Make Money Math Review: Can Matt Par Make You Money?

Make Money Math Review: Can Matt Par Make You Money?

The Make Money Matt course is designed to be an excellent start for anyone looking to become a successful YouTuber. While it may seem like an advanced course, it’s pretty simple. In addition to Matt’s videos, the course also includes a bonus list of 100+ profitable niches.

In this Make Money Matt review, I want to make it clear that the creator of this product is not a scam. Matt Par is a natural person who has earned more money than his parents have combined. I’ll explain how he did it and whether or not it’s worth buying.

The course has seven video modules and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Matt’s closed Facebook group has over 900 members. As a young YouTube teacher, Matt Par makes $30k per month. Matt Par is the way to go if you’re looking for a YouTube course that will help you make money uploading videos.

Make Money Matt Overview

Product Name: Make Money Matt

Official Web Page:

Creator: Matt Par

Price: $997

Type: YouTube Monetization Course

Best For: Anyone looking to master YouTube Video Creation and Monetization


  • The course will help you make money off your video content.
  • The methods used are top-notch.


  • The course is a bit pricey.
  • It doesn’t correctly describe the culture behind YouTube deleting your video content if it goes against its terms of service.

What is Make Money Matt?

The course is broken into three distinct phases. The first stage is building your YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to create engaging content to attract subscribers and make money. 

The second phase focuses on growing your channel. You’ll learn how to monetize your channel and build an assembly line for your videos. 

In the third phase, you’ll learn how to scale your business for maximum results.\

Matt began to share insightful content with the world at 14. He now helps other people make money by sharing his knowledge.

Matt’s first videos were about the challenges of facing the camera, and his success has been attributed to his positive attitude and passion for creating content.

Is Matt Par the Creator of Make Money Matt?

The program’s creator is named Matt Par, and he’s a viral YouTuber with over 172K subscribers. Matt Par’s YouTube channel has many tutorials, but the creator does not appear to be behind them. The videos are outsourced, and Matt does the voice-over. 

Before launching his Make Money Math channel, Matt Par was a broke high school student. He was wondering what he wanted to do with his life after school. 

So, he turned to YouTube and decided to teach budding YouTubers how to monetize their channel. He even earned two Comma Club Awards from ClickFunnels! 

Who Can Use Make Money Matt’s YouTube Mastery?

The course is designed to teach you all you need to know to monetize videos on YouTube. The course comprises three parts: a mastery video, a book summation, and an introduction. In this first part, you’ll learn the basics of making videos and monetizing them on YouTube. 

First, you’ll learn how to create a video channel. This can be a tricky task, especially if you’re camera shy. Luckily, this course covers the essential basics – from setting up your channel to choosing a niche and setting up an affiliate program. 

Matt will show you how to set up your own Facebook group, start a blog, and much more. Matt even gives you access to his private Facebook group to answer questions you may have.

What is Inside the Make Money Matt Course?

This section will cover the seven modules and help you decide if it’s right for you. These are the core elements of the Make Money Matt course. 

Module 1: Three Phases of YouTube

Before uploading videos to YouTube, make sure to understand the basics. YouTube is a Google-owned website where users can upload and subscribe to other channels. 

Videos are free to watch, but they can be profitable if viewed by people who find them entertaining. 

In addition to providing a general video platform, YouTube offers specialized platforms for games and music. YouTube has millions of videos, and some are even free!

To earn money with YouTube, you must be 18 or above and have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers. You’ll learn how to set up a YouTube channel, the 33 video rules, and the tools for growing a channel. 

You must also learn how to rank your videos, as proper keywords will make your channel more attractive to advertisers. 

You can learn about Matt’s secret SEO keyword process if you don’t know how to do this. But above all, your content should be wholesome and contain helpful information.

Module 2: Choosing a Niche

This module is probably one of the most valuable lessons in the Make Money Matt course. It shows you how to select a niche and make it profitable. 

It includes 100+ examples of niches you can choose from. It also explains how to systematize your videos so you can outsource the work. Regardless of your experience level, this module can help you make the most of your YouTube channel.

After deciding on a niche, the next step is to choose a YouTube channel. Matt will teach you the basics of monetizing your YouTube channel and the proper steps to create a successful channel. It’ll also teach you how to set up a YouTube channel, including the name and details.

Module 3: Setting Up The channel

This module will teach you how to create a Facebook page, affiliate program, and YouTube channel. You’ll learn how to optimize your content, make thumbnails, and upload videos at the best times. 

You’ll also learn how to monetize your channel and hire others to create videos. Whether you use outsourced services or create videos, you will benefit from this step-by-step course.

The Make Money Matt course’s final phase is scaling your channel. Matt shares tips on hiring one person to do your content creation. 

You can also make an assembly line for video creation. Outsourcing can help you increase your productivity, but it will cost you money. 

Matt’s course includes a list of 100+ profitable niches. Once you’ve chosen your niche, you’ll need to scale your content creation.

Module 4: Editing and Uploading Videos

The module teaches you how to edit your videos before uploading them. This step is critical to success. You need to know how to optimize your videos to get them ranked higher in search engines, which is an essential component of YouTube marketing.0

In Module 5, Matt explains how to optimize your videos for search engines. You can also use a content strategy to promote your videos to your audience.

This course will teach you how to create high-quality YouTube videos. The course will guide you through developing an efficient content strategy. 

Matt also explores the talents you already have, shows you how to edit and upload your videos effectively, and explains how to make your videos go viral. 

The module also covers finding free content and making good thumbnails to get noticed by search engines.

Module 5: Growth Module

The next module, the Growth Module, consists of 9 lessons devoted to YouTube. This module includes lessons on creating viral videos, optimizing search engine optimization, and making content that will go viral. 

Other lessons include the secrets of making your videos look viral and how to use YouTube’s algorithms and analytics to your advantage. 

You can also hire other people to help you with your videos. Once you’ve completed the Growth Module, you can move on to the next step in the course – the intermediate phase.

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to maximize your YouTube traffic and monetize your videos. This Module also teaches you how to monetize your YouTube channels, including selling digital products and merchandise. 

Matt teaches you how to create a YouTube channel and sell content. He also shares his favorite moves that help you monetize your videos and grow your channel. 

This Module is an excellent resource for people who have lost their jobs or don’t have the time to put in the hours required to create a full-time income.

Module 6: Monetization

In Module 6, you will learn about setting up a YouTube channel and how to monetize it. Monetization in this course is designed to be beginner-friendly. 

You can use Facebook groups to share your videos with others. This will help you monetize them and get paid for them. 

The course is very affordable, with only a one-time payment for all seven modules. This way, you can start making money with minimal investment.

Module 7: Scaling

This module describes the blueprint Matt Par uses to build his business and how to create success with him. It covers choosing a niche, planning content, and using his 33-rule for success. 

The two subsequent modules focus on the basic strategy for scaling. Both modules are essential for success in online marketing. 

Make Money Matt Pricing

The Make Money Matt course costs $997. But you can get a discount by using a coupon facility. Click on YouTube Mastery course free download. This way, you’ll save a lot of money.

Reviewer: I. O. 

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  1. It sounds like a pay it forward service. With that many subscribers it must be legit or people wouldn’t continue supporting him. This sounds like a roadmap for success on Youtube. I always love a step by step guide to online businesses or anything for that matter. When it’s all laid out with nothing hidden it makes learning something new a breeze.

    1. There’s no doubt about it.  Matt Par has a good track record as a Youtube guru… 

      Thanks for the great comment.

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