The Needs That Gives Life It’s Motivation

Human needs are powerful and are considered legitimate needs, that must be met at the right time and by the right means. It should not be met on the notion of the end justifies the means mentality. In the first category, at the base were the physical needs such as food and shelter, that’s why we hear a person say  “if only I can put food on the table and have a roof over my head that he is ok. But is the person actually ok in today’s materialistic world?”. Is that all there is? I don’t think so. The priorities have been misplaced and shifted by man’s greed.

Another need for us is the need for belonging. For many of us, we try to meet this need in various ways, some are by healthy means and some are not. For instance, joining a bad gang or cult for the need for belonging is not a safe and healthy means to fulfill this particular needs for your soul. We satisfy the need for belonging through family, healthy  relationships, clubs, religious groups, and other health associations

In any of these settings, the criteria for their attraction is how they fulfill the emotional securities where people can freely share their dreams and fears without reservation. In a normal society,  the need for intimacy is supposed to exchange deeper feelings of love without fear. Which has to do with self-exposure and trust.

Many today can no longer differentiate their needs from their wants. Again, this is where the fundamental awareness comes in. As far as man is concerned the achievement of how, when, where and the why of our lives to provide our lives with food, shelter, comfort, and all the good things of life has been the mission. And part of man’s problem in finding solutions in how to solve his needs has been as a result of man’s inability to study himself and be self-aware of himself, and others, to find out the reason for life, and to find out what motivates him for the actions he takes. To find out what gives his life meaning and purpose at the end.

 4  Most Essential Needs We Must Fulfil

 There are four basic needs of all living things, including man, plant and animals. Every living thing requires to have in other to survive. These include a good amount of sunlight, air, water, and food.

Sunlight is considered the most important need since it provides all living things with heat and energy. While part of the energy comes from food in the form of nutrients. Water is so critical for the life of body cells and tissues and for the life of other living organisms such as plants and animals. The importance of natural air to life is inestimable. It is the source of gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide which are necessary components of our physical life and environment. All these make me be amazed about life. 

If you are not motivated that means you dont have anything to achieve or you are not pursuing the right thing. Motivation and inspiration are the things that will help you in getting during the hard times of your life. One should know the thing that motivates and inspire them and use them as a trigger whenever they feel like giving up. #positivebear #quotesmotivational #inspirationalquotes #positivity #qotd

I was reflecting on how life is given all the most expensive, most indispensable elements for free. Just think about this for a moment, how much do you pay for sunshine yearly? How about the natural air we breathe daily, how much is the bill yearly or monthly bill? That’s why we have to remain grateful to the creator of all good things

With the belief that we have known and even have the template of the basic human needs as many psychology theorists like Maslow, Albert Bandura, and others studied them and handed the knowledge to us long ago. Therefore it is the goal of this article to discuss them here in detail. Even for those who have to know book knowledge of what the basic human needs are, everyone has known and feel with my experience which is awesome. Because they said that experience is the best teacher.

 We know we need food because our body will tell us without going to the class to ask a teacher do I need food to survive, or to retain my calories intake? We know we need a shelter, whether it is a tach house, a tent, or a mansion because the effect of rain fails, sun, and weather conditions will demand that we have something to shelter us from adverse environmental natural effects. We need that protection over our heads, that’s why the Habitat for Humanity Project is doing a great service for humanity. URL….. We also feel the need for security, a safe environment where we can go in and out without the fear of harm or being killed or dangerous living.

What of the need for relationships, belongingness. We are social creatures, we are meant to belong, to share love, experience, joy, and happiness. We need family, intimacy, and so forth.

Life in the original intent of the creator was meant to be lived beautifully and in peace and tranquility, but unfortunately, man could not maintain the order.

However, in this article, let us touch other areas of our needs, which most of us take for granted somehow.

The Four Legitimate Needs We Must Satisfy

  Our Physical Needs

There other four essential needs, which I consider as the grandchildren of the basic human needs if you want to consider it so. The concept of human needs is quite broad. But let us focus here on these other four specific related areas of needs, which you and I must pay close attention as we begin to develop and build our lives, business. and careers.

Our physical needs are related to our primary needs. This is the aspect of life that is concerned with our physical appearance, health, and general physical wellbeing. For you to take care of your physical well being, you must eat. That means you must have good food too nourish your body. You have to have water and other beverages but the need is water, beverages could be considered as want. 

Water is so essential for our physical survival. I remember that the #1 item that people bought more than anything else during the first week of this Pandemic lockdown was water. My husband, I went to Cosco, Sams Club, and Walmart during that week in search of water to buy, and we could not find water. It was a crazy and scary experience for me. That can show you how important it is for our survival. Oxygen is another essential element for our physical survival and this also reminds

The human body needs oxygen on constant bases, without it life will stop! Again, this reminds me of why so many people lost their lives as a result of this Coronavirus Pandemic. Many died as a result of oxygen complications to state it mildly.

Essential Primary Needs

When we talk about primary needs, we have to think about those elements of the physical needs that help to keep our physical life thriving. The need for regular sleep is very crucial to the physical body and cannot be over-emphasized. If you keep starving your body of regular for days, weeks, watch out for what the result will be. You cannot function normally.  

We need to sleep to rejuvenate the body after each daily activity. Included here is the use of exercise. Getting some required physical exercise suitable for our health, age, and body’s need is a must, for our body to be well-tuned and in shape. These four secondary needs are very important for the survival of the physical body, and we can expand on the list.

For our body to function at its peak as it is meant to function, many studies recommend that we pay particular attention to balanced diets, regular sleep pattern, and ultimate exercise.

Emotional Need  A Must


As regards to our emotions, one can argue that it is not among the most essentials for our survival why to bother.  All through our emotional need is not considered as primary but is indirectly part of the basic needs under the category of Belongness. It is not directly listed, but in a subtle way it is no doubt about it, it depends on who explains it. Our human body is interconnected. What affects the waist affects the leg.

 Personally, I believe that we have to pay close attention to our emotional well-being. The lack of emotional nourishments, in relationships, personal lives, can cause some damages to our psychological well-being sooner or later. Take for instance, when our emotions are starved of love, peace, harmony, acceptance, that can lead to anger, frustrations, bitter feelings even to sickness like headache, ulcer, etc. 

Because that aspect of your life that craves relationships have been neglected or starved of its vitality, it will lead to other psychosomatic symptoms, which your primary care doctor can not easily dictate and he will just load you with prescriptions –  medications.

To feed your emotional beings, we need to spend time being around the people we love, our families, children, parents, friends, groups, spouses, colleagues, most people who are not intentionally toxic to your emotional wellbeing. Having an intimate relationship, and paying the price to maintain it is healthy for our emotional wellbeing. It is a need and must be satisfied with our total well-being.

Our Intellectual Need A Must meet

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. quote affirmation mantra inspirational motivational positive optimistic mindset graphic

When we talk about intellectual needs some people understand it only in terms of schooling, studying and reading, and writing.  Also for some of us, our intellectual needs are the last things in our list of needs to meet because somehow we feel, what’s the need, I have done with school, I have learned enough about life, what else do I need to know that I have not known? That is the wrong mindset. I wrote in one of my profile that I’m an undergraduate of life university. What I mean by that is that I’m still learning from life, and that life is still teaching me some valuable lessons. I just have to have an open mind.

I greatly recommend updating our intellectual needs regardless. However, We need in these age of massive information, flooding every aspect of our lives to be careful of what hear, read, and watch. Because most of them will not nourish us intellectually. We have to make a conscious choice of what we read and listen to including kinds of music.

In other, to nourish your intellectual need, start to develop the habit of reading some good books of interest, even if it is a page a day. Buy a collection of some used books in your areas of interest. Books are my go-to person apart from God. When I’m feeling overwhelmed or discouraged, I will search for books that will minister to my areas of needs, and I will regain my drive-by reading.

Our Spiritual Needs A Must Meet Need

In our individual spiritual journey, the quest is how to become our best version, how to live a fulfilling life. To be sure that we are living our purpose in life, by being, doing what we are supposed to be. But it all starts with knowing what you are here for and how to be sure jus like a messager or an ambassador that you have delivered or delivering the message you are sent by life to deliver. There is a saying among the life coaches, that says “when you know your why your how will be easy to follow”.

I tell you, from the biographies of people that have taken their spiritual needs seriously, they can always tell you that it brings a balance to their lives. It is settling. It helps to focus on internal values. Our lives are meant to be filled with awe, with grace, inspiration, motivation, and vitality. Our lives are meant to have meaning and purpose, and by feeding our spiritual needs we will develop our best versions.


All these needs, our failure to neglect any one of them will not give our lives the harmony it requires. The good news is that we all have what it takes within us to live our lives to the fullest.

We need to understand the direction of our lives and be sure it is heading in the right direction.

We need to have periods of reflections, time for prayers, time for meditations, and time for reading the spiritual books, Philosophical books, religious books including the which for me is the Bible.

We need to have some spiritual friends who inspire us and motivate us to remain on the right part. We need each other in various aspects of our life’s journey, be it business, family, academic, or spiritual. Life is meant to be inter-dependent just like the body is

Thanks for your patient to read this long article.

As always, I will like your comment, let me know what you think about the human needs.

Remain a blessing!

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