heart that believes that there is going to be a better future for him or her. Thanks and remain safe!

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