Leaving A Good Legacy Behind

Leaving A Good Legacy Behind

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Last week, I brought to our awareness of the 13 virtues of an extraordinary statesman named Benjamin Franklin. He accomplished much and left a wonderful legacy behind in the mark of history. Even though at the end when he looked at his virtues, he acknowledged that even with his personal life philosophy, which he articulated as his defensible foundation upon which to base his decisions, opinions, and actions. He recognized he didn’t live the perfect life he aspired, but at least his 13 virtues list helped to put his life under focus at any stage of his career. Because of his beliefs, and the values he believed and held true, they helped him to live an extraordinary life.  

In this short post, I want to provide us with some selectively self-reflective questions to help you create your own personal philosophy.

These are some questions I found useful: As you must have noticed by now, I write about self-development or motivational topics. I choose my topics randomly, anything that has to do with our attitudes, relationships, and self-awareness. I develop random topics, but within the same categories of self-improvement.  English is not my primary language, so bear with me.

Anyway, sorry about the long digression. Where was I? what did I promise to do here? Oh sorry, now I remember, let us reflect on the following questions:

Questions To Consider

1.      What gives me a sense of satisfaction?

2.      What do I want my legacy to be? What should I be remembered for, at work, business, family, among a community of faith?

3.      What do I value more than anything in theory?

4.      What do you fear most?

5.      What are you most grateful for?

6.      What is your purpose in life, have you discovered it yet?

7.      What is your mission? Have you accomplished it yet or are you pursuing it?

Legacy You Need It

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Let me wrap this up here with a little emphasis on the legacy.  I feel strongly about writing an entire article on this topic, maybe sooner. Why because of what’s happening today in politics, business, and every institution. A time when everything has become so fake, where everything is politicized, a society, where it remains for people to doubt themselves as humans. A time when the truth is hard to find and since speaking the truth and accepting the truth has become so difficult. Leaving a good legacy behind is crucial.

 A period when the political world, and the business world, are operating recklessly, with no thought of what legacy they leaving behind for the younger generation. It is so regrettable to see what’s going on today. It seems many people have forgotten that their daily actions, words, thoughts, are part and parcels of their overall contributions negatively or positively to living a life of legacy. Living a life of legacy means living a life that matters! https://www.huffpost.com/entry/5-ways-to-leave-a-great-l_b_7148112

It means living in such a way that as to leave a mark upon our world for the better, in any small or greater way. Living a legacy means to live to be remembered fondly and to be missed deeply, sincerely by people you know and people who know you.

My honest encouragement for us all is to live our lives to be marked with legacy and not regrets.

The world is getting so sick and so confused and divided daily. These kinds of the atmosphere will no doubt have some negative effects on our psychological health as humans whether we see it. The subtle effects are building up.In All Your Getting Get Virtues

 Just like Benjamin Franklin did during his era, we can start today to draw or re-draw our personal road map that will lead us to our promised land spiritually, economically, and morally. We have to know what we believe and why we believe what we believe and how to defend our beliefs.  We have to have a firm foundation built on moral principles on which to set up other structures as a business, careers, politics, family, faith, etc. for them to stand the test of time.  Hope you picked one or two points to reflect on from this post. As always, your comment and inputs are valued.

10 thoughts on “Leaving A Good Legacy Behind”

  1. People have truly thrown away but true legacy is all about and they do not remember it’s importance in the world we live in today which in my own candid opinion is sad. Like you pointed out, the world we live in today is fake and just as well planned so we need to play out our life in a way that when we’re gone, we are remembered for a long long time.

    1. Jackie, thanks for your valuable comment and input to this article. We all need to be self-aware of who we are, what our mission and purpose here on earth are. We have to live a life that reflects our values and the principles we believe in. Living a life of legacy should be the goal of any decent person.

  2. I read this post about the 13 virtues of Benjamin Franklin. I liked it so much that I bookmarked your site. And here I am back for more content.

    Having a road map for our life is key. I’ll start today to re-draw my personal road map. Thank you very much for the encouragement.

    1. Abel. thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad to hear that you read about the 13 virtues List by Benjamin Franklin. These are real-life lessons any decent person ought to pay attention to. And I’m pleased to hear that this have motivated you to create a personal road map that will enable you to navigate through life in a positive way. What a good approach!

      Wishing you all the best.

  3. The work today is now so compromised that people are now desperately in search of money forgetting that one day we’ll depart this earth. Leaving a good legacy is one of the greatest achievements anyone can have because even after death, that legacy will speak for you and not even your money can do that. Legacy indeed is greater than currency.

    1. Philebur, thanks for your wonderful input. Yes, the world is aggressively pursuing money and the fleeting things of life to the detriment of a positive legacy. What shall it profit anyone to gain the world and lose his soul, there a question like that in the Scripture? We have to start now to live and to do the things that matter most, living in harmony with our maker, with one another, using our talents and gifts to make the world a better place.

  4. Hello there, in life we live sometimes without having to bother about so many things thing and I have been really happy about this article be air I want I live a life where I will be proud of it myself and that would be really good. This article have given me so much to understand about it all and I am glad

    1. Lawson, thanks for your kind comment. I’m glad that you picked something from this article.

      Living a life of a wonderful legacy doesn’t happen by chance. It is a life lived intentionally by living a life based on values and principles. We can start today to be more intentional by how to live our daily lives.

      Once again thanks for your comment.

  5. Hello there! thanks a lot for dropping this article. I find it very informative and Educative. It is indeed a beautiful piece of work and I find it very interesting. The story of Benjamin Franklin is what everyone should try to have. After going through your article, I want to become a better person and live a better life. Thank you very much. 

    1. Sophia, thanks for your kind and candid comment to this article. I’m glad to hear that you found it useful.

      The issue of leaving behind a good legacy is a goal any decent person must cultivate. We all shall be remembered by what we have done or did not do. 

      Thanks so much for your valuable comment.

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