How To Keep Motivated With Simple Quotes

 Positive Quotes/Insights For Active Motivation

If you dread to be lonely, reach out to others. Engage in positive relationships. Nobody wants to feel lonely.

Building Relatioonships

I know that some people are so difficult to deal with than others. But d all you can to live in peace with everyone. In this sense, we can know a good and peaceful relationship when we see one. Your job is to cultivate those qualities that promote good relationships.

Learn to give your relationship what it needs in order for you to get what you want.


How you communicate will  determine how you will be understood. Understanding requires effective communication. You can as well get a feedback from others on how you sound to them. I usually get.

Trust is a gateway to effective communication. If you trust me and I trust you, our communication can flow freely without unnecessary hiccups. We can as well start by learning how to trust each other. Maybe a lack of trust can be the cause of poor communication among other factors. Therefore, I encourage you to do something to improve your relationship’s communication.

Do not buy a good relationship instead try and build it.

The Past Is Gone

Do all you can to reduce your psychological baggage. Never travel with it when heavy. If you do it shows that you’re carrying a lot of past items plus the present going into your future.

Since the past has already gone, don’t look back and grieve over your past. It is gone. Learn to live in the present, in such a way to make it memorable and what to remember.

Major On Your Strenght

Don’t’ forget to be working on your strength to maximize it. Majoring on your weaknesses will leave you with some carryovers instead of advancement in your growth. As you look inside of you, tap into your best qualities or character traits. If you’re a lover, love passionately and with no string attached.

Are you good at listening? Keep up listening intentionally to hear people’s point of view, hear and feel people’s hurts, and to understand what they are trying to communicate. Maybe you’re good in spotting out when a person is feeling distressed, and lonely, don’t hesitate to offer a word of encouragement,  a loving or caring smile, and know that life is just so hard for some people these days.

Learn to celebrate other people’s success, until your time comes. Don’t lock yourself in because there is a shout of celebration at the next door. A loving person will always try to celebrate other people’s achievements big or small.

Grateful Heart

Generate attitude of gratitude daily. Don’t store it up until November Thanksgiving. Remember that the more thankful you are daily, the more loving your life becomes. And the more things you see to be grateful for.

You can go the extra mile by making a list of the things you feel grateful for with your spouse, children, daughter, or son. What are you grateful for about your parents, mother, father. List them, and because of the visible list, call and appreciate them from time to time. I tell you it is a better way to forgive, to relieve stress, and to remain positive in life and to be a blessing to others.

Learn to give empathy where needed. We some time have to see the world from other people’s perspective, either from the point of view of a teenager or the point of an elderly person, more so from a child’s viewpoint.

We are all striving as businessmen and women, trying to make a living, by what we achieve, but we will make a life by what we give.

Hope you enjoyed reading these insights and common sense talk. Pass it on if you found it useful.

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Remain Motivated!

2 thoughts on “How To Keep Motivated With Simple Quotes”

  1. Quotes can be simple but can also be powerful. Knowing what to say and when to say it is powerful. 

    I know that one of my main strengths is listening. And there is so much in it, just there, actively listening to the person we have in front of us. We learn to distinguish things, when there is sunshine in the heart, when a storm is gathering or when it has been raining cats and dogs.

  2. Wow! It is really amazing how some simple one lines or a few lines of words can really be the difference and change a lot more from the angle that we see life from and appreciate everything a lot more better. I really appreciate everything that you have shared with me here. Thumbs up to you. I will really ensure I make the best out the ones I read here

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