How To Live Life By Choice

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 Striving and living happily in today’s world calls for inner strength and real clarity of vision and discernment. We need the inner strength to help us make the right choice of how to live our lives to avoid frustrations and later regrets. We can learn how to live life by choice instead of fear and pressure from the outside because to most of us it does not come naturally.

Do you want to live an emotionally healthy life? Then start by learning how to live your life by choice and not by chance and outside pressures.

Chose to Live by Inner Power

How do you develop the inner strength and peace of mind that is needed for your emotional stability?  You develop that by learning the skills of how to live and be self-aware. Many of us take living a purposeful life for granted. We think that everything happens by chance. Therefore, we live our lives by the chance of expecting things to work out themselves.

We feel that our behaviors, habits, and our skills require no update, no improvement. and nothing to change or do about it. Life is complex, and a mystery. And that is why it imperative that we become self-aware as to listen to our own inner voice.

 Learning how to handle a complex machine requires investing time and effort to learn how to operate it. Likewise life. We need to learn how to live to be able to maximize our potentials to achieve our dreams and live happily in the process and after. There is a need for us to handle or live each phase of life as it ought to be lived based on our individual blueprints. We don’t suppose to live our dreams and the potentials we have to chance or indifferently. Living is a skill that must be learned if we want to live happily and to achieve our dreams in life.

“Whether we are happy or sad, successful or unsuccessful, depends less on the world around us than on our perception of that world.” But it all depends on the meaning, our personality, and our learning, intelligence, and the yardstick we are using to make our judgments or evaluations.

3 Tips on How to Live Your Life by Choice

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Speak less, and do more: By so doing you’re conserving your energy and utilizing it for productive tasks. Speaking less while hearing a lot is disciplined behavior. Many people have put their lives in danger through much talking. If you’re a person of few rich words you’re better off than being a talking drum. When you speak less, it equally helps you with important decision makings. Because you can use your time to think creatively and evaluate things carefully.

Make choices based on your choice, and be happy with it.

When making a choice of anything, take your time, review, research if need be, and know that you have so many alternatives to choose from in life. Don’t choose in a hurry. Weigh the pros and cons of each alternative, and consider your personality traits, temperaments, skills, this is applicable to your career, business choice, marriage choice, and academic choices. Chose wisely based on your values, what you love, and who you are or who you aspire to become.

Chose to Live one day at a time: Don’t over-crowd your life with unnecessary schedules, booking  2023 events while in 2020. Live one day at a time. Solve today’s problems, projects with today’s ability and enthusiasm. Over-scheduling yourself can cause stress, and stress leads to frustrations, burnout, and anxiety.

 No matter how successful your business becomes don’t overwork yourself, instead hire extra hands for help. Remember the other things that demand your time daily and plan to share part of your daily time to family needs not only the money. Be emotionally present for your family.

Don’t work to control everything by yourself. Learn to delegate, and to set boundaries. There is no use in accumulating wealth if you can’t have enough time to enjoy it with family and friends. If you’re enjoying your wealth and still you’re not happy, still feel empty, unfulfilled, that could be as a result of some internal disharmony, there are some disconnections within your inner self. Tunning into your spirituality can help you if you are a faith-oriented person.

Learn how to live your life by making productive choices: Choices that are based on knowing your values. Knowing your strength, what you like best, what you value most, where you have your flows. What you think will give your life meaning and satisfaction. Without having emotional, mental, or spiritual stability, our lives run out of the energy needed to function productively on a daily basis. This is based on personal experience and also on what I have seen and heard from others.

Even as I write this, I have a very close person, who has not been functioning normally for many months now. The pressures of what she thinks she should do or should be doing by the dictates of her family, and her inability to make the right choices on time have left her overwhelmed with emotional pains. Feeling guilty, low self-esteem, disturbed and disappointed by how things have turned out for her. She has been having anxiety attacks, insomnia, fatigue, and emotional pains.

It has reached the point of making a desperate arrangement to get a therapeutic intervention, as she kept on confessing being helpless and life being hopeless. You know what that kind of state of mind can lead to if there is no intervention.

Living Energized Life

The tools of inner fitness are very critical for living a psychologically healthy life and for maximizing our happiness, success, and quality health. Let us consider this quote from e.e. cummings, it says, “To be nobody – but – yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.” Don’t you think that these are some of the invisible battles many youths are fighting today?

Many of our youths are overwhelmed and despaired with what life has turned up to be for them. Some are now using all kinds of disruptive coping mechanisms to help them go through each day. Only God knows what these young men and women are facing, their pains, frustrations, and regrets. Life needs learning how to live it. Because one careless mistake can lead to another.

Improving the way we function is very important for our overall success in life. Because what I have discovered is that so many people are not living the happy and healthy life they deserve to live. And they are putting all their energy to work to make a difference, and often it is as if the difference is not being made or seen.

You Can Adjust Your Plans

What can we learn or do differently to achieve better results, in our relationships, business life, or career? Learning how to live your life by choice is the key. In this article, we will have been discussing some of the ways and tools to be used to live a productive life based on healthy inner fitness. According to some studies, in psychology, being true to ourselves is the most productive, and realistic way to work and live a happy life. Regardless of our goals, and dreams in life, we just have to make the choice of knowing who we are, and what we want to do.

Some are using some coping mechanisms to cope, making use of chemical substances, alcohol, drugs, sex, shopping, etc. even when they know that it is not the best that their body needs. Some are totally bored with their job, their mate, spouse, but still hanging in there as we normally tell someone managing situations to hang in there. How long can the person hang in with inner pains? Honestly, many of us are tearing apart inwardly. Our jobs, relationships, nothing seems satisfying any longer. We go to work anxiously waiting for the weekend to come, the only motivation is just the paycheck.

You Can Choose to Live A Better Life

I was just listening to Fox News this afternoon talking about the number of shootings during this month of July in some of the major cities like New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc, how both the police force and the cities, are not helping the situations because of biases, blame games, and low morale within the police force during this time. Wisdom to Live the Best Life

Why are some people becoming so bitter, so frustrated antagonized, and paranoid? Something is wrong. I can say this both from a Psychological and spiritual standpoint; that many are blaming everyone and everything for their circumstances in life. But regardless of who is to blame, the issue resides within the heart. Where there is a disconnection of the mind and the spirit, there will be no harmony.

Many are disconnected from their spiritual source, and psychological fitness hence all these maladies. You begin to wonder why so many people are living in frustrations and psychic pains to the point of taking it out on others violently. It starts from not planning how to live a life of purpose through inner peace..

Chose to Have an Open-Mind

When you have an open mind you have the freedom to allow ideas to flow in and out. You will be able to trust yourself and extend the trust to others. You will cooperate with people and with life to solve problems, instead of being a problem yourself. You will be able to evaluate the changes happening in your life, and around you. Having an open mind will connect you to the right place for the right connections and opportunities.

Live By Respecting Your Values

The safe way to avoid being trapped by life and its circumstances is to learn how to live to minimize regrets, fears, frustrations, and negative thoughts. It is by learning how to live an authentic life. You will be able to know what you can handle and cannot handle. No matter the pressure. We should be able to know what we want to do as against what we should do as expected by others. I know the pressure I had to go through because my family wanted me to do nursing like every other woman from my area. But right inside of me, I hated nursing, I can’t naturally stand the sight of blood and other human wastes.

Instead of going to nursing school as my husband and others wanted me to, I chose to pursue my degree in Psychology. And I know that some teenagers today are struggling with the pressure of “I should” rather than having the courage and clear understanding of what they want in life who they want to be based on their personal choice. Some are being turned within and with so many contradicting and competing voices on their heads.

Choosing to Live A Life of Choice

When we chose to live by choice and not by fear and pressure, our minds become free to try new things, refusing to be limited in one direction. We develop the courage to take calculated risks and to expand our options and develop the confidence to take full responsibility of our lives and actions and we live our lives by pursuing whatever dreams are locked up in our conscious mind. It is from that point that we begin to see clearly other doors of opportunities and growth areas available.

When we chose to live our lives based on our inner convictions, we are liberated to strive towards pursuing our dreams with passion. It leads us to live the life we want for ourselves instead of grudgingly letting ourselves be moduled and confused, despaired by circumstances, and the pressure and expectations of others.

There’s Always Room To Make The Right Choices

Of course, we will always live to make some compromises. We do the trade-offs, to retain the chains of relationships so to say. When we are working to pay our bills, doing all we can to retain our jobs, live and compromise with our partners, family members, landlords, and authorities that are an intentional compromise. We are making compromises in these areas just because of the fear of losing our grip. And we can do it prudently to make sure that we are not going to sacrifice our core values, and individuality because our inner peace relies on it.

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 When we get our lives mixed up and compromised wrongfully, we pay the price of losing our peace of mind. Therefore, at any point being conscious of who we really are and what we want out of life will enable us to see or notice when the invisible line of our real self has been crossed or compromised carelessly. And at that point, we have the choice and power to retrieve back, either to end a relationship, quit a job that has remained boring or draining, or change our lifestyle that is not giving us the peace of mind that we need. We need to talk less, listen more, be more calculative of our decisions, reactions, and responses.

Learn To Choose How To Live

Let me ask you, at what point are you now in your life? I mean are you at a crossroads of making those crucial decisions of where to live, whom to marry, where to raise your children, which group to join, which belief to uphold? Are you facing the important decision of quitting your job now, the only source of income to become an entrepreneur and a freelancer? Or are you contemplating a divorce?

Guys, these are really tough and stressful decisions to make. I know it because I have experienced it. I have been several times in my life at the crossroads and valleys of indecisions.  It takes maturity, inner quietness to make decisions. Whatever stage you are right at this moment, can I just suggest to you to start by consulting your inner self, if you’re a person of faith, talk it over through prayers and reflections or meditation moments? Learn how to consult your inner self make your best choice that matches who you are and what you want out of life.  

9 thoughts on “How To Live Life By Choice”

  1. I value this post because I know how fundamental it is to value yourself and live life the way you want to. So often society predicts how one should act, and what one should do, and this in turn has a negative effect on your own thoughts and perspectives. One should not allow this and realise that it is your life and your choices. You determine your own success. 

    1. Charne, thanks for stopping by, and for your kind comment. Living our lives based on our individual blueprints is richer, more satisfying than any other manipulative way. And we can only do that successfully when we know what we need in life and how to go about it. Each of us has our dreams, therefore nobody else supposes to dream for us.


  2. “Living is a skill that must be learned if we want to live happily and to achieve our dreams for life.” 

    Wow! Such a powerful phrase. It hit home. I couldn’t agree more with it. Life is all about learning. Each day is a new lesson to be learned.

    Many things in life are out of our hands, but many others depend on us and are the direct results of our actions. Many of the consequences we face in life are the result of our choices. Choices, choices, choices. Big and small. They all matter and make us who we are. They are a reflection of our personalities.

    Thanks for sharing this powerful message. I’m sure many will benefit from it.

  3. Hello there! I think this is a great post and reminder. Sometimes I feel like society and just life situations can really weigh people down. The burden and amount of stress can be unbearable at times and I can imagine certain individuals feel powerless and hopeless to all that. But your post serves as a great reminder that one can choose to come out of that tight spot. The process is not easy but if one keeps working at it and have a hope/goal to look forward to, then anything can be possible.

    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your great comment.  You’re right, life as we know it is becoming very stressful, both for the rich and poor. And as I see it, part of the reason for the stress is because of misplacement of priority, and also as a result of unhealthy completion, comparisons, covetousness,  everybody wants to acquire material things, make money, without having time and energy to enjoy it. It’s just crazy. Look at the rate of violent crimes this year. People are not making the right choices for their lives and families, and society is reaping the ripple effects. 

      It starts with knowing who you are, what you need to be happy within life, and your values, beliefs, and wisdom to apply knowledge on how best to live a life of integrity, whether you have money or not.

  4. Hi Favorme
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on how to live life by choice. This is really a powerful statement. Responsibility Ownership is the key I feel! Whatever I do is my responsibility and anyone else-not our family, friends and collogues. Once we start taking the responsibility of our deeds, the things will be very easier and clear. Thanks again for sharing such a motivational message.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hi Gaurav, I’m thankful for your candid opinion on this post. I also commend your sense of accountability and purpose.  Just as you rightly said, “Once we start taking the responsibility of our deeds… ” Being responsible, making responsible decisions and choices will save anyone unnecessary regrets in life. 

      Once again, thanks for your excellent input!

  5. What an interesting read! I m 66 years old and for some 30 years I am trying to lead an authentic life, being myself, following my interests, but always taking care of others. When somebody talks, I listen, when they have a problem I try to help. Why? Because it fits with me. I also am an INFJ and herein lies the issue.

    Do I have a lot of friends? Not at all and not even my partner likes me very much. As compensation, my two boys of 15 and 17 do though. I have come to see that my personality is not really understood very well, in part because not many people make a real effort. You have touched on that topic very well in pointing to the bombardments by social media and how you should live. 

    Does this mean my life sucks? Not at all, as I live the life I chose, knowing myself. No one’s life is without issues. But I am surely disappointed with the people around me. They do not seem to understand or even accept the fact that we are not borne equally. We differ from each other by birth. Note here that I am not talking about better or worse, but about different!

    1. Hi Jerry, thanks so much for stopping by, and for your candid comment. We all have our idiosyncrasies. Life is about discovering yourself, your real identity. Knowing your strength and weakness, and making adjustments as you continue to grow. The important thing is to have an open mindset, to learn, to learn from others, to appreciate everyone’s uniqueness, but be yourself, and be the best version of yourself. Take responsibility for your choices, mistakes, learn and grow from them. Life is about learning Jerry! 

      Thanks again, for your touchy comment.

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