How to Develop Courage to Handle Life’s Challenges

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Let us do the first thing first, by defining courage. Courage according to the Meriam Webster dictionary is “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.” This definition has given us the concept of courage. Our challenge remains how do we develop the courage, to be able to handle life’s challenges that we face every day.

In a similar way, defines courage as “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear; bravery. I believe that the two definitions are generally acceptable. So let us now consider how to develop both mental and moral courage as we face life’s battles.

Mark Twain, said that “With courage, you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. Courage is the foundation of integrity.” I quite I agree to this.

Courage is being shown, taken, and exhibited daily, publicly and privately all over the world. As some people take some extraordinary steps to defend what they believe, or to change their situations and others by being courageous to act on their dreams. It is recognized in every nation and culture and by every age.

I think that courage can be conceptualized in different ways. For instance, when you watch the Circus actors, the fire fighters, the players, the hikers, the soldiers, people living in hardship, people enduring pains and sufferings quietly, you can begin to imagine what is behind their heroism. It is the courage they have mustered in the face of fear, danger, terror, hardships, and overwhelming circumstances that propel them to defy every limitation and fears.

How to Develop Courage

Courage does not mean that dangers involved in certain actions, jobs, situations, places, are not recognized, the dangers and risks involved are recognized but the person chose to face the fear and danger head-on anyway.  Sometimes you see how some female dancers extend themselves beyond their limits. So intriguing isn’t it? It takes courage and boldness to do such acts, likewise the activities of the firefighters, the police, and the military, the pilot, and so forth. They trained their mind, they learned how to be courageous

Courage is said to be developed by exercising it. You train your mind on how to face challenges and silence fears. It starts with small decisions you make daily in the face of crisis, both big and small ones. We find courage by doing an act of courage which can stretch your muscle.

We develop the courage to learn a new skill, move to a new country, change a career marry a foreigner, speak up against injustice no matter who is the victim. It takes courage to fly by air and no need to even mention that it takes courage to go to the moon and come back.

It takes courage to act and to face a great crowd with millions or thousands of spectators cheering you on or others booing at you. But then, there is another aspect of what I consider emotional courage. It is the ability to endure the great pains, disappointments, losses, and fears we face or deal with silently with our individual lives.

Without Boundaries

Oftentimes, when we talk about courage, it suggests the idea of facing or taking risks. It could be the risk of losing something for the benefit of getting something else. Whereas, Lack of courage can cause one to lose his or her life, job, , health, money, love, comfort, or reputation. It takes courage to fight any battle…

Courage is a great virtue. It is inspired by love. Because, when you love your life, or another person, or your job, career, is it anything or even an idea, you will be motivated to protect, care for, sacrifice, and devote yourself and all your abilities to defending or protecting it. As humans, pursuing our human greatness, and our mission to make a  difference in the world of today requires extra courage.

It Takes Courage to Live Daily

In the messed-up world of today, where nowhere is safe or sacred again, it takes some courage to navigate through the days. Likewise, it takes courage to withstand the economic, social, medical, political, and all the daily pressures we face.  More importantly, and this is so personal to me, it takes courage for one to speak up against unfairness wherever it is found. More so, to stand up for what you believe and to live a moral way when everyone seems to be against you.

It takes courage to calmly confront the trials, sufferings, hardships, pains, injustice, betrayals, disappointments, and failures of life. Why do I say that is because I have experienced how hard it is to face fierce trials quietly. As a wife, who has been married for 43 years now, I know how tough it is to build a home or to make your marriage last. Was it a smooth ride? Not at all. Was there any time when I thought I could not keep up to another month, not to talk of another year? Absolutely!

When the storms hit, it felt like you can’t continue or endure any longer?  But with hope and courage, I kept the vow! Marriage is not a casual relationship! Even in bearing children, is a choice of courage to bring. Why We Need Hope

Ask parents who have strong- will toddlers, teenagers, they will tell you that parent is not a child’s play and that parenting is not for cowards. The decisions you make and carry on at such periods require courage. I think you’re beginning to see another aspect of having the mental courage. The one that is not seen by many as it is being seen when one is a soldier, police, a pilot, or a firefighter.

This is to show that courage is not always in connection with climbing the Kilimanjaro Mountain or being a soldier or any of those risk-prone professions and activities. But that there is also the courage of character.  All these are real and takes an act of courage to face. Likewise, other daily or silent pressures that ordinary people face daily to survive, or to change their lives for something better.

Your ability to learn how to develop the mental and moral courage to withstand the fears of uncertain times is a call for everyone to respond to. And it starts with the recognition of being real to yourself and knowing what you can and cannot handle on your own and then seek for help.

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Another point I want to highlight is that those who live their lives well, within the moral constraints are always admired, and emulated by others. “Courage is not the absence of fear or despair; it is the capacity to continue on despite them, no matter how great or overwhelming they become.”– Robert Fanney.“

Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities. . . Because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”Friends, let us live our lives with courage, let others emulate the virtue of courage they see us live with daily in the midst of our circumstances. And for those who have the courage to stand up for themselves and others, I say congratulations! It is worth it when we take the courage to defend our beliefs and values and speak up truth to power on behalf of the people who can’t defend themselves. Let this post motivate you to be real with yourself and others, as you go about life.

Courage is required to Achieve Success

Whether you are starting a new business, or upgrading the old ones, whether you are considering buying a new house, a field on an Island, or you are facing a lawsuit, a divorce, expecting a new baby, seeking admission into some universities, whatever challenge you want to confront, you need courage. Build your confidence, feed your mind with positive energy, speak hope, and take steps towards achieving your goals by exercising courage in your decisions, choices. Once you do, you will see your courage muscle keep on expanding.

And what that means is that you have the courage to silence the voice of fears, and negativity, the voice of self-doubt and discouragement which wants to stop you from making a difference in your life and in others. You need the courage to take a step, to get out of your comfort zone, maybe it is just a familiar zone it is not as if it is comfortable enough for you. If it is there will be no need for change or desire for something better.

With all being said, remain courageous as you pursue your dreams. Life is tough, but the tough will keep on going!

In conclusion, hear this quote from a great Liberator of South Africa -the late Nelson Mandela, “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

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  1. In my book, courage is the strength an individual has to act in spite of difficulties or dangers. Thanks to his courage, a person can overcome obstacles and carry out an action. It can be said that courage is necessary to leave behind fear: fear of physical pain, fear of death, fear of failure, fear of criticism, etc.

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    Thank you for such a beautiful article. I must say your article is very much needed now as we are facing this covid-19 pandemic and we do not even have an idea of when is it going to end. People have lost their jobs, businesses and their loved ones. we are indeed in a crisis and we need to encourage each other to hold on.

    I agree with you. To develop courage, it is not a entirely decision because you need to train you mind or exercise it. It starts with small decisions that you made on daily basis. This in turn builds your courage muscle for bigger decisions .And to achieve anything in life we, indeed need courage. Wonderful article. Thank you

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