How to Overcome Failure or Mediocre Mentality You don’t

How to Overcome Failure or Mediocre Mentality

You don’t have to win every time. You shouldn’t judge yourself only by the world’s standards and achievements. You are worthy of equal opportunities as any human being. You’re likely a good person.

There is still the possibility of being a loser. Many things can make you feel weak, soft, or live below your potential. You are slowly coming to realize that there is no objective standard for a happy or unhappy life.

The acceptance of mediocrity is increasing, but it’s also becoming more popular.

People seem to have this calm nonchalant attitude towards self-improvement. It’s now the trendy thing to be lazy. The media, institutions, and a movement trying to deprive you of your agency make it impossible for you to be independent of them. Some people have been scammed to the point that they are unable to help.

Do You Desire to Make a Difference in Your Life?

Failure doesn’t automatically make you a loser. Being broke does not automatically make you a loser. Having an ultimate-life passion doesn’t make you one either. 

It is not what you do, but how you do it. Doing so many things at once is a losing strategy. You shouldn’t put your efforts into yourself.

You do not cause yourself unnecessary harm mentally or physically. The most important thing is that you don’t accept responsibility and have no plans for change.

This last point is what irks and makes me feel bad for people who aren’t severe.

It’s OK to engage in counterproductive activities. If you begin to act as if someone else is making you fail, you are a loser.

 Although politics has many essential aspects, the most important thing to remember is that your decisions will determine your success. Consider this: Imagine that the government meets every demand you make. That will help you to become self-actualized.

You don’t have it to be like this. I know many people who aren’t losers. They are proud of who and what they do.

I know Taco bell workers who have won awards, and I also know winners with six-figure salaries. Your mind makes winning and losing possible. You can stop being a loser and stop thinking like one.

Essential Questions to Ask Yourself

  • What standard should you set for yourself?
  • What can you expect from yourself?
  • What can you do to make a change in your thinking, even if it doesn’t happen immediately?

Looking in from the outside, I was still a loser with my first attempt at self-improvement. I had a job that paid a minimum wage, lived in a cramped apartment with $400/month rent, and was broke. But, I made a change in my outlook and began to see myself as a winner.

I took care of myself and my well-being. You are this person, this vessel, with a mind, body, and a soul. 

How well do you take care of the person you spend your entire life with? Do you care about yourself, or are you destroying yourself?

At a certain point in life, I saw that I was a loser. I made no excuses for it, didn’t blame my skin color or government, and I certainly didn’t do any self-care affirmations. My life was a reflection of my own. I saw it objectively and realized that I wasn’t happy. You can’t change your life unless you do. 

Dramatic Results with a Subtle Mindset Change

You’d be surprised at the positive changes in your life if you just expect good things to happen. You attract people who are like-minded to you if you put your self-improvement first.

I can recall back then that the more I invested in self-improvement, taking good care of my body, and learning about things that sparked my natural curiosity, the more my energy led to a better quality of life.

If you have determined to improve your self-image, you will develop a feeling. It’s incredible how many times I received compliments from people when I worked in a high school. My smile would be a smile, and I would stand straight up, make eye contact with people, and try my best to provide customer service. I’d absorb the energy and reflect it onto myself.

You will experience the same. It’s easy to notice the difference in yourself and your life when you take pride. You’ll be more energetic and have better energy. That is the opposite of being a loser. Picture a Netflix addict who is politically obsessed and hostile.

You will stand out.

You can see the difference in people’s expressions and how they emit energy. If you walk around public places, you will feel the loss-like energy of a lost soul.

You may meet people who are willing to share their energy with you. If you are their example, they will be an example to others. It’s the only way to change society, not this top-down, politically driven societal orthodoxy.

What’s the Best Way to Get There?

It is possible to improve your self-image and skills by simply following these simple steps:

  • Reading books
  • Exercising
  • Sleeping 8 hours per day

It doesn’t matter what you do; it’s about why you do it. It’s not about the everyday activities of a loser. You can win by engaging in these activities. These activities are essential because of the reasons you do them. Although it’s not a perfect situation, positive thinking can lead to positive actions.

While they may not check every box, most people who are successful do. Gradually you’ll create a new identity. That’s how you get your identity.

The Gravity of the Situation

Here are the essential facts.

Self-improvement does not come as a fun, easy adventure.

The typical person in society looks unhealthy, is not active enough to focus on their mental or physical health, engages actively in activities that increase cortisol, and decreases attention span.

People who don’t take responsibility for their health and well-being will eventually die. However, those in power want you a weak, dependent loser.

  • These people won’t be your friends.
  • They don’t care about your feelings.
  • They think that you are dumb.

Simply taking responsibility for yourself these days is brave defiance. There is a war on the zeitgeist. But you can choose the right side.


Be aware of the noise. Stop listening for messages of helplessness or victimhood. You can trust yourself.

No one knows better how to make your life easier than you. Once you get that, you will feel free.

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  1. Hi Favorme,

    Thanks for your post regarding trying to be positive from within! At the end of the day, what we think of ourselves is the main factor that affects our reality, doesn’t it? I agree with you that we need to love and take good care of ourselves first, rather than making excuses and blaming outside factors. 

    Thanks again for sharing your views


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