The Meaning of Determination

We all need determination if we really want to go far in life. We need it in every aspect of our life’s endeavors. You need determination as a sportsperson. You need determination as a politician, as a business person, as a student, even as a parent. What then is determination? And how is it applied? And what are the results? According to Wikipedia, In this brief article, we are going to get some insights into this important word – determination and its meaning.
 is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles.”

What Is Determination? Determination by definition is a positive emotional feeling that involves perseverance towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles.” Collins said that it is “is the quality that you show when you have decided to do something and you will not let anything stop you.”

Determination is what makes you a step beyond vision. It requires applying the discipline to keep consistent regardless of the obstacles or difficulties. Determination is an invaluable technique or quality in the pursuit of successful living. As I stated earlier, it works for anyone who cultivated it.

Someone said that “Many people fail in life because they believe in the adage; if you don’t succeed, try something else. But success eludes those who follow such advice. Every one of us has a dream we are pursuing or the one that has already been achieved.”

For any of the dreams to come true the dreamer must have to stick to the goals, and ambitions. The person must refuse to give up when faced with obstacles of various kinds. A good dreamer will never let challenges, disappointment get the upper hand. Instead, they are being spurred on to the greater effort.

How Do We Apply Determination?

We apply determination by staying tough, and consistent. As a business person, you keep pushing when you feel like working or not feeling to work. Keeping focused on the big picture, not allowing any external voices, distractions, even your own negative thoughts to deter you from pursuing your dreams. Why We Need Courage

You also apply determination by being consistent, resolute, and optimistic. You will see and feel the obstacles, but ignores their threat to hinder you from moving forward. You may consider having accountability partners who will challenge you and spur you on when you feel like quitting. Having such a person by your side who cheers you during tough seasons has enormous benefits.

Determination is inseparable from courage. When you’re determined to take the bull by the horn, you will ignore everything else that suggests fear. This is so because a person with the quality of determination does not balk at the sight of difficulties, and all the unforeseen and foreseen obstacles along the way.

Desire Fuels Determination

I have discovered through experience, that one of the reasons people develop the character or resilient mindset is the desire to succeed or to excel in what they do. Without such desire or passion, many business offices will be closed down, and many dreams are given up buried, or aborted. But as a result of the desire to make it, to succeed, to make a difference, and to be influential, the person will give it all.

Keeping Determined

A determined person is a person who is always feeding his or her emotional stamina. Because, as we go through the day-to-day life ‘challenges, facing the internal and external obstacles, disappointments, and rejections in most cases, for us to keep going, to bounce back we need some doses of emotional stamina or strength to recover quickly from discouragement, and losing perspective.

Determination Produces Results

People who have a resolute mind, and a passionate approach to life will always excel. When a person is determined, no obstacle is insurmountable. It builds your self-confidence. It helps you to overcome failures because you never give up or quit. Whereas if a person has talents, or qualifications, but lacks the willpower to follow through on any goal, the person will get stuck, no two ways about it. Therefore, be determined to be competitive and collaborative, determine to see the finish line. Are we watching the Tokoyo Olympic 2021? We should, not only for entertainment, but the lesson of courage, determination, skills, and the joy of winning. A lot to learn from such even that can help us in our personal, or career.

2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Determination”

  1. I agree that you need desire to persist and be determined. I also agree that many people give up after they fail for the first time. I noticed that most of those people always bombard you with unwanted advice when you’re starting your own business venture or following your dream. They speak with all the “knowledge and experiece of the world” because they failed once and so they should “warn you”. I find it annoying, I do not like it when people give me uwanted advice that will only pull me down.

    The difficulties ad obstacles we face before we reach our goal are hard enough, so we shouldn’t let negative people pull us down. We need positivity and strong willpower. 

    How can you stay determined when in your personal life everything is falling apart? Do you have any advice?

    1. Christine,  thanks for your candid comment. Also, for the important question. about how one can stay determined when in the personal life everything is facing apar? This is a question that requires an honest and thoughtful answer. Because talk is cheap.  

      All, I can briefly tell you is to guide your heart against majoring or focusing on the things that are going wrong. Think healthy thoughts intentionally. You got to protect your subconscious mind by thinking about whatever thing else can give you strength, peace, joy, etc. 

      Focus your energy on those, by so doing you are fueling your determination not to give up on your dream for a better life or whatever goal you have. Of course, there are serious challenges that threaten our peace, our self-confidence, and our courage. Avoid catastrophizing. 

      Do whatever is possible not to dwell your mind on the negatives. Personally, I pray, read the word, and books that can inspire me. You have to remember that you are facing the challenge of failure or success, defeat or victory. 

      So you got to determine to fight to win at the end. Rephrase any negative feelings, thoughts, and obstacles. See them as a phase that will soon pass. Also, see the challenges as a learning curve. Once you’re able to control and redevelop the picture; you will not lose your determination to hold onto your dream of a brighter future. I hope this scratched your question? Best wishes from me!

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