Passive Profit Pages Review – Is Bill McRea for Real?

Passive Profit Pages Review – Is Bill McRea for Real?

In this Passive Profit Pages review, we’ll look at the software’s claims to make you thousands of dollars in a short time. However, the lack of details about the income sources and product sales leaves us with many questions. 

Bill McRea’s Passive Profit Pages system has some impressive claims, but they are not backed by evidence. Hence, a critical assessment is necessary. 

Among the nine tools included in the system are a PDF traffic report and five passive profit pages that can be customized to suit any niche. 

You can set up these pages in a matter of minutes. After completing the installation process, all you have to do is upload your content. 

After installing the pages, you can start promoting the businesses of others online without spending a dime. In addition to the PDF traffic report, you can also watch 6 training videos. 

Passive Profit Pages offers many training videos to help you start a successful business online. The program includes tutorials on ClickBank, affiliate links, and the implementation of pages. Nine additional products can help you make money online. Passive Profit Pages also has nine traffic generation tools, including Solo Ads. 

Solo Ads are paid ads through email marketing. They’re supposed to generate more traffic to your website.

Passive Profit Pages Overview

Product Name: Passive Profit Pages

Official Webpage:

Creator: Bill McRea

Price: $9

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Best For: Anyone who wants to build a successful affiliate marketing business


  • No additional skills or experience required
  • Profitable business model
  • Cost-effective training
  • Flexible working hours


  • Expensive upsells
  • Sub -quality pages
  • Lack of sufficient traffic generation training
  • Unverified success stories

What is Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages is a new way to make money online, and the creator of the system, Bill McDowell, wants to sell you on it. In his sales video, Bill touts how this program can earn you thousands of dollars in as little as a week. 

The great thing about Passive Profit Pages is that it requires very little work. It allows you to earn money on the Internet with minimal effort and even claim your money back if you don’t like it. 

The program’s author offers a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose. There are no risks, no fees, and no special skills required. It’s a legitimate opportunity to turn your life around.

Who is Bill McRea?

Before launching Passive Profit Pages, Bill had a regular life. He worked at a cafe in the suburbs before a Starbucks opened nearby. When the cafe became unprofitable, he looked for an alternative way to earn money.  Make Money Math Review: Can Matt Par Make You Money?

When Bill started using Passive Profit Pages, he lived a simple life. His cafe was closing, but he was determined to find another way to earn money. 

Bill McRea had a friend named Tony who helped him learn how to make money quickly. After 35 minutes, Bill made $300; the next day, he had made a whopping $1000! By the end of four months, he had made nearly $100,000.

While this program is not a scam, it requires considerable experience and practice before anyone can begin to see results. 

The program is a good option for people without online marketing experience who want to earn a bit of money. Bill McRea’s success proves that it’s possible to make money without a lot of work.

Who is Passive Profit Pages for?

While Bill McRea is not one of the most well-known affiliate marketers, he has been successful in the agricultural field. 

He has also set up several YouTube accounts, where he teaches people how to become successful with solo ads. 

This Passive Profit Pages review will discuss his methods and recommend avoiding scams. First, avoid giving out your personal information unless necessary. 

Is Passive Profit Pages Scam?

Passive Profit Pages a scam is an internet business opportunity that teaches you how to make money online by creating low-quality web pages and then paying for traffic. 

This program includes 5 DFY affiliate pages, which you can use to promote affiliate products. You need to generate website traffic and be on your way to a large bank balance. This program has been proven to work for many people, but only if you use it correctly.

What is Inside Passive Profit Pages?

Passive Profit Pages is a new program designed by Bill McRea. You may recognize him from his Youtube channel (with about 1,000 subscribers). He also founded Traffic University, a training program to teach you how to generate traffic to your website. 

McRea has a degree in Ag Science and Management and has run a successful Ag business for 20 years. He currently promotes his services as a consultant and manager.

Video 1: Get ClickBank – 4 mins 34 sec

The Passive Profit Pages system is designed to help you generate thousands of dollars online in as little as one week of promoting ClickBank products. It offers a pre-built site that you can copy and modify to meet your needs. That way, you can start earning immediately.

This product also offers training videos on implementing pages and affiliate links. In addition to that, Passive Profit Pages has other products that will help you generate traffic. The nine tools include Solo Ads and paid advertisements via email marketing. 

These ads will automatically appear on your website. It’s designed to allow you to negotiate better with clients. You can use this program to generate a high-quality list of potential clients.

Video 2: ClickBank ID – 0 mins 19 sec

The Passive Profit Pages program claims that it uses ClickBank affiliate marketing. Its page builder allows you to create one-page websites with a premade ClickBank affiliate offer. The sales video trashes other similar programs. 

The program explains how to create a ClickBank ID and use it to promote affiliate products.

Video 3: Use Lower Case – 0 mins 26 sec

When picking a subdomain for your Passive Profit Pages site, use lower case as Bill suggests. 

After creating an account, you’ll need to wait six hours before your site is live. During that time, Bill shows you how to buy your domain name, redirect it to your Passive Profit Pages site, and delete your old site. This way, you’ll never lose traffic to your old site.

Module 4: Give it Time – 0 Mins, 22 Sec

This module explains that building a website is a business and must be treated as such. So, you need to give it time to make it successful. Otherwise, you may give up ahead of time.

The video is full of useful advice and is a great way to get started on your own journey to success.

Video 5: Custom Domains – 4 mins 57 sec

While some great examples of custom domains exist, Passive Profit Pages isn’t complete. However, it includes a PDF document with a guide on how to build a website, but it’s limited in what it teaches. The PDF also lacks all the information you need to generate traffic. 

Bill McRea points out that building passive profit pages can be time-consuming and take many years to create. This is because it requires you to engage in many products before you can start getting traffic from them. For those who are skeptical, Bill offers several examples to make you want to join his system.

Video 6: Rebuilding a Page – 1 min 6 sec

To earn money with Passive Profit Pages, you need to attract traffic. This is a must for an online business and website because you will not make any sales or profits without good traffic. 

When you sign up with Passive Profit Pages, you will be guided through the entire process. The team will continually update your page with the best content to generate more traffic. You will also receive help with getting your page more visible.  

As a result, his business went down, and Bill looked for other options. He found this system and was able to make money on the Internet.


Bill McRea is an actual person with a Youtube channel of about 1,000 subscribers and has created a traffic-generation training course called Traffic University. 

He holds a degree in Agriculture and managed a successful Ag business for twenty years before turning his passion for entrepreneurship into a full-time income.

ClickBank is a safe place to purchase this product, and the company will handle any refund requests. While Passive Profit Pages comes with a money-back guarantee, it is only for the main product, not the upsells. So you can’t use Passive Profit Pages if you’re not sure of the quality of your product.

The company follows federal regulations and offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, you’ll have to put in a fair amount of effort to see results. However, the results can be phenomenal if you’re willing to work for your money! 

As long as you have good content, traffic, and affiliate marketing, you can earn passive income quickly and easily! Keep in mind that investing your time in building an audience and a product is essential.

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