How Do We Live a Balancing Life?

How Do We Live a Balancing Life?

Have you ever felt so burdened, conflicted, and sad that despite your efforts, plans, and good intentions to get things under control, yet things are not balancing up?

In this short post, we are going to share some tips on how to find balance in the midst of our busy schedules,  and priorities competing with our time and energy. The reality is that every one of us wants to experience a sort of balance in our lives. But it seems unattainable. Personally, I can’t claim that I have gotten everything together. No, but I will continue striving to live my dream life.  The idea of having a balanced life is not about allocating an equal amount of time for everything that needs to be done.  Instead, it is focusing on doing the most important things at the right time. From my learning and research on this important topic, there are about 5 habits that can enable one to create that sense of balance.

The 5 Habits That Enables Creating a Balance

Learn to Reject Certain Demands

It is very essential that we learn how to turn down certain demands, offers, and expectations of people on you; as to be able to focus your attention on what equips you for your personal growth. When we are doing everything and try to be everything, we end up being stressed out. For instance, I know of some people because of their skills, and talents, that everyone around them needs their service. If such a person doesn’t develop the attitude to be selective, such a person will experience burnout with time. No matter how worthy a project is doesn’t mean that you must accept it.

Avoid Being A Omnipresence

That means that we have to limit our presence at one place at a time. For instance, we must apply the economic concept called opportunity cost. This implies that if you choose to go to work or work outside the home, you have given up the opportunity to be a housewife or a sit-at-home mom, therefore, whichever choice you make between the two, you have to focus and give your best to it. Instead of being at work and thinking about all the housework.

 The point or habit I have to employ is to be and enjoy one place at a time. If you go to church make it a time to focus all your attention to worship God, and not to be in church and engage with your phone, testing and replying to messages, by so doing, you’re depriving yourself of God’s encounter.

Develop Flexible Priorities

We should not write our priorities on a stone so to say. Instead, we have to prioritize our schedules, projects in their other of importance and make adjusts as things change or other events come up.

Learn to Seek Help On Time

No one person succeeds by Himself

Getting help in any area of our needs is very important in our quest for living a balanced life. Building quality relationships, people you exchange values with you, is very important to your stability. We all need helping hands from time to time.

We need people who can be there for us when we are feeling down. Pitful is anyone who doesn’t have anyone that cares for your welfare. If we want to live a balanced life, we must be wise enough to know that we need others’ help in the areas our time and ability cannot provide. So in other, for us to free time to do the best we can in certain areas, we must have helpers.

Add Some Spices to Your Life

If we can be real to call a spade a spade, many of us will confess that life is hard. It is full of all kinds of needs, wants, demands, activities, bills, and debts all standing tall in our face. Therefore, based on the chaotic nature of today’s life, we need to find a way to lighten up, to add up anything that will help to put smiles on our faces. You can use movies, games, play with children, friends, enjoy a comedy and so forth. The important point is that we must know how to distract our lives from things that dry up our joy and energy. You can spice up your life to give it the kind of taste you desire.

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