How to Have Reliable Connections

How to Have Reliable Connections

Today, due to how complicated humans have become, keeping normal healthy relationships can’t be taken for granted any longer. It will start with you seeing or realizing the need of developing good relationships. It will require your honesty, sacrifice of whatever it takes to achieve it because good relationships are like an investment, the benefits are priceless. Many people who fail and fall backward do so because they have nobody to hold their back.

To bounce back from any kind of failure, loss, tragedies in life requires both divine help and human supports. But today, we have another layer of trouble, how and where to find trustworthy, and available people who we can dot on. Oftentimes, when a person is in crisis mode, you’re not quite sure who will be therefore you. Because sometimes those relations, friends, associates we thought we could count on can disappear on us, or have a thousand excuses to give…

People Can Disappoint

Based on my recent experiences, for which on two occasions, when people I thought I could count on, disappointed my expectations; it was down to me, how our expectations of people can fail us. I know how I felt, but then I learned my lessons!  And I quickly remembered the Bible passage, “This is what the LORD says; “cursed is the one who trusts in man, who depends on flesh for his strength and whose heart turns away from the LORD”… Jeremiah 17:5.  The point is not to put your confidence in a mere man instead of a faithful God. It is not discounting the importance of having important relationships.

This is like the case of money, where it says that the love of money is the root of all evil. But some people always quote it out of context, saying that money is the root of all evil. That’s not correct, it is the love of money that is, having it as an idol that is dangerous and evil. We have to also, understand that going through tough times, can expose you to new connections, new opportunities, understanding, or take away from you.

There is slang among young boys in my place, “Shine your eyes or open your eyes.” Means wise up, don’t be naïve.  So, one of the lessons I have learned is that I have to categorize my relationships intentionally, keep them in their order of who is who to me and what I am to them. This could be done mentally or by creating a list. You can evaluate all your relationships in their order of importance to you.

Find out those or the few or even if it is only one person who is committed, genuinely interested in your happiness, growth, success, and not the person who competing, comparing, and jealous. Identify the person that stirs up your spirit positively whenever you speak or visit.

Who Really Cares About You?

Having someone you can call in the middle of the night and he or she picks up your call without feeling inconvenienced, should be a relationship to treasure. It must be respected and honored as your bounceable person or people. I consider this to be very important, and it is a valuable relationship that must take time to build and be cherished by both parties. It is built with time, honesty, interest, love, sacrifice, calls, emails, texts, gifts, etc.

 It could be anybody, but the difference is in the quality, the value both parties placed on each other. It is important that we take time to build on relationships we need in our life, to build relationships we can count on in good times and downtimes. Never assume it or claim it, instead develop it and be sure that you have it and that you are willing to be one.

Have a vision of the quality of relationships you want in your life going forward; then begin to build it or contribute to it intentionally. Sow the seed and give it time to germinate. Every success starts with a vision or what we call a dream generally speaking. Thus, any project, program, a relationship developed with a vision is bound to succeed. For instance, sometimes, I amuse myself because of how I cook my meals. 

Before I prepare any meal I will first all cook and taste it in mind, then I will prepare the meal accordingly, based on the taste I have, the quality, quantity, color, etc. will first be visualized before I begin the actual cooking, in the end, I always have a good result. By having this kind of vision, you can double whatever your goal is within a few years. It is a matter of improving your psyched frame of mind. Still, at any time, and no matter whatever relationship investments you feel to have made, always have a realistic expectation.

Personally, I take a kind of broad look at things maybe because of my faith in God. Having this faith in almighty God helps to give me a sense of hope, understanding of people, and life. That is why it is important that our life among every other thing is anchored, leaned, rooted in a supreme power higher than you. That’s the best recommendation I can ever give you. To have a life of peace with man and with God, if you do you can be sure to bounce back from any challenge that comes your way.

2 thoughts on “How to Have Reliable Connections”

  1. Your connections in life can make all the difference, so it is best to create lasting relationships that mean something with everyone you can.

    I struggled with this in my younger years, and I ended up driving a lot of people away that could have been really good friends to have now that I am a little older and wiser. 

    Unfortunately, those bridges have burned, but from the ashes, I have created a new me who can form bonds with people that last a lifetime, and I couldn’t be happier. 

    Great tips and I look forward to an opportunity to put your insights to good use!

    1. Awesome! I love to hear this kind of life-changing story. It’s very inspiring and powerful, to give hope, and motivation to someone who may be struggling in this area of meaningful relationship building. /we are not meant to walk alone. God did it by providing the first man with a companion. We need God and we need people to full fill our purposes in this life. That’s my belief.

      Thanks as always!

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