How to Have a Better Life

How to Have A Better Life

It starts with the very desire and that very first thought for a change,  followed by action steps toward a better life. Many people dream of a better life but never succeed in achieving it.  The challenge remains, are we really willing to pay the price to have a better life?  Whether you’re a pilot, a computer programmer, store owner, entrepreneur, crop harvesters, a stay home mom, whoever you are, the fact is that we all want a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Every one of us shares a similar dream for ourselves and our children. What kind of dreams am I referring to here? I’m talking about the desire to be debt-free, healthy, live in a finer home, drive a new car, eat in one of the elegant restaurants, change our wardrobes from time to time, send our children to good schools, shop in a great store and so forth.

Nobody who doesn’t like better things of this life.  Why Not? But why is it that all these good things seemed to be reserved for the wealthy few? How can anyone aspire to get the good things in life? This is the chapter everyone seems to be reading right now! The chapter contains everything about economic success.

 Is it wrong to acquire wealth, to have an abundance? No. It is what we do with what we have and how we got it that counts. Basically, we work to earn money as a medium of exchange for our labor. And then we use the money earned to provide all the needs and comfortable and better living standard for our families. That’s noble.

We Are Endowed with The Potentials to Live Well

How Do You Begin?

  1. Prepare your daily routine. When you plan on how your attention will be focused and at what time and for what reason; it will keep your mind confused. Without a plan of action, for some people, it will be hard to remain productive.  It is being said that if you don’t know where you are going, everywhere becomes a road. Your plan of action will help you to enjoy the time intervals of the day, morning, noon, and night. Because you are aware of what to do during each of the time frames.
  2. Prioritize to Do things that promote your values. For instance, if you value showing kindness to people, you will include it among your to do, which equally makes you feel good at the end. It could be that you want to become a better spouse, take steps to learn how to be. If it is to advance in your career, put plans in place to achieve such a goal, and in the end, you will be happy that you got what you planned for.
  3. Access the aspects of your life that you need to improve upon. It could be in relationships, communication, your physic, by losing some weight or gaining some, getting better with time management, finance, and so forth.

Race for success is the god of today, success fever, it is as contagious as viruses all over the world people are devotedly chasing money, wealth, or success as it is tagged. I’m not in any way suggesting that having all the good things that money can buy is bad. Not at all. I personally need them, but I go about it prudently. Because I have been able to evaluate things as to put them in their proper place as far as life priorities are concerned.

We Can Learn How to Live a Better Life by Following Some Tested Principles

Undoubtedly, we are all eager to learn. We are going to draw some insights from the blueprints of those who have discovered the secret of living a better life. Many have dwelt long in a land of drought. That you’ve survived it to this point speaks to your courage and the potential you possess. Today, as we celebrate Happy Mother’s Day in the country, I was so touched by the sufferings and hardships that some single mothers faced in raising their children single-handedly.

 Some took two jobs, working morning and night just to put food on the table for their children. The good news is that no matter where anyone is today, there is no limitation to ones’ mind except those the person acknowledges…”

 As they have a dream of a time when they will live a better life. Because these mothers are suffering in silence, they are eager to embrace anything that can offer them change to get out of their present predicament. So, listen up, hold onto your dream for change, it will happen. Here we are going to have a brief look at 4 important strategies you need for change.

It is not an easy life to be a breadwinner. Neither is it a joke to be a single mother. It is not easy to live a successful life either. But anything is possible to whoever is willing to commit to the goal. Because, regardless of what our job title is, all of us are involved in the business of living. By doing all we know to survive. But for some, they have exceeded the basic survival requirements, but now want to advance further to living the best life possible. And day by day some people are moving to that next level.

Let’s hasten to find out some of the tips on how to have a better life.

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Step1 Pursue your desire for change

You have the desire to achieve a better life for yourself and your family with a burning desire. A desire that will make you look inward and not backward a desire for which you will not make allowance for going back after a little setback or disappointments, rejections, and delays. How to Learn From Failure

Many men and women who have achieved real success in life, have been people who were willing to pay whatever price that it takes for them to win.  Can I tell you this, from what I know, what I have heard and read, in any human endeavors and no matter who, people who persevere, who stick on will always have the last laugh?

 They will get what their heart has set out for. Be it in the spiritual realm. People who make the Queen Easter kind of decision and follow it with action by declaring “If I perish I perish, I’m going to meet with the King in an unusual way and time. That’s the attitude of a person with a burning desire for change or a better life for her and her people.

As for me, I remain with a definite purpose. Because I have a knowledge of who I’m and what I need.  Therefore, I will not be tossed around and confused with all that glitters. I know the kind of better life I want. Therefore, in pursuing your dream for a better life, make sure to retain your values and philosophy. Let no one influence you negatively. If you believe that what you’re doing is right, and you believe that it will yield the expected results with time, please keep to it.

Step3: Never Give Up When the Obstacles Surface

When we read some of the bios of successful men and women, inventors, great thinkers, leaders, and influencers of the world, we find out that many of them got off to a bad start. They passed their Red Seas if you will. I mean a state of being at a crossroad. Many of them had some heartbreaking struggles before they could make it or enter their promised land in this context the better life we all are working for.

Step 4:  Have a Knowledge of What You Are Doing

This means that you won’t just jump into any venture, business ideas, or things without the real knowledge of what is required. You see, knowledge is power, the more you know yourself, your profession, and people, the more powerful and confident you become. So, gain knowledge, and wisdom as you step out to work towards a better life. Getting riches is quite good and needful, but having a good knowledge of how to manage riches, and all the responsibilities that come with it require knowledge and wisdom to enjoy the wealth as you ought to. Wishing you the best life ahead!

7 thoughts on “How to Have a Better Life”

  1. This has been a useful article. And it was even relaxing to read. We live in an age in which were rushing here and there. And we need to step back and reorganize ourselves. It’s so easy to get lost with the pile of tasks we have ahead of us. But prioritizing and organizing what we’ll do each day is the key to success.

    1. Ann, thanks so much for your wonderful comment on this article.  You’re so correct when you said  that “we live in an age in which we are rushing here and there.” Life today is becoming so stressful, and despairing, that many can’t even track what is going on in their lives and family any longer. This is not a wise way to live. Hence the need for a better life, a life with meaning, and prioritized.

      Once again, thanks, and please always check back.    

  2. Monique Charland

    Thanks for a very interesting article.  It makes perfect sense that one can have a better life  just by following some time-tested principles.

    I agree that you have to start with a very intense desire and that  first thought of making a change in your life, followed by action steps toward a better life.

    As you say, “are we really willing to pay the price to have a better life?… We all want a better life for ourselves and our loved ones.”  I completely agree.

    You said:  “Is it wrong to acquire wealth, to have abundance? No. It is what we do with what we have and how we got it that counts.”   I couldn’t agree more. 

    Very good advice also in your paragraph “We Are Endowed with The Potentials to Live Well”.  I will definitely try your recommendations.

    I also agree with you that “We Can Learn How to Live a Better Life by Following Some Tested Principles”.

    And there again I am anxious to try your recommendations.  I particularly enjoyed reading your paragraph “hold onto your dream for change, it will happen” because that’s what I’ve always believed in.  I proved that in my own life when I decided to change my life for the better by learning computer programming.  It provided me with a career in which I was very successful, first as a computer programmer, then as a business analyst and finally a project manager.

    I found your Tips particularly helpful.  “Step1 Pursue your desire for change“.   “How to Learn From Failure” was particularly interesting to me.

    “Be Self-Aware and Also Observe How Things Are Changing.”  Agreed.   As you say, we just have to look around and be aware of the tremendous changes occurring in the world of electronics (computers, phones, watches).  You can’t miss them!

    I particularly enjoyed your paragraphs on “Never Give Up When the Obstacles Surface” and “Have a Knowledge of What You Are Doing”.   Very good!  I’m in complete agreement.

    All in all, a very good article!

    1. Monique, thank you so much for your candid, and generous comment. I’m so glad to read your comment, and how beautifully you summarized the points! There is no doubt in mind that all of us desire for a better life, even the rich, also cry. Because nobody has it all together. Often time, crossing the bridge to a better life, begins with crossing the bridges inside our minds, this could be the bridge of fears, doubts, limitations, relationship issues, and so forth. Let me not go too far here. 

      Once again, thank you, and congratulations on the wonderful progress you’ve made in your career. That is a wonderful testimony, which proves that living the life of our dreams is possible, once we determine to pay the price. 

  3. And physical well-being.
    Please continue writing this type of article; it is beneficial.
    Thank you for sharing this with me
    God bless you and keep you safe.
    Edith Frey

    1. Edith, thanks for your kind comment on this article. I’m glad to hear that it resonates with you.
      That gives me the encouragement to write more.

  4. My reply lost the first part. I will try to rewrite it:
    Your article is excellent and is inspiring. The images you have chosen are great. The hold article gives me the feeling of peace, inspiration, mentally and psychologically. My great desire for the future is the reason I started with the wealthy affiliate program. I have made a website with a great desire to achieve a high income for the future, for my family and my grandchildren; I know I can do it and make that better life; I know I can do it.
    Please continue to write mone inspirational article like this one.
    Thank You, and God bless you and keep you safe.
    Edith Frey

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