Money Addiction

Addiction can take different tastes and different names. Because of our human need for survival, to live, and to experience a certain level of happiness and satisfaction; we are in a constant state of seeking, and pursuing all kinds of stuff. Money addiction is real, beware!

When we look at it, essentially all we are working for or struggling for is to live and enjoy life. Consequently, we crave food, water, house, love, and so many other things we feel are necessary for our living..

One thing about Addiction is that everyone who has any kind of addiction is doing what he or she perceives to be necessary in order to survive or live an intended life, whatever such life is for the person.

 In this post, I just want to briefly make some expository highlights about money addiction.

Money Addiction Palava

If we can be honest with ourselves, we can see how prevalent money addiction is today and the terrible side effects in today’s life. I know of many money addicted workaholics who sacrifices their family life, marriage, quality relationship with their children, and even

Their physical health is in chase of money. For any addicted person, all that matters at the moment is acquiring money and more of it. Because the more money the person makes, the more challenges and the desire to work harder to acquire more.

As humans, we can be addicted to different things. After all, addictions are not to any particular things. However, many people have some wrong understanding about money and the place that money should occupy in their hearts. It is largely due to such misinterpretations that many have erroneously made money to be the god they worship. They are being illusioned that having a lot of money will provide them the happiness they desire.

Anyone Can Become a Money Addict

We all have things we are addicted to whether we admit it or not. It is not surprising that every addict seems to live in denial of his or her reality.  Some people falsely believe that addiction can provide some sort of stability to an unstable mind.

How is your relationship with money? Do you pursue money to the detriment of anything else that matters in your life??

Today, unfortunately, many people’s experiences have proven the opposite. Because the pursuit of money comes with distractions, and unending new activities, that leads to drifting from the normal simple life for a more complicated life. Of course, I don’t doubt the power of money to provide a person with all the good stuff that money can buy, such as a big house, expensive car, designer clothes and bags, and shoes, good vacation, all these are good things that money can buy. Still, their satisfaction is temporal.  

Addiction is like trying to fill up a leaking pot with water. No matter how fast and how often the pot is filled, it will certainly empty out because of the hole at the bottom that causes the leakage. Anyway, that might not be a perfect analogy of what I wanted to explain. But at least somebody has got the picture.

There Are Various Kinds of Addictions

There are various kinds of addicts today. This is not to stir up anyone’s dark side. The truth is that addiction is real and that many people are victims or vulnerable to it. Some of the most prevalent addictions in today’s society are money addictions, power, drugs, alcohol, Codependence, gamblings, food, material possessions, smoking, sex, and many more. All or any of these are the flesh’s tools of sustainability, and means of elevating the mind’s condition. Instead, many are trapped in the endless pursuit of money at the cost of another cost. Unfortunately, it is like robbing Paul to pay Peter! Indeed, it is a tough life to have money addiction.

In addition to money, is a hard one. The love of money is said to be “The root of all evil.”  Why? Because many people will stop at nothing to get money. Money has a lot of attraction and force behind it. Hence its control over man.  One of the false beliefs about having money is that it can buy happiness, in addition to all the luxuries it provides. How to Have a Better Life

Obviously, in most cases, money does the opposite. Of course, everyone all over the world needs money, the problem is not in having money, but in becoming obsessed about it, that’s the red light to avoid. There are many who are craving to have money and have it more, to such a point that they can no longer experience peace of mind, no matter how much money they make.

Let nobody be fooled, there are a lot of things that matter, which cannot be bought by money. For instance, no matter how much money you have, you cannot buy true love, true peace, wisdom, and eternal life with money. And these are priceless. These troubled times we live in, what will keep you at peace, is who you are, and not really what you have or what you do. It is high time we start asking ourselves some honest questions. 

I will end here with this Biblical question found in Mark Gospel 8:36, which says, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, but lose his soul.” Think about that for a moment. But sadly, many want to get all the money they can, even at the loss of their soul.

What is the actual gain? Let us apply wisdom in all we do. There is a better way to make money and enjoy it. Do not be controlled by its power.

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