Perseverance Key To Your Success You Can’t Do Without It

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Perseverance And Why You Can’t Do Without It

The importance of perseverance in whatever goals and dreams we set to achieve in life cannot be overstressed. Perseverance is an important, skill, or quality we must possess if we want to win the battle of life. We need perseverance as a student, teacher, couple, parent, leader, executive director, or a politician, and so forth. It is key to one’s success, therefore, can’t be done without.

For anyone to succeed or excel in achieving his or her goals in life, the person needs to have perseverance. What is perseverance? How do you develop it and what are the benefits? Perseverance is what will help you thicken your skin against people’s judgments, rejection, stress, discouragement, delays, difficulties, and in any circumstances. your own internal struggles.

The dictionary defines Perseverances,as persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success…

The continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition: the action or condition or an instance of persevering steadfastness.

Perseverance In Learning

We are all learning in one way or another. It could be how to drive, how to use a computer, play tennis, how to do internet marketing, how to lead a team, how to parent, or even how to be a good spouse. Like any other new thing, anyone is learning, it will take practice, a lot of commitment, and concentration. The point I want to make here is that the process of learning is always difficult, and requires patience, and practice, which is the same as taking the daily action towards one’s goals no matter what the subject.

At the beginning of every learning experience, it is not bad to tumble, fumble, and bumble. Take for instance, if you are a parent if your child gave up when he or she fell for the first time the child will never learn to walk. But if the child continues to fall and get up the milestone of walking will be achieved.

Irrespective of our profession or mission in life, we all need perseverance to succeed in what ever we do. If you’re a small business owner, affiliate marketer, a freelancer, you need perseverance as part of your key skills that can put you on the success line. Why because, sometimes life can deliver a surprise. Look at the year 2020, who would have believed or imagined that it will be like it has been, since February till date.

Perseverance When The Result Is Not What Is Hope For

Who could have imagined that 2020 with all the big plans, dreams, we all had coming into 2020, will turn out to be so dramatically disrupted. Even though to some people it could mean their best year in business and service, even among some, frontline workers, and pharmaceticul industries. This is one of the most traumatic,  chaotic, distressing, confusing, and disruptive year in modern times? The loss of lives, opportunities, businesses, all over the world has been unbelievable.

Because of the spread of the Covid-19, Corona-virus -Pandemic. Another good example that comes to mind is the present critical issue of the Presidential election. You can look at the attitude of the Vice President the President Elect Joe Biden and see the virtue of perseverance. He has remains optimistic, calm, and control in the midst of oppositions, rejections, accusations, delays etc. Regardless of party affiliation, I see a real example of perseverance in Joe Biden – the President elect of the United States.

Perseverance When Life Happens

The point here is that life happens, therefore we need courage, perseverance with hope to face our future and all the uncertainties, delays, disappointments, and adversities. Because with an attitude of perseverance, you shall not be overwhelmed. With perseverance, one will not break, or have a ruptured hope and dreams during periods of adversity and in life as a whole.

As we know life is a journey, therefore, it requires preparation, for which the survival tool must include perseverance to be an essential requirement for your journey of life or business journey. Without developing a persevering mind, a person can’t succeed without quitting in the midst of obstacles, difficulties, delays, and so forth. Perseverance is key to your success and I can’t overstressed it.

How Do One Percevere?

For us to do something and do it well, we have to understand the how-to. Let us briefly explain what perseverance means, even though it is a common term we use daily. Have you ever heard someone say, I’m sticking it out? Or, going the distance, or the statement like “we are in for the long haul?” These phrases convey the meaning of perseverance, . It is like having a marathon mentality.

It means having the courage to stay the course, mostly during the testing times. When circumstances and obstacles of life are pushing hard against one’s resolve, that’s the time when the persevering mind thrives. Someone who has a persevering mind feels the darkness but puts his focus on the dawn. So, we practice perseverance by putting our faith in gear.

We make up our mind not to quit, not to give up on our dreams, but instead to persevere until we reach that expected end – the ultimate success destination or freedom.

 We practice perseverance by keeping a positive mindset, and by having self-discipline. Perseverance will keep you pushing hard even when it seems you’re running out of options. I have driven under some tunnels, but have never seen anybody making a “U-turn” while driving under the tunnel. No matter how dark the tunnel, the expectation and the focus of the driver is always to see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s what perseverance does, it focuses on giving it all to make it to the end.

Perseverance Will Enable One To Resist The Urge To Quit

A man named Thayer once stated that perseverance is a temperament that does not succumb when under pressure. Speaking from experience, it is not easy to be under some difficult, threatening, and distressing circumstances without complaining or being tempted to quit. That’s why many quit, even in the military, because most people can’t cope with the mental, physical, and emotional distress of the training and operations they go through.

I could remember during the Iraq war, my second son who was deployed to Iraq, called me and said mum, “this is tough”. He narrated some of the ordeals they go through and how many people end up committing suicide. He asked for prayers! I was so emotional and worried about my son’s safety. It was a very tough period for me. Thank God he returned safely! But not without some effects of the war.

John C. Maxwell once said that perseverance is the willingness to bind oneself emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually to an idea or task until it has been completed. I totally agree with him. To have perseverance is not as easy as it sounds, but what is encouraging to note is that everything we sacrifice for the sake of perseverance is an investment for our growth.

Benefits of Perseverance

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Perseverance will take you to complete what you started. With perseverance, you will keep motivated inwardly to work hard, to put in your whole effort to your goal, regardless of the obstacles, and discouraging signs.

Look at it as an investment you must have to make in order to achieve your goals and purpose for life. Because, disappointments, obstacles, discouragements, and inevitabilities of life will always be part of the human struggle.  Adversity has always been a partner for progress.

Often times, it is like anytime, a person wants to move forward, to take action towards change that the obstacles,  difficulties, and all kinds of problems will rear up to challenge the vision and the will. I’m speaking from personal experience; I don’t know about you. But the good news is that it is in the midst of the disappointments and unexpected circumstances, that we have to persevere and persist to hold onto our dreams and resolve not to give up on our dreams come what may. When Success Seems DelayedPerseverance,

Never Give Up Keep Perseverance On

Therefore, determine not to give up on whatever dreams your mind has conceived.  We have to equally understand that every obstacle we overcome, teaches us, or reveals something to us and to others about our strengths and weaknesses.

The truth is that overcoming our fears, difficulties, discouragements or whatever challenges that we face are the building blocks for self-confidence, character development, strength, and growth. Life difficulties produce more confidence, and wisdom in us, even when we don’t understand. In other words, it is being said that it takes a character to overcome the storms of life, and at the same time, it is storms of life that help develop our character as we make the right choices in life.

I strongly believe that perseverance is one of the key elements of success in every area of life. Be it in sports, business, marriage, ministry, politics, education, etc. You persevere by focusing on your goals, feel the success, ahead, the joy, the growth, and the greatness that lies beyond the present challenges. You’ve got all the inner strength within, all the potentials, summon them and believe in yourself and in the grace of God or the Universal force behind you and dare to persevere till you reach the expected end!

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