How To Live The Past Behind


How To Live The Past Behind?

Have you left the past behind you?  Are you prepared to embrace your future? The preparation starts today at this particular moment. Whether you are going to embrace your dream future or going to miss it depends on how you have handled your past; also, how you are handling the present. It is being said that life can only be lived in the present. In other to move forward, we have to live the past behind. Mostly those hurtful memories of the past.

None of us is immune to pain. I have it, I feel it, most of my past pains, once I remember them, I begin to hurt again. How do I overcome such past pains was the question I asked myself, and then thank God, I got the answer in my spirit, that the best way forward for me is to live the past behind? I got it! Replacing our negative past with our present positives brings healing and recovery from past pains.

When we do, we are going to be focused on the present while preparing for the future. And if you ask me that’s exactly what I’m doing. I have experienced it, and can confess that dwelling on the past brings nothing but distractions, mostly when all you see in your past are scars, colors of defeats, failures, hurts, betrayals, and resentments. If there’s nothing motivating, uplifting in your past, forget it and move ahead, to open a new chapter at the present and work to rewrite your story.

We Can’t Undo The Past

For so many of us, we have some good memories of our past as well as some bad ones. What we can do is to appreciate what we did base on what we know, what we have, who we are, and where we were. We can applaud ourselves if we realize that we did the best we could base on our level of education, and the information and resources we had available in the past.

 So, if we want to wise up, the best thing we can do now at the present is to do the best we can, be our best, live our best life, share life experiences with others, strive for hope, joy, and peace. Living to be healthy physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Even God the creator, wished us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers. The future is not in hour hands to control, but we can live to trust the one who knows and controls the future. We can only plan, budget, schedule our future activities, but we have nothing else to do than to be hopeful and be proactive.

Are You Moving Forward Or Stagnant?

Life is about moving forward. It is about growth and making progress. Anything that doesn’t allow one to progress in life is a negative force and therefore should be avoided by all means. But the question becomes what do you do when you find out that you’re the hindrance to your growth? How can I be a hindrance to my progress? When you are not living your life according to wisdom and knowledge, and the life principles.

When you only wish the change to happen with no action plan to make it happen. And when you surround yourself with people of the negative mindset and lifestyles. You see to that, the condition of the soil how fertile or infertile the soil is can determine the outcome of the harvest. Meaning that you as an individual, that your character, belief, behavior, and attitude towards learning can affect your growth.

 Another point I want to remind us as we try to forge ahead and to live our past behind is that our mind is like a battlefield. Every time, there is a war going on it. It could be the war of good and bad, failure and success, happiness and sadness, the war of forgiveness and unforgiveness.

Choose To Be Free

In this our troubled world, many people’s lives have been affected. Many have been emotionally injured by others; It may be by close friends, family members, faith community, spouse, etc. Many have been left to carry in their minds the deepest scars caused by resentments. You can lay them down. Is it as easy as I write or say it here? Not at all. But if you choose to let go for your sake, and for God’s sake, you can.

I have experienced how heavy, devastating, energy-draining, and incapacitating deep hurts can make you feel. But I have equally seen and realized how liberating force can take over once a person makes the commitment to live behind the hurt feeling. In these troubled, times, many people’s minds have known misery, sorrow, bitterness, disappointments.

To scoop out these miseries out of our minds, we need to wage the war in our minds to clear up the debris to allow the sunshine of happiness. So, what’s the point here? I want to encourage us that for us to move on with our lives and to face and grab or future, we need to war against the negative feelings of resentment, regrets, fears of being found out, disappointments of all sorts, and so forth. Life is a battle; we cannot win if we don’t fight.

 And when the wars break out on every front, what do you do? You choose your battle. The battle against illness, against financial bondage, against job loss or career change, battle against divorce, separation due to contentious relationship, battle against debtors, and unruly children.  When one’s life is faced with all these challenges, how do you go to bed at night and get a good night’s sleep? You do that by choosing what to tackle at a time. And a for a person of faith, you have to cast every care upon God, for He cares about what you’re going through.

Rising Above Negative Memories

Remember what the goal is. The goal is to live the past behind as to move forward. And when I talk about the past in this article, I’m narrowing it to those negative setbacks, those battles we lost, or that we couldn’t fight at all. Those memories that haunt our present, and threatens to paralyze or have blurry vision for the future. However, some people can equally allow their past victory or past successes to hinder them from advancing further. They become satisfied and feel settled with no further plan for growth in other areas of life.

We need to grow up. If we are learning and growing in experience, we will realize that the best life is doing is to present us with all kinds of experience and circumstances, it’s up to us to learn from any of such experience, good or bad, and decide to move on. You can get rid of negative images of past relationships that didn’t work out well for you. Negative images of failed businesses, jobs you couldn’t do well. The anger against a supervisor or manager that didn’t like or said anything good about your performance.

 Get rid of those images in your conscious mind as you decide to open a new chapter of your life. If not, they will keep draining your energy, and casting a spell of doubt and low self-esteem. Life is a battle, do not give up keep fighting every negative voice within you. Let me remind you when I talk of the past, it starts from yesterday to Yester-months-and years. Just bear that in mind.  

Resist the Negative Voices

Fight against any voice that will remind you of the ugly past and your weaknesses, mistakes, and failures. Avoid and resist voices that are letting you down by seeing you as ugly, stupid, empty, ignorant, unlovable, miserable, and a victim. They are part of the obstacles to overcome before achieving your desired future life.

Initially, with my personality traits, it was hard for me, but as I begin to learn more about life, coupled with my desire for a better way of living the kind of life I dream about; and with the knowledge of God’s word and will for my life, I have changed the old channels of my life and things are different now. That’s the same approach I’m recommending for you today in this article. To keep your past behind whatever it was and brace to live a life of peace and harmony. We can do it!

6 thoughts on “How To Live The Past Behind”

  1. To some people, it is very hard to leave the past behind and move on with their lives, it makes them be in a particular position for a long time  hindering progress in their life. This article is very good and it’ll be helpful to those who are still battling effects of the past, I’ll share it around for people to benefit.

    1. BJa, your absolutely right, that for some people it is very hard to leave the past behind as to move on with their lives. The truth is that dwelling with bad or negative memory for a long time depresses the mind, and with the depression comes other complications that hinder progress.

      Thanks so much for your very kind words and valuable input. Highly appreciate it. Please, do share it.


  2. Life sometimes give us what to laugh about and in some cases what would make us cry and that’s the point here you’ll need yourself to come with up your head high and face the challenge you may be having. One thing I really like to do when I am down is go out to a new environment and its somehow gets me away from the past. Know what works for you and bee alive 

    1. Justin, you’re absolutely right. Life has so many lessons to teach everyone. It is the individual ability to learn that makes the difference. Whatever coping mechanism anybody decides to use to bounce back is worth it.

      As you rightly stated, knowing what works for you, what to do to move forward, to overcome the past hurts, mistakes, etc, is the key to moving forward.

      Thanks for your nice comment.


  3. The truth is, the faster we can realise that we cannot change the past and we can only live by the present is the better for us as we would learn to cope with the past and move on from it whole looking to the future for the endless possibilities presented by it. I actually value all you have shared here and it is really great to see. Thanks so much for sharing here

    1. Kimberly, thanks for stopping by and for your valuable input to this article. How I wish that most people who are still held hostage by their past regain their freedom, thereby looking to the future for the endless possibilities; as you rightly remarked. Most people who are suffering some kind of depressions are affected due to their inability to let go of bad memories. It’s hard.


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