Perseverance Is Resolve

Perseverance In The Midst of Life’s Storms

 Believe well and expect well. Life does not get better by chance but by a change. Are you determined to make some positive changes this year to make life better for you and your loved ones? Then go for it. Now is the best time to act, and as you take the chance or the risk, believe that nothing is impossible to whom that believes.

Persevere For Growth For It Will Surely Happen

The importance of perseverance in whatever goals we set to achieve cannot be overstressed. It is important in our journey as enterprenuers, small business owners, and affiliate marketers, relationships, studies, during periods of adversity also in life generally. As we know life is a journey, therefore, it requires Perseverance.

John C. Maxwell once said that perseverance is the willingness to bind oneself emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually to an idea or task until it has been completed. I totally agree with him. To have perseverance is not as easy as it sounds, but what is encouraging to note is that everything we sacrifice for the sake of perseverance is an investment for our growth.

This is an investment you must determine to make in order to achieve your goals and purpose for life. Because, disappointments, obstacles, discouragements, and inevitabilities of life will always be part of the human struggle.  Adversity has always been a partner of progress.

Often times, it is like anytime, a person wants to move forward, act on his or her dreams, there and then comes obstacles, difficulties, and all kinds of problems to challenge the vision and the will. I’m speaking from personal experience, I don’t know about you. But it is in the midst of the disappointments and unexpected circumstances, that we have to persevere and persist to hold onto our dreams and resolve not to give up on our dreams come what may.

Never Give Up Keep Moving On

Determine not to give up on whatever dream your mind has conceived.  We have to equally understand that every obstacle, trial, and the temptation we overcome, teaches us or reveals something to us and to others about our strengths and weaknesses. Isn’t that interesting?

The truth is that overcoming our fears, difficulties, obstacles or whatever challenges that we face, help to shape our lives and cause us to grow even when we don’t realize it. Life difficulties produce more confidence, and wisdom in us, even when we don’t understand it. In other words, it is being said that it takes a character to overcome the storms of life, and at the same time, it is storms of life that help develop our character as we make the right choices in life.

I strongly believe that perseverance is one of the key elements of success in every area of life. Be it in sports, business, marriage, ministry. Persevere by focusing on your goals, feel the success, the joy, the growth, and the greatness that lies beyond the present challenges. You’ve got all the inner strength within, all the potentials, summon them and believe in yourself and in the grace of God or the universal force.

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4 thoughts on “Perseverance Is Resolve”

  1. This is such a great article and is a subject I feel hugely passionate about. You could not have written it at a more fitting time either, as so many of us go through challenges we never thought we would face, it would be incredibly easy to give up on our confidence, our mental health, our belief, but staying strong and persevering can help us come out the other side better off for it.

    I really believe that having a strong understanding of your why can have a huge impact on someones ability to persevere through challenging times.

    1. Hi Emma, and thanks so very much for your candid comment to my post. I greatly appreciate it. I’m thrilled to hear that this topic resonates with you. It did to me too, I must confess, that as I was writing it I was equally speaking to myself. Because, I have been through different situations in my life, that the only option I was seeing was just to give up. But, through my inner serenity, I will recapture the positive feelings that give me the strength to continue. And also my belief in what the grace of God in me can do, have been my solid ground. Everyone will go through a period of time in life when it feels like it is not worth it anymore. This could be in business, job, relationships, school, faith, but if we realize that disappointments, obstacles, challenges are the dues we pay for life, they will do everything possible within their power to endure and continue until the goal is achieved. 

      As you rightly put it, regaining self-confidence, the positive mental health, the sound belief of who we are and the belief in our God or higher power,(paraphrasing) and the determination to hold unto one’s dreams, will bring success. Also, knowing the reason WHY we are doing what we are doing, why we are who we are is key to not giving up or compromising our beliefs or giving up on our dreams no matter how long it takes.

      Thanks so much for your great input, and please always visit my site for more comments.


  2. Very well said. Perseverance is the most important thing to develop the will! 

    I am 25, and not long ago I realized that I am stuck. I have some habits that I want to change but somehow can’t. I do have some goals. And not long ago I tried to read and search why I am in that state unable to change. The first book I read about self-improvement was “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma. I know that this book is superficial. But it was my start. 

    I want to learn to be perseverant. I knew that I need to develop a strong sense of will. From your article I understood that I need to be perseverant to reach my goals. I will try to use it. 


    I will wait for your new articles!

    1. Hi David, and thanks so much for your wonderful comment and input to my post. I’m so glad to hear that you’re working on your self-improvement.  That’s awesome, for it will help you in so many ways as you learn how to develop your life and business together. Why many people give up so easily on their goals and dreams in life is not that they can’t make it, but rather because they lost the inner will. They lost their serenity, and start feeling insecure and negative about themselves and start doubting their abilities and what they can accomplish by listening to the negative feelings and voices within. And that’s what leads some people to all kinds of addictions to try to numb their sense of insecurities and fears of failure.

      I will just suggest to you as a very aspiring young guy, just learn how to tap into your inner power, feel positively contented with who you are as a person. Envision what you will become 5 years from now and keep that picture sealed up in your mind. Mind you, the challenges and obstacles will be there, but settle it in your mind that you’re going to persevere come what may, and I bet, you will at the end! That’s how life works.

      Wishing you great success in your journey, and keep connected to my site.


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