In times like this, I will earnestly appeal to you to learn to live by grace. Discover, how the grace of your higher power, the universal energy – the creator God can sustain you and deliver you from your fears and limitations through grace.

Enjoy this video from one of the most influential women in the world for a life well lived Oprah Winfrey.
Enjoy it and let your faith and self-confidence grow!

Recognizing who you are and what the grace of God have enabled you to accomplish in your own unique circumstances should cause you to be grateful and humble. Because it says in Romans 9:16 ” So then, it does not depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.” – He gives the grace!



8 thoughts on “GRATEFUL LIFE”

  1. Juma John Jongu

    Awesome buddy and praise the Lord Jesus. This my area of interest when it comes to knowing more about God. It just hit me hard when you mentioned that recognizing who we are and what the grace of God has enabled us to accomplish in our own unique circumstances should cause us to be grateful and humble.  Hallelujah! this is a great message for me today and looking forward to see more of this. Great to see all of us children of God turning back to Him God.

    Thank you again for sharing to powerful message



    1. Hi Juma, and thanks so very much for your excellent comment and input to my post. I can feel your positive emotion. Awesome! That’s what grace can do. It leaves you with a grateful heart, joy that passes all understanding because you know the source of it. It is not based on your circumstances, but in knowing who you are and who is in charge of your life and affairs. It keeps you humble, and makes you appreciate each day and the giver of life, and also to appreciate others regardless.

      I’m thrilled for your comment. Thanks for visiting. Hope to see you regularly.

      Remain blessed!


  2. Heloo, a big thanks to you for sharing this insightful and amazing post on the topic titled,live under the grace… This is really inspiring.I am a product of God’s grace, so many things bb that I have achieved today and what I am is as a result of his grace. I am indeed very grateful and glad for being a partaker of his grace. 

    1. Hi Sheddy, I felt to touched by your statement, when you said that you’re are a product of God’s grace. That’s so powerful! I’m so thrilled to hear such kind of testimony. Many of us are by God’s grace, but sometimes, we just live as if we have forgotten or by taking such a grace life for granted. I’m glad that some people still acknowledge it.

      I will encourage us to appreciate what grace has done for us in different areas of our lives. Many people are denying or hiding the grace in their lives. Many are living an ungrateful life, busy seeking for more, but not grateful for where they are already by appreciating where they are coming from.

      Wonderful confession I love it!

      Please, visit again and help share any content of interest to you.

      Remain blessed.


  3. Hello there,  thank you for this very inspiring post, I must say that this Is indeed a post  in due season,  as it is very timely for me,  seeing that the world is going through a pandemic and the hearts of men are failing them already,  it is very important that one connect to a higher power (God) for sustainance and strength relying on his grace to see us through this times.

    1. Hi Jomata, and thanks a lot for your excellent input to my post. You’re very right, we’re all that we are just by the grace of God. It is by His mercies alone that we are not consumed. But this is the truth many don’t know or if they know they don’t want to believe it. But time shall come when that will be made more real to our consciousness. Living a life of gratitude and acknowledging whose we are and the divine grace that has guided our lives releases more blessings and positive energies to our lives daily. The world is in chaos and getting worse by day as a result of a lack of Godliness.

      I’m glad this inspired you, for that is my goal here.

      I hope you visit frequently. 

      Favorme.Remain blessed!

  4. quite an awesome review you’ve got here on leave under the Grace I must say that I’m so much intrigued on your writing skill a lot of brokers will find it really skillful and happy  to have such a sound writing skill I look forward to visiting your blog more often….thanks for sharing I look forward to sharing it too

    1. Wow evans,  thanks so much for your kind words!!!   Let me share this quote with you. “Remember no one makes it alone. Have a grateful heart and be quick to acknowledge those who help you” – unknown author.

      I look forward to reading more of your comments on any topic of interest.

      Remain blessed!


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