How To Build Trust In Your Relationship

Simple Tips For Building Trust

We can’t overstress the importance of you having trust in yourself and extending it to others. When we have trusted relationships it inspires and empowers us to perform at our best in whatever thing we do in life. While the environment, where trust does not exist, slows down progress. In this article, my aim is to motivate you to trust yourself, your competence, and to inspire others to trust you in as well.

The reason why building trust is very necessary is that it affects all aspects of our lives. Lack of trust affects our peace of mind, safety, and to a great extent, our success depends on our level of trust with others and the system. Take for instance, the case of hiring a babysitter, a lawyer, driver, teacher, accountant, doctor, and so forth, I believe that you will place a high priority on the person’s integrity – character. You will like to hire or retain a professional that you can trust his or her character and competence. That’s why we conduct surveys, do reviews, and research products and services, and do background checks before hiring people for jobs.

What Is Trust?

Trust means having confidence in a person or something. Its opposite is distrust, suspicion. Where there is trust there is confidence. You have confidence in the in a particular service, product, and the individual providing the service to you. I believe that there are many of us who have been involved or experienced relationships where trust was betrayed, or where it seems there is a lack of trust. You can relate how the feeling and how healthy or unhealthy such relationships can be. One of the benefits of a trust is that it brings out the best in people. Trust is reciprocal, which means the more you trust people the more people will return the same confidence in you by trusting you back, in some cases.

Relationships Thrives With Trust

 Can you imagine how effective the communication between two individuals who have no trust on each other would be? Then contrast the experience with the relationship where trust exists.  How do you feel when you are with a person you trust and who trusts you, and compare it with the opposite experience, then you can understand the importance of trust or the lack of it in any human relationship? Whether it is marriage, parent-child relationship, business relationship, political relationship, etc.

In other, for us to enjoy the kind of relationships we envisioned; we have to start working on building a trust base. We have to endeavor to inspire trust in one another. We will take the lead, by being real, honest, truthful, decent, and loving and thereby attracting the same qualities. I mean we have to cultivate the qualities of virtue instead of vices. That’s the beginning. There is no industry that produces trust where one can go and buy some boxes of trust. Have you ever heard of any? I don’t think so. This means it is our individual responsibility to build trust among us.

We are living in such a distressing time in our history, where so many things are breaking down, including law and order in society, in families, in government, institutions, and so forth. Among every threatening virus facing humanity today, is trust deficiency. So many marriages are anemic as a result of trust deficiency.  I called it “Trust Deficiency DS syndrome”. It is quite scary and disruptive to be ignored in any meaningful relationship or organization. It is a virus that can slow down the wheel of progress in so many ways.

How to Inspire Trust

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We establish trust first of all by believing in ourselves first. We have to know what we stand for, or what we believe in, the core principles that guide our actions. For instance, you establish trust by keeping to your words. By keeping to appointments, by keeping to your commitments, vows, and obligations. And that’s why today’s life is just a bundle of lies and contradictions. A situation where a person believes in something, and yet cannot practice his or her beliefs confidently, it is a dishonesty and double standard. I think that we really need to know what is going on in our lives and relationships if we really want to live a happy and successful life. All hope is not gone.

We can still work hard to restore the damaged trust relationships, by identifying the cause.  In other words, our actions and desires have to be congruent. We can’t earn trust by distrusting our partner, friends, children, or family members or any of them distrusting us based on our actions and intentions. Therefore, to earn trust, first of all, we have to learn to trust ourselves and then learn how to trust another person. We earn trust by giving and receiving trust. By giving it out and then expecting a reciprocal on the process. Do not allow your actions and words to contradict your intentions or motives.

By first making yourself trustworthy, with your words and deeds, you are inspiring another person to act the same towards you. But mind you too that often time we don’t reciprocate. But you just have to continue to be you. And also remember, that despite how distrustful things look, that there are still many who you can count on. There are still some reliable, dependable people. The only problem is that they are in the minority. Then with you seeking the same thing, they are seeking; the match can be made. Trust can be earned and extended.

I have always been passionate about inspiring trust in people and appreciate having trusted relationships. So hard to build and maintain over the years, but I tell you it’s rewarding. Therefore, in this article, it is my goal to motivate you, to see, act, and speak in such a way that encourages trust. But I know that there is no denying that we don’t trust people or even the worse side that people may not trust us; be it at our job, at home, school, business, etc. However, it is very important for the good of all for us to start thinking about what to do about this kind of serious virus that has infected and contaminated all aspects of life.

How To Restore Trust

I still believe that damaged trust can be restored into our relationships and business. It is possible even though it will not be easy. It all starts with you and me as a person and the actions we take. It will depend on our commitment to achieve this as a goal by realizing its importance in our overall success and growth. Start by being intentional about it. Plant the consciousness in your relationships. Let people know what you stand for and trust you for it. Decide to be fair and just in your actions if you’re in a position of authority. Have the courage to speak truth to power. Seek and receive feedback about your activities with people in business, job, and family.

Effects of Lack of Trust

Where there is no trust, there is going to be friction. Lack of trust slows down progress in business, relationships, organizations, and government. I can even give an example of what happens in the government, among the senators or two parties, who have zero trusts in each other’s motives and policies. Just because the two parties don’t trust each other. And this spills over to interpersonal conflicts, defensive and protective communications. It causes widening separation and divisions among people.

It is within us if we want to survive as a people to motivate ourselves and others to build trust. If we don’t, we will be surprised at how expensive costs we will end up paying for distrusting one another. Unfortunately, that’s what is happening today, and we are paying the cost in every area. Take for instance the online business is difficult to operate and to get people to trust the ads even from legit companies and internet marketers. Why? Because many people have betrayed the trust and have been scammed in the past.

Lack of trust, slows down activities, decision making, progress, good relationships, and effective communications. I consider this topic to be very timely, for every one of us, considering where we are today. Where every institution of the government, of human endeavored, have been cast with a shadow of distrust. T

ake, for instance, the Scientific world, right now, it struggling on how to regain public trust since this Covid-19. The police force is struggling to maintain or gain public trust in its policing activities due to some bad eggs among them. Couples are struggling with how to rebuild and grow their trust again after being damaged by distrustful activities by either one of them. Trust inspires, empowers, motivates, and inspires performance. While the lack of it brings the exact opposite results.

We Can Start All Over

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If today’s world can re-start all over again, my first recommendation for it will be hey, everybody, calm down, slows down, let us start by being self-aware, know who you are. Know where you stand in terms of values, beliefs, and then, let us look into each other’s eyes with the sole interest to know the person, to feel the person’s heartbeat. We need to get good at building, extending, and restoring trust. Let us do away totally with the manipulative way of relating to each other and be real in our expectations of each other. If we can learn how to trust and be trusted in our relationships, I tell you, our lives will be prolonged, we will live a healthier, happier, and more successful life.

Why is there a scarcity of trust in our dealings with one another, from the government to ordinary citizens, from parents to children, among siblings, friends, faith people? Why? As I write about motivation, and insights, from my research, and studies, I can tell you that trust is one of the most powerful motivations and inspiration anyone can have to achieve amazing results in his or her life. It could be that the reason why so many are struggling today is due to a lack of trust. But the good news is that you can reverse the course, by learning to trust yourself and to trust others. Happy 4th of July!

2 thoughts on “How To Build Trust In Your Relationship”

  1.  Lack of trust is the biggest relationship eraser that I know of.  In our adult life, we usually run into the lack of trust for certain companies, governments and other large concerns that we have trouble really trusting and absolutely no control over.  Often this lack of trust is fostered by people you respect and look up too, not by personal experience.  This is usually a herd mentality from family or the people we associate with.  As we are learning to trust and the importance of building trust you eventually have to think for yourself.

    Realizing that people trust you because you work for the government, or if they distrust the government, they will probably distrust you.  This gives some truth to what my parents taught us, that you are judged by the company you keep.  No, I paid no attention as a young person, but as I got older saw the truth of the statement.  We have to be truthful ourselves to be able to trust others. A lifetime of building trust can be wrecked easily.  

    We are all weighing the wisdom which products to work with on our websites.  Does it really deliver what I said it would?  Will the reader really get information from my content?  Am I really helping others live a better life?  Being a person people can trust is important.  Your suggestions about trusting your self are important.

    1. Sami, thank you for your invaluable input to my article. You’re very right when you say that lack of trust is a relationship eraser. If we can examine the importance of trust in every aspect of our personal and business life and even to the government level, we will find out that trust is the one thing that can change everything. It can change how we see each other and deal with one another. My encouragement for all of us is that we should start increasing our trust approach in relation to our personal and professional life, if we do, we will harvest the fruits later on. 

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