In this wonderful video, by the famous and amazing woman Oprah Winfrey, you will discover, how the grace of your higher power, the universal energy – the creator God can sustain you and deliver you from your fears and limitations through grace. Life is a mystery and will remain a mystery, regardless of all the scientific and philosophical knowledge out there.

In times like this, I will earnestly appeal to you to learn to connect with people who can help you and inspire and encourage you to see your potentials, the grace you have to overcome life obstacles. When you learn how to live by grace you will begin to appreciate life better!

Listen to one of the world’s experts of a life well lived by Grace, Oprah Winfrey!

Enjoy this speech and let your faith and self-confidence grow!


I really believe that life is so sweet when we learn how to do the living. God has blessed us with amazing capabilities, gifts, and resources to live and enjoy life. But unfortunately, and ignorantly, many allowing these wonderful grace not to be experienced or manifested by how we live our lives.

I also, believe that our successes or breakthroughs in life as human beings are not determined by our circumstances, no matter how good or bad that is. But, being-self aware of who we are and what our life’s purpose is (are), will be seen on how we handle our life challenges, how we transform our lives through the changes we make for growth and improvement in every aspect of our lives.

The good news for me personally and I believe for the readers of this post is that we have the resources, and the ability to make our human experiences what we dream it to be for us and our families! We have the potentials. They are all their within us waiting to be stirred up. Please arise and let us rebuild our lives. Let us make our creator proud for the grace He has sufficiently given to each and every one of us in different ways and means. We can live by Grace!

As always, let me hear what you think about this post. Leave me your comment at the end, I’will always be grateful!

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