Is Onpassive Legit or Scam? Or A Scam? Get The Facts

Is your business facing challenging moments to grow due to high competition? Are you wondering how to grow your business through the internet? Do you need someone to guide you on how to advertise your business? If yes, ONPASSIVE competition is your solution. In this article, I will provide you with the facts why ONPASSIVE is legit and not a scam as many suspects. ONPASSIVE great attraction is its high digital advancement that presents more than ads, but the solution which it provides. A business solution that presents a futuristic technology of artificial intelligence automation for business growths.

Your business needs stable growth for you to make any profit. To achieve what you want out of your business, you need to have a strong connection and support. Currently, selling your business products and reach to many customers requires a profitable concern. The use of the internet to market your business products becomes the best option. An excellent company that can help you achieve this is ONPASSIVE.

ONPASSIVE is created with artificial intelligence to give you options on what you want from your business. The solution to this platform’s simplicity is to guide you to achieve profits and simplify your work to reach more customers. First of all, you need to understand what ONPASSIVE is and how it works. 


ONPASSIVE is a business solution online company that uses artificial intelligence power. The platform offers artificial intelligence tools that can support businesses in various ways and aspects. The aspects in which this platform helps include domain registration and digital marketing. However, as per the information on this site, the firm is in a pre-launch stage. And for this reason, go have hosted the program. 

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How it works 

This firm is currently being promoted under the GoFounders’s banners,” from which its members can earn a commission based on the MLM structure. On top of artificial intelligence, the platform requires its members to recruit others to qualify for a commission. ONPASSIVE Go Founders platform operates in the marketing and advertising sector. Upon joining, new members will get assistance from the site in creating traffic from within the forum, enabling them to market to other members of the firm’s members. 


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So far, ONPASSIVE does not have any sellable services or products but has ad credits for its members. Its members can access these ad credits and use them in promoting their websites on this platform to other members of the forum alone. The site constitutes online training, but this will be clear after launching, which the founders announced will launch soon. Right now, it is still in its pre-launch stage.

The Platform provides a unique type of MLM opportunity besides artificial intelligence tools. Once they launch their site, the MLM matrix will be the primary determinant of the site’s compensation plan. Members will qualify for recurring commissions based on this MLM matrix. The affiliates will get access to a regular subscription, which will allow them to earn extra fees from those matrix tiers.

Break down Compensation plan

Generally, the model is good and so exciting. If appropriately designed and abided by the MLM rules and regulations, it will significantly benefit affiliate marketers.   

Why ONPASSIVE company is the best

There are several services that the ONPASSIV company offers.

ONPASSIVE offers development services for your business. If you are looking at how your business will develop, an ONPASSIVE company gives you this service. A profitable business is one that has well-designed criteria to achieve the intended goals. This company has designed its platform to help you develop your business to a higher level.

2. Use of Digital tools

The use of automation tools is a tactic this company uses. As the world is now under stiff competition, especially in the provision of business services, the use of automation tools transforms your business into the digital world.

According to the information available on the pre-launch, the founders get positions for ninety-eight dollars. However, the platform does not define the purpose of this money. But it is assumed that this fee is used by the founders to acquire a position on matrix tires. 

ONPASSIVE go founders program is undoubtedly a legit business opportunity for affiliate marketers and not a scam. It allows its members to earn commissions by inviting new members to join the platform through prospecting. Once new members sign up, they will create a team and eventually make a commission. This fee is later broken down as follows on the matrix tier.

  • $25 matrix commissions earn $25 monthly
  • $125 matrix commissions make $ 125 monthly
  • $250 matrix commissions make $ 250 monthly
  • $500 matrix commissions make $ 500  monthly

ONPASIVE Company Founders 

The founder and CEO of ONPASSIVE go founders is Ash Mufareh. According to the information found on Ash Mufareh’s Linkedin profile and Facebook page, Mufareh is also the CEO of GFI Fusion, a group that advertises the GDI opportunity. 


The platform offers the affiliate marketers positions in its four by three by 10 MLM matrix; therefore, to join, you have to buy spots in these matrix schemes. After signing up, move to the next step which entails filling the matrix. You can do this by either directly or indirectly sponsoring your upline. There are three matrix positions at the topmost level, which are multiplied on the next level to give nine parts.


So there has been some buzz about a legit platform that offers legit MLM opportunities alongside artificial intelligence solutions. Based on the review above, you can deduce that ONPASSIVE Go founders are legit and not a scam, as some other reviews suggest. But it is also essential to conduct personal research for in-depth information to help you make an informed decision.

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2 thoughts on “Is Onpassive Legit or Scam? Or A Scam? Get The Facts”

  1. Hi, 

    ONPASSIVE seems like a legit program to me too. I only hope that I am not wrong. I read a few reviews about it and also read your take on the efficacy of the program. I think people believe it’s a scam because it’s a bit complicated. After all. it has a lot to do with AI.

    Thank u for the review as it will make me wiser on whether this program is worth trying out.



    1. Aps, thanks so much for your candid comment. Yes, we know when something sounds so good to be true, skepticisms increases. I think that’s why some of us should cautiously optimistic but at the same time risk-taking is part of the game of being in business, therefore, I approve your take!

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