How to Keep a Positive Attitude and Confession Regardless of The Situation

How to keep Positive Confession and Attitude Regardless of the Situation

Your attitude can determine your altitude in life. In the same manner, how to keep a positive attitude and confession can boost your success in life.
What are we laboring for, if not to have the desires of our heart?
But we got to learn a better way to pattern our lives and a better way to experience happiness, peace of mind, and success continually. Obviously, one of the ways to achieve success, happiness, and peace of mind is through living a life of purpose. And the best meaning that life gives centers on our relationship with the Higher Power. And with that knowledge follows the virtues and beliefs.

A positive attitude with positive confessions starts from the mind. Because it is out of what fills the mind that the mouth speaks. To that effect, I believe that for us to have a positive attitude and confession; our minds and mouth have to be in agreement in other to achieve the results you want to achieve.
It will be so incoherent if your actions are positive while your language or speeches are filled with negativity. It is like good and bad water coming out of a faucet at the same time. Therefore, your first choice of action is to program your mind with positive thoughts.

Thoughts of peace, joy, love, kindness, abundance, good health, safety, and so forth, and by being positive in your words and deeds and remain consistent, then allow the seeds to begin to bear good fruits for you. And people around you. I believe that the law of sowing and reaping is still active today.

A Better Understanding of a Positive Attitude

C. S. Lewis once said that what you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are. And Socrates also said that “The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact.”
I believe that so many of us want to live a happy life; we want to be successful in our careers and relationships. Isn’t that true? I personally, do.  

But, because of a lack of knowledge of how to access what we want, and which is available, it becomes a privilege of the few who have mastered some rules. Being successful has a lot that goes with it. And one of them is having a positive mindset.

What It Means to Have a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is your way of communicating with yourself and others about life. Your attitude is part of your body language. It is the outward expression of your mindset and of who you are. A Positive attitude conveys your beliefs, values, thoughts, and perceptions about life. It is your optimistic outlook on life.
Certainly, it is the belief that everything will work together for your good. It is the ability to see the light at the end of every tunnel that you come across in your journey. The positive image attracts good things and good people for you.

A friend shared an uplifting testimony with me yesterday about how she was thinking about the kind of business to do to make money during this pandemic, and her mind led her to contact a business tycoon in China, to ask him if they have a need of foreign exchange the man replied yes that they really need one.
My friend agreed to work with him as their American agent. Just like a spark, the business took off with a weekly exchange of thousands of dollars.
Of course, being good and living a positive life attracts good people and good things to you. It clears your part against negative forces and influences. 5 Important Benefits of a Positive Attitude

Importantly, you speak life, health, prosperity, peace, and love and expect the harvest the same because that’s the seed you’re planting daily. Take, for instance, what response do you normally receive when you wear a smiling face? When you smile at a friend or stranger, you get a smile back.

 In the same way, if you give somebody a snobbery attitude, you receive the same, or the person works away from you. What does that tell you? It tells us to first give to people what we want to receive from them. Do you need love? Show love to others. You need respect, show others respect, all you have to learn, desire and make the intentional choices of how you want to empower and nourish your mind by keeping a positive attitude and positive confession consistently.

It is the ability, the special grace that helps you to confess victory where others are confessing defeat, it helps you with a heart of gratitude to see hope where others are seeing despair and doom around them. Anybody who learns how to live under this kind of atmosphere is rich in spirit and will be less anxious about anything.
Why It is Necessary to Have A Positive Attitude

I think that having a positive attitude is necessary for every reason; because of its compounding benefits to one’s spiritual life, psychological life, economic life, social, and physical aspects of life. These days, one of the most infectious diseases that so many people have contracted is the infection of negativity. It infects many minds with lies, and negative mindsets, of hate, gossip, false rumor, unforgiveness, and deceptions. With a commitment to how to maintain a positive attitude and confess positively, you cannot empower any force of a negative mindset.

That’s why it is hard to believe the truth again. Because people’s minds got infected with both the big lies and small lies. Negative attitudes and confessions have a way of posing the minds with hate, lies, and fear. And if this happens, it will rob it of a positive outlook. It will make everything seem bleak, doubtful, or even hopeless, and catastrophic.

Such a mind will see other people as suspects, and evil, blaming and complaining, and witch-hunting, retaliation, anger, and resentment will start manifesting both in attitude and utterances. Negative attitudes and utterances become normal. This is a serious sickness, and it starts subtly and unassuming way. However, learning how to maintain a positive mindset, will disinfect the minds from all the disruptive effects of a negative attitude.

We All Deserve Peace

I don’t think that someone will wake up in the morning intending to rob other people of their joy, peace, or possessions. But unfortunately, there are people like that. People with what I call an infected mind. Such people want peace, but because of the infected mindset they live in, they are vulnerable to negative activities and attitudes. Their mood can show anger, hostility, abuse, revenge, blame, complaining, and fighting,

Evidently, when you train your mind to think positive thoughts, act and confess positive words, you will see what follows with time, you will experience happiness, self-confidence, courage, compassion, healthy relationships, progress at the job, business, and your overall endeavors. It will also help to keep your mind calm and collected amid problems.
Having a positive mindset allows you to decide without feeling as if you are under duress.

Having a positive attitude is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Why, because, you’re not going to worry over every stuff, and as long as your mind is happy and healthy, the rest of your body will respond and follow the mind where it leads. So, let us learn some simple positive steps to take.

Simple Ways to Keep a Positive Attitude and Confession

Start your morning each day with a simple prayer, by thanking God for the privilege of waking up to see another new day. Commit your day, whatever To-Do, to God’s control. Confess with your mouth by affirming all the positive things you want to see take place each day and let your action to achieve them follow. Once you learn how to keep a positive attitude and confession, consistently, life will give you a different taste.

Once you start with God, and with a grateful heart, and with all the positive affirmations, you will immediately begin to feel positive energy, and enthusiasm to face the day. Your day starts once you woke up in the morning, and that’s the best time to program it, direct and speak life, victory, peace, safety, favor into it.

* Start your day with a good breakfast. If you are like me, I start with fruits and self-brewed tea. If your morning time session permits, take time to prepare a rich breakfast and enjoy it before leaving your house. Eating on the wheel, aww, it’s not the best. Have breakfast that will help boost your energy and mood as your day begins. You know what that is for you. You can as well research for a healthy breakfast menu to see what you will enjoy the most.

* Start your day by creating a cheerful mood, learn to start your day with a happy, warm atmosphere, with pleasant music, giving smiles, and receiving smiles. Just feel happy by remembering that you’ve committed your cares to God. Remember, your attitude of positiveness is a state of mind, is what you want. We do not base it on the situation of things around us is. Instead, it is a choice, and a commitment to live a positive life.

* Try Wearing a smile makes up a genuine smile. Cultivate the habit of smiling and passing it on wherever you are. Smile to release the scowl on another’s face and to show that you recognize the other person next to you as a worth greeting with a smile. Whether the person smiles back immediately, it does not matter. What matters is that you’ve sent out positive energy through your smile to another person. You have communicated positively with your mood and body language.

* Constantly filter your thoughts
We can’t stop our minds from receiving thoughts, but we can filler, what we want to focus our mind on. Is not every thought that you will allow settling in your mind. Delete any thought that causes you sadness, fear, hatred, etc.

•Be an Optimist. You can’t have a positive mindset and be a pessimist at the same time. The two are not compatible. But if you are optimistic, you will always display an upbeat outlook. You never allow yourself to be weighed down by problems, instead, you’re always looking forward to a positive result because you have become success-oriented.

•Another step is to read some good books. Reading self-help books, psychology, religious or classics, good novels are refreshing to the brain. Music and some positive videos can be uplifting too. If we can learn how to upload into our minds some healthy thoughts, joyful memories, and gratitude messages, we can live each day in a joyful mood.

•Learn to understand that each event in life is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. If you have any problem, no matter how long it has lingered, just tell yourself that “this too shall pass!” That is one of my learned positive confessions. Learn the same lesson even during periods of abundance and bliss. The change will always occur. So, the lesson is that in other for us to maintain that inner tranquility, we need to see every period as transitory.

Hang out often with like-minded people. Hanging out with people who want to see the bright side of life will help you to retain your positive attitude. These are people who have made a choice to choose hope over despair, courage over fear, happiness over sadness or victimhood. They are people who want to solve other people’s problems rather than being a problem to others.

*Avoid Expecting too much from people. No matter how great, intelligent, wealthy, loving the person is, don’t have over-expectation. Appreciate the attributes in the person. Enjoy the relationship, but don’t believe or behave as if your life depends on the person.
Putting so much trust in a person can lead to heartbreak, disappointment, and regret. Learn to maintain the boundary. By so doing you will not cause yourself or the object of your expectation a disappointment.

* Be mindful of your confession. Don’t use words loosely, be mindful of what you tell yourself and what you talk about others. Avoid seeing only but faults in people.

If you developed the attitude of not seeing or saying anything positive about another person, or another party, another family, couple, and so forth, it is a dangerous space to be in. Instead of amplifying weaknesses, flip them and begin to amplify the strength. Nobody is perfect, or will ever be, so don’t add to the ugliness.

•Finally, we can make our lives as simple as we want them to be. Life was not meant to be as complicated as it is today. Instead, it is our greed and unhealthy competition that has led to a chaotic lifestyle. However, with a positive attitude, you can redesign the kind of life you desire. Whether a life of purpose and meaning, a life of peace and harmony, contentment, and happiness. Or a life of misery, hate, terror, fear, greed, and despair. Chose to live a positive


and enjoy each day as a gift!

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