Keep Hope Alive Regardless of the Circumstances

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Keep Hoping Until You See Your Dreams Come Through

John Johnson once said that “men and women are not limited not by the place of their birth, not by the color of their skin, but by the size of the hope.”

With the eyes of hope, you can see your future delivering that dream to your palm. Do not look around or look down and see where you are now. Let not the present condition you’re in limit your vision. The only determining factor to hold unto is what you are doing right now or what you will do with the privilege you have.

It Is Better To Keep Your Hope High Than Low Hope

Having enough hope, when you’re going through a tough time will keep your mind focused on the bright side. It will help you to start viewing the light beaming at the end of the tunnel even though you’re just at the beginning. Keeping your hope fired up will provide you with the internal motivation that you require to keep pushing on despite the odds against you. We’re not encouraged to nurture a false hope, rather a hope that is based on strong convictions of who you are, what you need following with your action plans.

In other, for you to keep on believing in your dreams, you have to learn how to deal with the problem of self-doubt. Personally, I have experienced this, and I know its negative impact. Whenever we allow doubts, fear, and despair or any form of negativity to set in, we are tweaking punching holes on our convictions. I can’t imagine how many times as a wife, mother, worker, or business owner, I have gone through some stressful situations, and almost throw in the towel. I believe that most of you can relate to what I am saying here. The devastating feelings of disappointments, bad news, losses, setbacks, illness, divorce, and so forth. Life can be tough some times.

Expectations can fail. What do you do at such times? Do you decide to quit, even when the results for your labor are almost about to manifest?  Hard thoughts. I struggle sometimes between two opposing viewpoints, mostly when I’m not making headways on my goals. But Thank God I have learned that quitting when the going gets tough is not the best option, I have to replace it with hope and persistence. Keep hope alive!

Which Voice Is Speaking?

Probably, there are some who are battling with the voices speaking within. For instance, a voice within me will be whispering, why not quit now and forget about this, online stuff. Ist not for everybody, just redirect yourself to something else to save you money and time why not quit before you go too far only to find out that you’re not making it or going to make it. Have you ever felt like that before?

Then comes another voice telling me, remember your convictions on this, remember that you told yourself that a quitter never wins, and a winner never quits, why are you entertaining such a thought? These are the obstacles we have to eliminate if we are going to succeed. Anyway, I will assume that some of us have battled with such voices or thoughts before during our business journey or career.

This later voice will tell me that I have gone too far to go back or get off track. It will remind me that I may be some steps away, some targeted actions away to my breakthrough, that I must stay put, and reflect on my strategies, and find ways to improve on the areas that I need the most improvement and keep believing and working hard until I see the results of my efforts. Two competing voices humm!  I had this experience during my college years while taking Statistics and Algebra my nightmare classes. But guess what? I made it! Why because I didn’t give up on my dream.

Sustainability Of The Dream

These days of information overload, these days of high ambition for men and women, when the flood doors of opportunities are open for all and sundry, anyone can hatch a new dream, but the challenge for many is how to maintain or achieve the dream. As I try to explain above, there is always the temptation, frustration, and discouragements that go with a lack of results in any endeavor we embark upon. There are so many factors that can cost us our dreams if we are not properly focused and rooted in our convictions of the dream we have in the first place.

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Keep Your Focus On The Target

Nothing is guaranteed in life, we must accept it. We are living in a world of uncertainty. Life generally is about having faith. For instance, we are here today, but we have the faith to believe that tomorrow will come, that after the thick darkness that the morning will break forth, that is faith what faith does.

We have faith that our future will be better than today, that our children will turn up well, even when it seems some of them are misstepping. We have faith that the new place we want to relocate will be more favorable to us than our former place.  This is how we operate or how some of us operate and take our decisions, walking by faith through the eyes of hope.

 We believe in the substance of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen. Likewise, that’s how sticking to your target, staying focused on what you want to achieve in life can be achieved. You have the choice to focus on how you want your life to change. It is such a focused mindset that will keep you going, despite your doubts and difficulties. Do what you can to keep reinforcing your dream until it is achieved! If others did the same thing and achieve results, that means that you can as well by remaining focused and keep working hard on your dream.

As we can imagine, having or achieving our dreams makes us feel stronger, more confident, more joyful, and more fulfilled than when it is not. I mean from the little things to the big ones, getting them done as we visualize them in our minds empowers us than when the reverse is the case. It builds your self-confidence and hope. Therefore, let us keep hope alive as we strive to achieve those dreams. Remember nothing is impossible to him who believes. Keep believing, and Keep hoping that with God on your side anything is possible!

2 thoughts on “Keep Hope Alive Regardless of the Circumstances”

  1. I am so inspired by this message, thiis is something I absolutely needed to hear! I’m a true believer that what you think in your mind, and speak into existence, all has effect on your reality. That all ties in to your message and how it’s best to always keep high hopes rather than low ones, and to keep walking with hope and faith even through all the tough times. Thank you so much for the read, I genuinely enjoyed every word! 

    1. aimeekhakeesi, thanks so much for stopping by and for giving your kind and candid comment to my post. I greatly appreciate it. Having hope and through faith, every tough time will come to pass! I’m glad to hear your comment.


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