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Motivational Inspirational Quotes for your daily encouragement

The motivation for actions for change wants to inspire you with this short message.  One of the ways to take action is by paying attention to ourselves and to those around us. Life is becoming very challenging by the days. People are anxious about how to pay their bills, how to complete their studies, training, how to care for their children, and still work, how to change careers, and how to create profitable business virtually or sustain the traditional business they have which the COVID-19 Pandemic have drained up its income and vitality. I mean a lot of families are going through a lot these days, as a result, are anxious and some getting slow and disappointment depression. Some are anxious about their old parents and how to keep them safe and healthy during the Covid-19 period. There are anxiety and fear in the air, just to put it mildly. So in the midst of these crises what do we do?

In a time like this, you need hope, faith, courage, and a positive mindset to survive. But, notwithstanding, let us pay attention to life, for it has some lessons to teach. Let us listen, and focus, and be there for the ride! That’s how life works. Each day is a collection of experiences. M. Scott Peck once said, that “life is a series of problems. Do we want to moan about them or solve them?” The fact is that life is hard. Life is difficult, no matter how we look at it, and it has always been, even the earliest people had to struggled it out to survive. Many great philosophers, great thinkers, like Plato, Socratis, Budah, all said something about the perplexity of life. So, it is our understanding of these truths, that will help us to navigate the ocean of life without getting drowned.

At this point I will greatly recommend to you to find out the Serenity Prayer to readm and reflect upon it religion or beliefs. It says “God grant me serenity to aceept the things I cannot change, the courage to change what things I can, and the wisdom to know the differen.”

“The hardest victory is overself.” – Aristotle.


I believe that you must have heard the saying “first impression matters”. That has to do with our attitude; it is our first face the world sees. Both our inner and outer attitude can transmit a meaning that is readable to anyone that pays attention. Do you know what, knowing our attitudes, and their effects on our relationships are? My late mother, often time tells one of my brothers to have a change of attitude because she feels that his attitude was burdensome on the family. Because of how stiff-necked he was in his teen years.

As we go through life, our attitudes are showing. Do we know what kind of attitude we are showing dominantly? In reframed psychological terms, we may be the laidback, hopeful, and angry temperaments, like Mr./Mrs. Melacholy, I think, we need to ask ourselves, how do people see us or hear us when we talk? Do I sound negative, fearful, angry, positive, aggressive, passive, or active? How do people see me or understand me? These are good questions to ask for feedback. Remember, there is always room for improvement. That’s why we learn-self-awareness.


Burdens, we all carry them in different sizes. A lot of us carry the burdens of our past failures, past disappointments, past hurts, past shame, etc. We can lay it down where we are at the moment so that we can lighten up as we continue to face the challenge of today. Another reason why I encourage you to bear down the burdens we carry in our minds is because they affect our freedom to live happily in the present. If you are like me, there is always a constant reminder of what happened to you last month, year, or yesterday. It is up to us to let go of the burdens of the past as to be able to fully live in this present and have a good memory of it.

  “if you truly desire happiness, seek and learn how to serve.”

Helping Others 

We all have our so many excuses why helping others is not conducive or even thought about. We need to pray for the heart of flesh because if we don’t have it, we will remain indifferent to the sufferings and struggles and injustices that are so rampant in the world today. It is being said that “most people cultivate their own little secret gardens and never open the gates to others.” We should do all we can as decent people to prevent the virus of self-absorption, with only one cure compassion.

Have Courage     “Energy and persistence conquer all things.”

Courage is a requirement if we want to live a life of victory. It takes courage to accept failure or defeat. It takes courage to face hardship, to live with a difficult person. To start a business or relationships. Courage is a virtue. We need a dose of it daily as we face all the uncertainties of life. Be strong, be resolved, don’t faint. Keep hope alive. Work by faith each day as you take action. Do not be discouraged by unexpected circumstances. Believe that you will make it!

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  1. Motivational Inspirational Quotes for your daily encouragement is a nice article with some nice quotes for daily motivation. The author has clearly brought out that in a time like this, you need hope, faith, courage, and a positive mindset to survive.

    I believe that true motivation comes from believing in yourself and training yourself to be your best support. Not many stand by you when you are in need. Therefore being self reliant is an important personal goal to be achieved as early as possible. 

    Just my thoughts …


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