How to Keep Going When Your Dream Falls Apart

How to Keep Going When Your Dream Falls Apart

When your dreams are falling apart, your quest for love and spiritual enlightenment is in effect. Your dreams can also be a mirror of your innermost state of feeling. In a situation like this, you are looking for a solution to a difficult problem, while also aiming to set standards for yourself and others. 

This intense feeling of yours is attractive to others. And it can also draw you closer to yourself, forming strong bonds with those around you. The first duty of every person is to care for themselves. Others may want to help, but you must be motivated to move on. Your decision to move forward is your gift to yourself. It is also an inspiration to others. When you are an overcomer, you become an inspiration to others. 

Do you want to know what to do when your dream seems to be falling apart? If so, keep reading! You’ll learn 4 tips to keep going even when your dreams seem to be falling apart. Remember your dream, write it down, surround yourself with positive examples, and trust the process. These tips can help you keep going no matter how many times you’ve tried to achieve your goals and dreams but failed.

When your dreams fall apart, you must figure out what to do next. Without a plan, you’re just living and not living. Make your goals visible, look for possible solutions, and take a break. Also, list all the ways to improve your life. These ideas are based on my own experiences, and anyone who’s lost their way can use them. 

If you have the strength to move forward, you can inspire others. But how do you keep going when your dream falls apart? Below, I’ll share four tips to keep going when your dream falls apart. 

Write Down Goals

If you are struggling to achieve your goal, writing it down is one of the best ways to motivate yourself. Writing your dream down is a concrete way to visualize your desired future. 

It also helps you recollect your thoughts and objectives. The more often you read about your dreams, the more likely you will achieve them. By writing down your goals, you can make them more concrete and achievable. 

Also, you can measure your progress. Having your goal written down will help you stay motivated when the dream falls apart. 

It will also help you get expert help if needed. Once you’ve written your goals, you can measure them to see if they are attainable or not.

Those who write down their goals feel guilty when they miss an opportunity. They are subconsciously reminded of their long-term dreams when they fail to make progress. How to Adapt to Change

This guilt is a natural reminder that you need to get back on track. Without your goal written down, you’ll become overwhelmed by all the little tasks and urgent issues in your life. It is essential to remind yourself daily of your long-term goal.

Setting goals can be challenging. Without a clear direction and detailed plans, they are challenging to achieve. 

Try to visualize and plan your future, so you can focus on reaching it. For example, you might write down “retire at 50” as a concrete goal. It could be as simple as building a successful engineering firm, sitting on the board, or paying off your home in New York. The possibilities are endless.

Research conducted by Dr. Gail Matthews found that people who wrote their goals were twice as likely to reach them. 

She even found that writing your goals out increased your chances of success by 42 percent. If you cannot see your goals, you will likely be less motivated to achieve them. 

Visualize your dream by closing your eyes and picturing the experience of fulfilling your goal. Try to picture the day in detail, from arriving at the destination to meeting other volunteers. 

You could even imagine yourself building the school’s frame. Visualize every detail of the experience and what you’ll learn and do. 

In short, you’ll be more likely to reach your goal if you keep your vision visible. But what if your dream has fallen apart? The first step to keep going is to make it visible to yourself.

Surround Yourself with Positive Examples

There are several benefits to surrounding yourself with people who support your goals. People with different personalities and experiences can provide insight into achieving them. 

Choosing smart people is also essential because they can push you to keep learning and stay curious. 

The next time your dream starts to fall apart, consider these tips. You may be surprised at how much you will learn from people you think are intelligent and successful.

Optimists are contagious. If you want to stay motivated even when the going gets tough, surround yourself with people who share your optimism. 

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you stay focused on your goals. Remember that your dream is more significant than yourself. It should benefit the world, and not just you. 

An excellent example of a positive person would be Walt Disney. Disney’s dream must have been discouraging after receiving 300 rejection letters from banks, but he kept going because he believed that his vision was more significant than himself.

Learn from the Experience

When your dream begins to crumble, it is time to take stock of your life and decide where you want to go next. If you fail to plan, you are not living. 

The best way to learn from your dream is to go out and find it again. Then, you can share it with others to inspire them. 

There’s no sense in beating yourself up over your failure. You must learn from the experience, no matter how painful it was to lose it. 

When your dream is broken, you must learn from it and move forward. The only way to make a dream come true again is to figure out what to do next. If you fail to plan, you aren’t living. So, take a moment to think about what you need to do now. You can inspire others by doing so. 

Failure to plan is worse than living without a dream despite your pain. In the same way, if you don’t plan for failure, you’re not living either. 

Allow Time to Grieve

You may feel like you’re losing your mind during this difficult time. You may find yourself unable to concentrate or forget to eat or drink anything. 

Your heart may beat quickly, and you might not even want to sit down to eat. You may want someone with you at all times. 

You might have trouble concentrating on what you’re reading because you’re so distraught if you’re a writer.

The grieving process is unique to you, and there’s no right or wrong way to express it. Let yourself experience whatever emotions come to mind. You can also find moments of joy as you try to process your feelings. 

Allowing yourself time to grieve when your dream falls apart is vital for your recovery. You may be feeling as though you’re losing your mind, or you may have forgotten everything. 

The brain releases stress hormones, which trigger the body to emergency mode. While you may have lost your memory temporarily, it will soon return. 

If you take the time to allow yourself to grieve when your dream falls apart, it’ll better equip you to move on and start fresh.


When your dream comes to a sudden end, how to keep going is essential. You must move on and plan for the future. In addition to reliving the past, it is also necessary to plan for the future. It would be pointless to sit around and dwell on what might go wrong. If you do not plan for your future, you won’t live.

A sense of grief can also be triggered by slight losses, such as moving away from home or changing jobs. Grief is a highly personal experience, so don’t be ashamed to feel and express it. However, if the loss has been significant for you, it’s crucial to allow yourself some time to grieve. The grief process may feel challenging at first, but it will become easier.

4 thoughts on “How to Keep Going When Your Dream Falls Apart”

  1. I have said many times that I would rather not dream anything than dream some difficult dreams that make me nervous all day. You are right that this is just a reflection of our daily events and thoughts. It often happens that I dream something I have previously talked to someone about. I will try to apply your advice if I have situations like this.

  2. Keeping going when your dream falls apart, often means that there is a major change in your life. Some people deal with this better than others, and this post is really helpful if one needs to move on. Setting goals is a very important part of moving forward, and grief is natural and you should allow yourself the time to grieve. 

    I am in a position that my 38-year marriage broke down two years ago, and although everybody has been telling me that I will be okay, I needed the time to grieve the end of my dream and face the reality that I might grow old on my own. I am beginning to feel that I can now move forward and you have inspired me that I can move forward and I will be okay. 

    1. LineCowley, I appreciate your excellent comment.  And I’m glad to hear that you’ve sharpened the saw, by renewing your life after suffering the negative impact of the loss of 38 years of marriage!  It is quite a big emotional, psychological, mental, physical, and spiritual war to win for some people. But thank God there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel. Keep on engaging with various activities of choice and value to help you assuage any residual negative energy. Well done!

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